Billy Meier’s UFO Metal and Crystal Samples – Minerals, Crystals, Rocks, Hair and Others


The naturally occurring specimens, specifically the crystals, minerals and stones, according to Plejaren’s information from CR 22 (May 28, 1975), are both ‘receivers and transmitters of human emotional feelings and thought energies.’ And they say that our whole world is under the spell of ‘dangerous and deadly radiations’ and surrounded by it as a veil because of human’s vast negative emotional and thought energies being generated all the time. These negative energies, inevitably stored in all of the crystals, minerals, stones, talismans, pearls, etc. from Earth, they say, would cause sickness, misery, suffering, ill-luck and even disaster and death. So the Plejaren argue that the only way for human beings to want to have ‘crystals and precious stones in his possession, to own them as valuables, use them for decoration, or as a bringer of health’ is that they should be neutralized from negative radiations using their extraterrestrial device (that was later allegedly constructed by Meier according to Plejaren’s information) from time to time (varies from 6 months to around 2 years depending up on the material) which only takes few minutes. Additionally, they strongly recommend that we should obtain these materials from extraterrestrial origin (Meier, of course!), especially from planets that are either uninhabited or are inhabited by creatures of harmonic character to which neutralization is not required but only a simple inner cleaning every 7 years, and that too only after 2-4 thousand years depending up on the material nature.

And most of these extraterrestrial specimens1 (and perhaps some terrestrial specimens too), neutralized from ‘dangerous and deadly radiations’, have been sold by Meier since the year 1975 to the interested parties, in order to meet both his financial needs and also to raise funds for the purchase and construction of a center in Hinterschmidrüti, Switzerland, that was planned to become the world headquarters of FIGU – the Semjase Silver Star Center (SSSC). Following is an English-translation of an ad that appeared in the 2nd reprint (Feb 1995) of Meier’s own original publication – Stimme der Wassermannzeit Nr. 4, Jahrgang 1, Nov 1975/Feb 1995.

Crystals and Minerals

Citrine / Amethyst / Rose Quartz / Chalcopyrite / Chrysocolla / Rock Crystal / Aragonite / Quartz
All crystals and minerals are guaranteed to be free of negative thought vibrations and other similar radiations.
Well suited for lockets / Price depending on size from CHF 15.-

Sale: Wihaldenstrasse 10, 8340 Hinwil/ZH2
Shipping: Only against NN and expenses.

(Sales stopped since 1977)

Further, Wendelle Stevens on pg. 166 of Messages from the Pleiades, vol 2, 2nd ed. (2005) writes:

The Pleiadians bring minerals and crystals from elsewhere which they then sell directly to traders in such things, such as desert caravans, where strict records and commercial requirements, such as certificates and licenses, do not have to be met. They brought Meier some fine crystal specimens of diamond one time, for him to sell to raise money for his group to carry out an objective because he did not have the proper gem certificates for such high quality large and expensive items. He never tried that again after that unfortunate experience.

While some part of these extraterrestrial specimens are meant for Meier’s own collection, a few have been delivered to Meier’s close friends.3 Swiss journalist Balz Theus have reported4 that some of these crystals have been placed in a meditation room5 at SSSC, where people meditate while lying naked.6 For reasons not stated, the purchase of these extraterrestrial specimens have been stopped since the year 1977.


Transparent mineral and the human clay figurine

Billy Meier and a Greek Catholic priest from Jerusalem Isa Rashid, according to Talmud Jmmanuel, supposedly discovered the “real” tomb of Jesus Christ aka Jmmanuel and during the course of their excavations, Meier allegedly found two items along with the original Aramaic scrolls (documenting the life, death and teachings of Jmmanuel) encased in preservative resin, apparently from around 2000 years old. These two items are the transparent mineral and the small human clay figurine.

Transparent mineral

According to Contact Report 57 (June 23, 1976), the transparent mineral shown in the below image was procured by the Plejaren ET Gabriel nearly 2000 years ago from Alkyon or Alcyone star system, who then gifted it to Jmmanuel, a 7 year old boy at that time.

Selenite and Mica

In the same report Meier mentioned that this mineral was analyzed at the Max-Planck-Institute (Institute for Scanning-Electron-Microscopy) in Munich, who apparently concluded the following (below is a corrected translation of Wendelle):

Ausser Schwefel und CO sind noch O2 und H2O nachweisbar. Meiner Meinung nach handelt es sich um eine kristalline Substanz von Kalziumsulfat (also Gips). Kommt aber so bei uns nicht vor. Die Restprobe wird noch organisch untersucht, dann kann man sich ein besseres Bild machen. Der Werkstoff ist brennbar. Er verbrennt geruchlos zu einem weissen Pulver.

