Methusalem Meier

Methusalem Meier, circa 2009


Methusalem, the youngest son of Billy Meier and Kalliope, was born on October 31, 1973 in Switzerland. He has 3 children, who are now (2017) – 23 years, 19 years and 13 years old.1 On behalf of his father, Meier’s global mission, he gave at least 14 lectures at various conferences in Brazil, Mexico, and USA.2 His last lecture was at the 8th Annual International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, USA on February 23, 1999, under the session entitled “The Reopening of the Meier Case,” and a few months before that, in October 1998, his interview with Michael Hesemann was published in Magazin 2000.

Open letter and Interviews

Then in October 2011, after reportedly having become fed up from three decades of being falsely accused of lying, stealing and other terrible activities by Meier and some FIGU members, Methusalem decided to speak out. He wrote an open letter (12 pages, German) – Ein offener Brief an die FIGU und meinen Vater Eduard Billy Meier / An open letter to the FIGU and my father Eduard Billy Meier – that was published on Luc Bürgin’s Mysteries Magazin website under the article – Billy Meiers Sohn spricht Klartext: «Lieber Vater, mir reichts!» / Son of Billy Meier speaks out: “Dear Father, I’ve had enough!”. Two months later, i.e. on December 27, he published a much expanded English version – An Open Letter to the FIGU – on his blog. In the following year (2012), he was interviewed by Neil Gould, Director of the Exopolitics Institute, Hong Kong. This article discusses these publications as well additional information personally relayed by Methusalem to BMUFOR’s Mahesh Karumudi in 2015-16.

To recap once again, we would be reviewing and analyzing the below documentation:


Following is a summary of the information conveyed by Billy Meier’s youngest son, Methusalem Meier, through his open letter and interviews, distinguished by topics.

Domestic Abuse

Meier’s wife Kalliope and their children


Methusalem claims that, during his childhood, he was often mistreated, falsely accused and severely beaten by his father, Meier. At one time, Meier kicked Methusalem when he was just 10 years old. On another occasion, he was hit on his head resulting in a severe concussion, for which he took bed rest for at least one week. Also, Meier always rebukes him publicly by yelling at him in the kitchen of the FIGU center or outside, but never privately. Methusalem acknowledges that he made several mistakes during his childhood and teenage years just like anyone else.  He even admits that as a child he once stole money from his mother, Kalliope, but adamantly objects to Meier and FIGU’s  accusations of him stealing in other incidents. He gives the following three examples where he was allegedly falsely incriminated:

As a consequence of this physical and psychological abuse, he reportedly not only had to stay away in a children’s home for 3 years, between 13-16 years of age, but also suffered lasting trauma and spent many months in psychological therapy. And when he was 16 years old, after returning from the children’s home, he felt nothing changed.  The ongoing false accusations and abuse finally prompted him to permanently leave his home when he was 19.

While Methusalem claims that his trauma haunts him in his dreams even to this day, his father Meier accuses him of lying about this. His disbelief in Methusalem’s psychological condition even led him to file a missing person’s report with the police (shortly before September 2011), after Methusalem didn’t show up over a weekend as he was simply taking rest back at home. Most recently Methusalem was again falsely accused – either by people from Brazil or from Karrol Steeves (FIGU Passive member) of USA – of going rogue and setting up an independent FIGU group in USA without his father’s permission. According to Methusalem, he had simply acted upon his psychologist’s advice of going on a vacation (to USA) in order to free up his mind from his traumas or otherwise soon he would have to be sent to a mental institution or clinic. Another reason cited by Methusalem for his trip is that he had to help his physically-disabled friend A.C.C. in USA – who is barely able to walk – with his house relocation.


Methusalem claims that Meier often beats his mother Kalliope, starting since the very beginning of their marriage in 1966. Methusalem also states that Meier has very strong feelings of jealousy for Kalliope. At home, he locks down their landline telephone so that she can’t talk to anyone outside the house, and it gets unlocked only when she goes outdoors. He also fabricated several stories of Kalliope having affairs with every man she talked to, and, citing this, he often beat her up. Meier even allowed FIGU CG members to mishandle her. Once, a FIGU CG member, Jakobus Bertschinger, had severely beaten Kalliope in her own bedroom.

