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‘It is time to go on and on – straight out’:

We have been united to spread the Spiritual Teaching. We all deferred our personal life. And gave so much for the free community of interests. Because the collective mission  to finally settle the Teaching of Truth on earth has been more important than family, job, wealths or hobbies. For many, many years and even decades, our fellowship was successful: Countless books have been printed. Many writings are online. Every human can find the truth today. Together we have built this beautiful place of welcome. Yes, we have achieved something.

Unfortunately, we have to leave this community now. Because the social climate has changed. Where lively, friendly discussions took place, preconceived decisions dominate today and wintry monologues. Lively, intimate co-existing has been sacrificed to push one into line. Open, warm living-together turned into secret whisper. Commitment and reliability surrendered to inconsistencies and belief-driven behavior. Of course, we all have fought for democracry, self-initiative and self-responsibility. We remained unheard and have been ignored as troublemakers.

Therefore, it is time to leave. Time to go on and on – straight out. Even though it hurts, it is good that way. Because we feel obliged to the truth but not to one single person or a community. We continue to wish FIGU the success that this mankind so urgently needs.)

If you are wondering as well why so many core group members have almost simultaneously withdrawn from the FIGU, then you are asked – to have a little patience and courage, required for research – which will lead you on the right track.

On these pages we, former core group members of FIGU, express our personal views, opinions and thoughts. They may serve as subjective source of information, to all those who consider our descriptions as valuable and worthy.

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