Gerard K. O’Neill’ Testimony – July 23, 1975

Gerard K. O'Neill' Testimony - July 23, 1975

On July 23, 1975 O’Neill testified before the House Sub-Committe on Space Science and Applications, chaired by Representative Don Fuqua of Florida.

After a lot of time searching online, Mahesh Karumudi was able to locate the original presentation of O’Neill’s 1975 testimony at Hathi Trust Digital Library. He then prepared a pdf file by taking screenshots of all the 80 pages, which he then shared it with the NASA site Curator, Al Globus who then have uploaded it on this NASA space settlements site and also on his own site with the following description:

Dr. Gerard O’Neill’s space settlement testimony before Congress 23 July 1975. This lays out early thinking about the feasibility and value of free space settlements. Special thanks to Mahesh Karumudi, India for putting this pdf together.”

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