Methusalem’s Siblings

Methusalem claims his siblings also suffered abuse at the centre. He provided the following information regarding this:

  1. FIGU CG member, Jakobus, beat Meier’s handicapped daughter (with Eva), Selina, in Methusalem’s car with his fist.
  2. Because of the similar terrible events, Meier’s daughter (with Kalliope), Gilgamesha, left home when she was just 15 years old and never came back.
  3. Atlantis, Meier’s eldest son, when he was 12 years old, also had to spend 3-4 years of his life at a children’s home. After returning, he had to be sent again to another institution for at least 2 years, after he was convicted for breaking into a disco and stealing HIFI equipment.
  4. Natan Brand (adopted-son of Meier; biological mother being the FIGU CG member Bernadette Brand) also just like Atlantis, spent only a few years on Meier’s farm before he also had to be sent to a children’s home for few years.

Meier’s “Extraterrestrial” contacts

Even though a witness to beamship sightings and other “ET” experiences, Methusalem now claims that he is very skeptical on how far Meier’s contacts actually go; because, he argues, ETs would never have condoned Meier’s abusive behavior with his own family members in the first place. He says he no longer believes in information provided by ETs through Meier, as there is too much suspicion and contradiction in it. He also claims that he doesn’t believe half of what his father has been saying for the past few years (from 2011) and wonders what other stories of his could be lies as well.

Methusalem, even though he admits he never saw his father fake any evidence, proposes that perhaps the ET contacts were real in the beginning but then discontinued some time later. It is from this time onwards (unspecified), he speculates, that Meier felt compelled to fabricate or make things up, perhaps to keep him alive in public or to make his life interesting. He disagrees with his mother, Kalliope, who stated that the entire evidence since the beginning was all hoaxed. On this, Methusalem opines that we should see her statements perhaps as an act of retribution and not as truth.

“Stolen” original films, dias and negatives

Methusalem claims that Meier told many ‘fairy tales’ concerning the allegedly “stolen” original films, dias and negatives. He speculates that it is possible that Meier may have hidden them so that no one would had have a chance in later times to investigate them with new and advanced technology. And, when asked if he is suggesting that the originals must have the evidence of small models hung by wires, etc., he stated that a few pictures taken in the beginning were genuine but not the later ones, especially from the Wedding-cake beamships.

Also, in the beginning, Methusalem claims Meier blamed the FBI for breaking into his house and stealing several films, dias and negatives, but now claims it was the MIB. Methusalem states that perhaps this flip-flop occurred after he realized that FBI has no authorization to operate outside the borders of USA.

Spiritual Teachings

When the discussion between Methusalem and Mahesh turned to the topic of Meier’s spiritual teachings (see As a Man Stealeth: Billy Meier and his stolen spiritual teachings and Billy Meier: The Plagiarizer Extraordinaire!) that are eerily similar to the works of earlier authors, Methusalem responded – ‘I also ask myself, why the hell a Prophet, who is able to get connected to the Akasha chronicles, needs a huge library in his office of knowledge from other people?….like books of old names, or political history books, philosophical books and so far and so on….’.


Drugs and Criminality

According to the FIGU statutes, any FIGU person who consumes psychoactive drugs or does any criminal wrongdoing would be expelled from the group without consideration. But according to Methusalem, after his brother Atlantis was convicted by the local court as a criminal and ordered to pay a fine of 1,080 Swiss Francs for vandalizing a car in Methusalem’s garage (car workshop), this statute was conveniently altered, allowing Atlantis to remain in the group. He also claims that Meier turned a blind eye to his own son Atlantis and a few FIGU CG members, including Silvano Lehmann, when it was discovered they were smoking weed.

Embezzlement of follower’s donations

Methusalem strongly objects to FIGU portraying Meier as a very poor person, and especially to the FIGU CG member Patric Chenaux‘s claim – “In the end Billy only has just enough money to drink a coffee in a restaurant around twice a week as the only luxury he can afford to himself.” Methusalem alleges Meier fabricated many stories to always present himself as a poor guy. Methusalem, after conducting a few month’s of his own research, concluded that Meier had a very bad track record, noting – because of his (Meier) and his brother’s actions (debts?) – their parents had to sell their house. He also insists that in order to hide his substantial income from the government, Meier accepts large amount payments or donations only as cash (through envelopes or by hand) and not through any banks. He cited the following as evidence that Meier is concealing his considerable wealth from the government, FIGU, and his followers worldwide.

