Why have you published your thoughts just now? A few already left at the end of last year (2015).

We probably could have just let it be, if in the meantime there wouldn’t have been statements disseminated that put us in a false light. In our opinion, it is our duty to make available to those people who are interested in our personal views and motivation.

Are you going to establish a new organization?

Currently, we are still trying to sort out what happened, to digest and process it. This website is another facet. Most of us have no need to become active in a new organization. What is certain is that no one will be sitting quietly and let life just rush by. We feel obliged to live an active life and to act upright and honest. What may come in the future, we do not know ourselves.

But the FIGU represents the truth? Are you also against the spiritual teaching?

No. On the contrary. We especially feel the need to pursue the truth without the commitment to a person or an institution.

Source: FAQ

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