Luc Bürgin interviews Kalliope – UFO-Kurier, Nr. 43, May 1998

Another One Bites The Dust

Billy Meier: The End?

The Swiss UFO contactor Billy Meier is finally unmasked as a swindler. This is the conclusion of an American TV-Special which was produced under the participation of Meier critic Kal Korff. The program shall be broadcast worldwide in July 1998.

Korff had traveled to Switzerland in March of this year where he together with the Swiss UFO researcher and non-fiction book author Luc Bürgin , interviewed Billy’s ex-wife Kalliope. For excerpts from this interview, see box ‘In an interview with Kalliope Meier’. The basis for this dialogue was Kalliope’s statements published in the German “UFO-KURIER“, in April, last year. There she had revealed to Bürgin that the contactee stories of her ex-husband as “lies and deception”.

Kalliope Meier: “The FIGU clearly bears sects-like features. I would advise all members to judge Billy’s statements critically and not believe him blindly.”

The highlight of the TV program are excerpts from the legendary Dean Martin show which in the seventies would have served Billy as the template for his trick shots. Luc Bürgin: “Korffs team shows, that ‘Asket’ – an extraterrestrial allegedly photographed by Meier – is in truth the singer of an American dance group. Obviously, Billy took a photograph of the questionable scenes from the TV screen”.

Images’ caption:

Is “Asket,” an allegedly photographed extraterrestrial by Billy Meier, actually the singer of an American dance group, who appeared in the legendary Dean Martin show in the seventies? Did Meier capture the scenes in question from the TV screen? Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we can not depict the Meier image of the Asket at this point. Anybody who is interested can, however, compare himself by taking Meier’s book.


During his visit, he got to know Korff as a remarkable objective researcher, says the Swiss: “Korff isn’t a skeptic in the classic sense as he is accused occasionally. It is not his intention to explain away all UFOs. He rather wants to divide the truth from the falsehood. He thereby contributes to the serious investigation of the phenomenon”.

Korff’s radio appearance in the Art Bell show in March of this year, where he had joined the debate with Meier-proponent Jim Dilettoso, was a source of excitement among Meier supporters. He succeeded, among other things, in getting Dilettoso to confess to having peddled with a wrong doctoral title for many years.

Bürgin, too, had to cope already with the heavy criticism for his research by Meier’s supporters. Why does he work together with Korff? “One cannot explain away the existence of the UFO phenomenon. I personally favor the extraterrestrial hypothesis for some sightings. Unfortunately, definitive proofs for this acceptance are missing yet. It is therefore all the more important to put down unscrupulous swindlers such as Meier. Only in such a way can we get the science to deal with the UFO phenomenon seriously”.

In an interview with Kalliope Meier

The following statements are excerpts from an interview that took place in March 1998 between Kal Korff/Luc Bürgin and Billy Meier’s ex-wife Kalliope in Turbenthal, Switzerland:

Kal Korff/Luc Bürgin: In your opinion, is the FIGU a sect?

Kalliope Meier: After all I have seen, –near the end, before I went away — I would I say: Yes. My experiences are very mixed. There is a kind of hierarchy. One must go along with that. Otherwise one is excluded.

Korff/Bürgin: Can Billy be questioned within the FIGU?

Kalliope Meier: Billy isn’t criticized in the center. Billy is the best there. This also will remain so. For people there, probably this is all right. Well, they live there. But they shouldn’t adore him as an idol nor also as a God.

Korff/Bürgin: Are you religious?

Kalliope Meier: I have grown very strictly religious: Greek-orthodox. I have grown up partly in the monastery. Today I am an atheist. I am a free person But I accept every man who has a religion, where each person believes when he finds that good. I do not want to change anyone. Everyone is responsible for themselves.

Korff/Bürgin: You live in Turbenthal today. You feel better than before?

Kalliope Meier: I have to be content. When I went away I felt very bad. I had lost the floor under the feet, lost reality. I have tried to organize my life newly. I had to say to myself: I must begin a new life after 30 years. Today, I really feel good. I am content. I have somehow found the way …


Source: UFO-Kurier, Nr. 43, May 1998 (German)

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