Methusalem’s statements are corroborated by ex-FIGU CG members Hans Schutzbach and his brother Konrad, who, on June 17, 1980, gave a letter to the local district attorney, containing the names of around 2,000 of Meier’s followers and their huge sums given to Meier as interest-free loans. The amounts ranged from 10,000 to 130,000 Swiss Francs!

These large donations, according to Methusalem, were then deposited by Meier into the account of his “personal” secretary (and later his life partner), Eva Bieri, so that he can maintain the appearance of being poor. On a side note, Methusalem claimed during his father’s divorce with Kalliope in 1990’s, Meier closed all of his bank accounts and transferred the money in to Eva’s account to avoid paying her a large alimony which she lawfully deserved for suffering and enduring their nearly 3 decade marriage. Consequently, Kalliope received only 60,000 Swiss Francs from Meier.

Lee Elders and Genesis III

Meier published and distributed several dozens of leaflets in October 1994 about unpleasant events that lead back to early 1980’s regarding Lee Elders, the founding member of Genesis III and early investigator in the Meier case, with the title – Lee Elders: A Cheat, Thief and Liar.’3 Among the many accusations made by Meier is that Lee Elders violated his contractual obligations with Meier/FIGU by not appropriating their fair share of profits obtained from selling Meier’s material. However, according to Methusalem, that is a lie because Genesis III has already paid Meier around $120,000.

Michael Horn

Methusalem opines that Michael Horn, the Authorized American Media Representative for Billy Meier, is just another follower who is simply making money by promoting and selling Meier’s material.

Legal Threats

In 2011, Methusalem suffered a huge financial loss due to flood damage to his garage and blames Meier, who was the accountant for his garage, for disregarding his plea to get his garage insured. Meier has accused and sued Methusalem for selling almost all machines, tools, and devices in his garage and leaving Switzerland for USA in order to set up a rogue, independent FIGU group. Methusalem rejected these allegations by stating that except a few hand tools, the rest were totally kaput. And for his trips expenses, he obtained money by selling out his car, and jewelry (worth 1000 Swiss Francs) which Kalliope specifically gave to him for this purpose. As for the reasons behind Methusalem leaving to USA, we already covered that under Domestic Abuse above.

Another point of dispute between them is the actual amount of money Meier gave to Methusalem for his garage. Meier, according to FIGU CG member Patric Chenaux, gave 58,000 Swiss Francs (30,000 Swiss Francs as donation from an elderly married couple, 20,000 Swiss Francs from a CG member and 8,000 Swiss Francs from Meier himself) to Methusalem in the years 2010-2011 for the establishment of his garage. So, when Meier thought Methusalem sold all the equipment and tools in his garage and left for USA with that money, on behalf of these poor donors, he felt obligated to sue him for 39,000 Swiss Francs (includes the lawyer’s fee of 9,000 Swiss Francs). But Methusalem strongly disagrees, and claims the actual facts are quite different. First, he claims that his garage had already been running for 2 years (about 2008-2010) before Meier supposedly helped him with his money to establish it. Second, Methusalem argues he was given only 38,000 Swiss Francs and not 58,000 Swiss Francs as Meier stated. Finally, Methusalem argues the whole story regarding the elderly couple and a FIGU CG member helping him out with their money through Meier is very suspicious because this story came about only a year after he published his open letter to Meier and FIGU. Methusalem also notes Meier has hidden from FIGU members the fact that he also handed over another 25,000 Swiss Francs to a person who was supposed to clear Methusalem’s debts, but never did.

Perhaps as part of his debt recovery action, according to Methusalem, Meier falsified documents and filed a false police report claiming Methusalem had sold his (Meier) car, which he financially helped him buy in the first place. As a result of this, Methusalem not only had to visit police station once, but was also subjected to intense search at his home, garage, and other places by police multiple times. In the end, they found out the car was not sold at all.

Meier also sued Methusalem for slander and defamation of his character, for claiming that his father had beaten his mother. However, when Methusalem submitted to the court various communications (emails, letters and FIGU forum posts), including a letter which Meier had written (in 1967) to his daughter Gilgamesha, wherein Meier himself acknowledges4 he had beaten Kalliope several times – the case that already had been dragged for almost an year was swiftly dismissed in Methusalem’s favour.

Exploitation and Manipulation

Destiny and the Teachings of “Love”

Methusalem alleges that Meier, who is believed and worshiped by his followers as the Prophet of New Age, has been exploiting and manipulating the FIGU members, especially women, since the beginning.  He does this by invoking the ‘Codex’, or ‘Destiny’, and meddling in their private lives and personal relationships. First, let us backtrack a bit and give you a brief introduction regarding the concept of ‘Codex’.

According to Meier, several millions of extraterrestrials – 144,207 (or 144,228?) ringleaders and their several million followers – have visited the Earth (not the first time) around 389,000 years ago and negatively impacted the normal evolution of native Earth human beings through interbreeding and spreading false teachings/religions. These fallible ones, with the help of Meier’s earlier spirit-form Henok around 13,500 years ago, realized their misdeeds and drew up a CODEX in which they declared their intention to rectify in later reincarnations the damage they had induced. Also included in the Codex are the most severest punishments for those who don’t strive to make amends for their past mistakes or to those who wouldn’t pursue the resulting mission, that was to be valid for several millennia into the future until the day the reparations were completed (it supposedly ended in 1995). Meier, since 1970’s, has been claiming that, once again, many among these fallible ones (consciously aware of their ancient oaths or not) have found their way to him, so that they can fulfill their destinies by being a part of FIGU or otherwise assisting him in his mission. So basically what has been happening is that these followers, coming from all over the world, have been persuaded by Meier or his teachings, into thinking they in fact are (or very likely to be) one of these fallible ones who were once again given the chance to fulfill their predetermined destinies through Meier.

Meier, drawing upon this millennia-old Codex, has framed many directives, duties, and tasks – not only for these fallible ones, but also for the non-fallible ones (with or without ET spirit-forms) – so that they can carry out their evolution through fulfilling their predetermined destinies. Some of these are extremely controversial and cult-like. They include CG members carrying out their meditations under the guidance of Meier, while laying naked on a flatbed.5 They also deal with Meier not only determining the ages at which these fallible one’s would find their ‘real and true life partner’ but also approving the specific ones to each of them. They also include Meier determining which of his followers should remain single or get married, and in the case of those married, whether to procreate or not. Methusalem notes that these couples, as predetermined by Meier, ironically would often get into verbal fights over who was higher evolved or whose personality in their past lives was a more (historically) important one than the other and so on.

Methusalem also alleges that Meier, over the years, has tried to sleep with several of his female followers by proclaiming to them that it is simply their destiny to be with him. And those women, who opposed his sexual moves were right away ‘treated like shit and called brain-ill.’


Methusalem claims that Meier under the smokescreen of TEACHINGS OF LOVE not only tried to sexually exploit women who are single but even those who are already in committed relationships. Meier led these women to believe that their real destiny was to stay (read sleep) with him and not with their existing partners. Methusalem recounted the story of a woman named Annelise – already married with a kid and had a happy life – who was told by Meier to leave her husband because she wouldn’t be able to have a happy life in the future with her husband and more importantly because it was simply her destiny to be with him. Soon after this, reportedly a big fight ensued, perhaps between Meier and her husband.


Methusalem also claimed that Meier would initiate sexual relationships with those female followers around him, who were already “counseled” by the prophet that the only way they can fulfill their destinies and serve the mission was for them to remain single their entire lives and never get into any relationships. Methusalem recounts a woman by the name of Ursula who was told by Meier that in order for her to fulfill her destiny and serve the mission, she needs to remain single until the end of her life.

Louis Memper and Eva Bieri

top: Louis Memper and Eva Bieri, taken on Aug. 15, 1987; bottom: Louis Memper and Eva Bieri, taken on Sep. 5, 2010

Another example given by Methusalem regarded the circumstances around the break up of the couple – Louis Memper and Eva Bieri – who both officially joined FIGU on the same day i.e. on December 16, 1978. Meier persuaded Eva Bieri – young, beautiful in her 20’s, and hailing from a very rich family – into ditching her original partner, Louis Memper – with whom she was already pregnant and about to get married soon – by claiming that it was simply her destiny to be with him (she worked as Meier’s personal secretary) and not with Memper. How can poor Memper object to the person whom he believes to be the Saviour and Prophet of the New Age? Memper, who lived at his apartment outside the FIGU center, was told by Meier that his destiny was to remain single his entire life and never marry anyone.

left: Louis Memper (Aug. 15, 1987) at ~34 years old; right: his son, Atlant Bieri (Sep. 19, 2010) at ~31 years old

Louis Memper (and probably the rest of the CG members) were ordered both by Meier and Eva to keep this matter a secret and not to reveal to Atlant Bieri about his identity. Atlant, despite having similar facial features as Memper, intriguingly, only came to know about the real identity of his biological father 1-2 years before his father Memper died of heart problems in 2013.

Meier, apparently after having an extramarital relationship with Eva Bieri for nearly two decades, finally made her his life partner in 1990’s, right after Kalliope, who used to be barred from entering Meier’s office for hours whenever Eva was present in his room, divorced him.

Note (March 26, 2017): We have published a follow up article – Billy Meier’s “Love” Teachings 101: How to steal another’s wife? – on March 26 (2017) providing documented evidence of Meier’s role in the breakup of the couple Louis and Eva.

Philia Stauber and Madeleine Brügger

Philia Stauber, left: Aug. 8, 1987 and right: Sep. 5, 2010

Methusalem claims that Philia Stauber, wife of Wolfgang Stauber, was ordained by Meier that according to their destinies calculated based on the current and past lives, she shouldn’t procreate and hence remain childless their entire lives. This ‘divine’ determination of Meier, Methusalem notes, made her very angry and frustrated, that turned her sick. Then finally in 2015 and 2016, both Wolfgang and Philia Stauber have left FIGU for what they see as immoral behaviour, dogmatism and the authoritarian climate that is being fostered and prevalent within FIGU. Another CG member who reportedly also was told not to have children was Madeleine Brügger.

Madeleine Brügger, left: Aug. 15, 1987; right: Sep. 5, 2010

Bernadette Brand

Bernadette Brand, left: Aug. 15, 1987; right: Sep. 5, 2010

Methusalem recounts the story of Bernadette Brand who has been one of the oldest FIGU Core Group members staying with Meier since the beginning from mid-1970’s. When she was in her early 30’s, she went to Holland, perhaps for vacation in 1981. There she supposedly fell in love with a person named Harazim hailing from Austria, and soon turned pregnant. Upon her return, when she divulged her “mistake” with Meier, he condemned Harazim as an ‘ill person‘ and prohibited him from entering his farm or FIGU center. Ms. Brand then gave birth to a child named Natan Binar Tadeus Brand on May 9, 1982, who was then adopted by Meier as his foster son. Ms. Brand, since then, didn’t get married, perhaps Meier told her that it was simply her destiny to remain single and “help” him enlighten the world through his Teachings of “Love”!

Interestingly, in a FIGU article titled Telephonterror / Telephone Terror, P. Harazim, the jilted lover, was mentioned as harassing the various FIGU groups in Austria (Vienna), Germany, Switzerland, USA and Canada, by daily calling them multiple times over landline telephone for about 15 years since mid-1990’s.

Number of Meier’s children

Methusalem claims that in a older contact report, ETs predicted through Meier all the children – Gilgamesha, Atlantis and Methusalem – that he would procreate in his life. But soon after a child was born to him and Eva on January 18, 1997, their daughter’s name Selina was newly added into the contact notes, contradicting the ETs prediction. This is not the first time that Meier’s prediction was debunked. Check out our article – Prophecies, Predictions and Probability Calculations – for a list of several dozen such examples.

Age limit for reproduction

According to Meier’s spiritual teachings, Methusalem notes, if parents know beforehand that if a child developing in the mother’s womb is handicapped, he/she should be immediately aborted. He also preached that a child should only be conceived if the women is not older than 34 years, and men not older than 40 years. However, Selina, Meier’s severely handicapped daughter with Eva, was not only given birth (in 1997), but that too when Eva (born December 15, 1955) was a little older than 40 years old and Meier (born February 3, 1937) almost 59 years old. As for those who accuse Meier of going against his own teachings, he has an excuse – it was simply Selina’s destiny to be born handicapped.

Lifespan elongation

Methusalem claims that Meier was afraid of being buried alive. And in their living room at the center, Meier privately told him, and probably others, that he doesn’t trust doctors and when his time comes, he would just die, but would never at any cost try to undergo any surgery extending his lifespan. He also preached to others that no one should ever undergo a surgery that extends their lifespan. This, according to Methusalem, contradicts the recent incident when Meier underwent a heart valve replacement operation in 2015, essentially delaying his death artificially.

Meier’s successors

Another such alteration, regarding Meier’s successor(s) was also mentioned by Methusalem. Meier in his original contact reports, reportedly published somewhere between early to mid-1970’s, stated that his three (biological) children – Gilgamesha, Atlantis and Methusalem – would be his successors who would occupy the leadership roles in FIGU, after his death. But shortly after Atlant was born on April 13, 1980 to Meier’s rich and beautiful “personal” secretary Eva Susanna Bieri, the contact report has been deceptively altered. In the place of Meier’s three biological children, Eva’s son Atlant Platon Sokrates Bieri was named as his only successor. Methusalem claims that his statement can also be corroborated by a custodian at the children’s home with whom both he and Meier had once shared this part of the contact report about successors.

Methusalem further claims that after Atlant was born, Meier started treating him and his siblings like ‘shit’. The reason for Meier’s behaviour, Methusalem insists, is that the mother of Atlant, Eva Bieri comes from a very rich family and inherited a lot of money. She also helped Meier deposit all of his unaccounted money, amounting to several thousands of Swiss Francs received mostly as donations for his mission, into her account(s).

Unfortunately for Meier, Atlant whose supposed destiny was to take up the leadership role in FIGU, had a big fight with Meier in around 2011 and distanced himself from Meier and FIGU. The main reason for this, according to Methusalem, is that both his step-father Meier and his biological mother Eva (probably the rest of the CG members too) kept the identity of his biological father (Louis Memper, another CG member) a secret his entire life, which however was only revealed to him only about 1-2 years before Memper died of heart problems in 2013. Another reason was that Atlant seriously disagreed with the way Meier treated people within his own FIGU organization. As soon as these things transpired, Meier, who once remarked in the contact notes that Atlant’s spirit-form was very unique and free of any mistakes, predictably has now flip-flopped on his earlier statements.

Closing statements

Methusalem, towards the end of his 2011 letter and also in his interview, mentioned the only way he could reunite with his father Meier and FIGU was for them to take responsibility for their mistakes (like what his mother Kalliope did for her mistreatment of him when he was a kid6), or at least apologize and fix his reputation that had been badly damaged by their baseless accusations against him.

Additionally, Methusalem also claimed that he is almost 100% sure that either Meier or FIGU members (under the order of Meier or not) would respond by discrediting him with dubious explanations, because he claims that irrespective of the facts any person who would pass criticism at his father would be badly demeaned by being called nasty names, or labelled as a person suffering with diffused psyche or brain-ill, etc. Along those lines, Methusalem stated he wouldn’t be surprised at all if in the upcoming contact reports, he would be labeled by the Plejaren just that – as a totally brain-ill person.

Meier’s Response

Just as predicted by Methusalem, Meier’s response published under the article – Nach Jahren wieder neue böse Angriffe../After years, again new nasty attacks.. – in FIGU Special Bulletin 65 (January 2012), is exactly the same. The ET Ptaah concluded by saying that his 40 years of close observation of the FIGU center proves all the claims made by Methusalem against Meier and the CG members constitutes ‘lies, slander and hatred.’  In the article, Meier and Ptaah painted Methusalem as a pathological notorious liar, suffering from mental illness. Not only was Methusalem denounced by Meier and Ptaah, but also the editor Luc Bürgin, who let Methusalem publish his open letter on his website, Mysteries-Magazin.

In response to the above article, Methusalem concludes‘after the latest Contact note from Ptaah in which he explains how sick I am, I know for 1000 % that not every Contact is real.’ He further stated that he can get his psychologist to testify, if needed, that he wasn’t brain- or consciousness-ill but just afflicted with several traumas – from being beaten up, wrongly blamed for stealing, and other terrible things.


Note: Above, before and after pictures of FIGU CG members are taken from the 2011 edition of OM.


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