Besides Sulphur and CO, O2 and H2O are still detectable. In my opinion, it is a crystalline substance of Calcium-Sulphate (by that Gypsum). However, it does not seem so to us. When the remaining sample will be organically evaluated, then one can get a better picture. The sample is combustible. It burns odorless to a white powder.

The above Max-Planck-Institute’s preliminary results indicate that the mineral sample has all the hallmarks of an ordinary Gypsum and most likely be  the same that is available on Earth. Apparently nothing extraterrestrial was ever remarked in the lab’s report, which for some reason was never published by Meier in full. Also, Meier didn’t mention anything about the latter analysis (if it is performed at all) which the expert suggested would be needed in order to ‘get a better picture.’ In the 2007 ed. of Talmud Jmmanuel, under the image of the mineral, Meier wrote:

The transparent mineral that consists of gossamer-thin layers, is called gypsum according to the commentary of a Swiss mineralogist.

In the 2011 ed. of Talmud Jmmanuel (pg. XLV) however Meier wrote the following:

Nebst der Schriftrolle, die nach Jmmanuels Dahinscheiden von seinem ältesten Sohn Joseph von Indien nach Jerusalem gebracht und in der Grabhöhle unter einer Steinplatte versteckt wurde, befanden sich dort auch einige wenige Gegenstände….Ein zweiter Gegenstand war ein durchsichtiges Stück Glimmer, Selenit (Gips), das Jmmanuels Zeugungsvater Gabriel inmitten des alten Persiens aufgefunden, mitgenommen und Jmmanuel als Andenken übergeben hatte, als dieser zehn Jahre alt war. Der Junge hütete das Kleinod als Erinnerung an seinen Zeugungsvater Gabriel während all seiner Lebenszeit bis ins hohe Alter, folglich er es dann auch nach Indien mitnahm (siehe Photos auf Folgeseiten; diese beiden Erinnerungsstücke werden bei der FIGU aufbewahrt).

In addition to the scroll, which after Jmmanuel’s demise was brought from India to Jerusalem by his eldest son Joseph and hidden in the grave cave under a stone slab, there were also a few items…..The second object was a transparent piece of Mica, Selenite (Gypsum), which Jmmanuel’s biological father Gabriel found in the middle of ancient Persia, picked up and handed over to Jmmanuel as a souvenir when he was ten years old. The boy guarded the treasure as a souvenir of his biological Father Gabriel during all his lifetime to old age, consequently he then took with him to India (see pictures on the following pages; both of these souvenirs are preserved by the FIGU).

Here, Meier claims that the transparent piece of mineral which both the Swiss mineralogist and the Max-Planck-Institute indicated as being just Gypsum, is now said to supposedly contain Mica (silicate mineral) as well; and the specific variety of Gypsum (a sulphate mineral) was also identified as being Selenite. Was the detection of these two minerals, the result of latter analysis? No information was furnished by Meier. Also no answers were coming forth from the FIGU members. In any case, nothing extraterrestrial was apparently reported. Strangely, in the 2011 ed., the origin story of this mineral has been altered. Earlier it was said that the Plejaren ET Gabriel brought it from the Alcyone star system but now the location has been changed to ‘in the middle of ancient Persia.’ Was it because the expert(s) – from the Max-Planck-Institute, Swiss mineralogist or possibly others – analyzing the mineral didn’t claim to have found any exotic or extraterrestrial properties? Or was there an innocent reason? Without any additional information on why this information has been modified, we are left with speculation. Another (minor) inconsistency is that, in CR 57, the age of Jmmanuel when Gabriel supposedly gifted him with the mineral souvenir was given as seven (7) while it has been changed to ten (10) in 2011 edition.

Human clay figurine

Human figurine from India-1 Human figurine from India-2

In The Silent Revolution of the Truth (2007) documentary, Michael Horn on this figurine states that it is:

“..a small figurine..left by the Indian healers with Jmmanuel. The men came and administered to him over those three days while he was sequestered in the tomb.”

In the 2007 ed. of Talmud Jmmanuel, this red clay human figurine was simply said to have been originated from India. And in the 2011 ed. the following is mentioned on page XLV:

Einer bestand z.B. aus einer teilweise zerbrochenen, kleinen, roten, menschlichen Tonfigur, die aus dem alten Indien stammt, wie Archäologen feststellten.

One of the items for example is a partially broken, small, red, human clay figurine that dates back to ancient India, as archaeologists discovered.

Who are these archaeologists? How and when did they discover the origin of this figurine as being from India? Did they estimate the date of this figurine (assuming it is possible)? If yes, then did their estimated date(s) match Meier’s description of at least around 2,000 years old? If not, then why didn’t the archaeologists try to date the figurine? Was it because Meier didn’t sought for it? Where are the complete analysis reports? Again, nothing was reported by Meier and so there exists no evidence supporting the claim that this figurine is at least around 2,000 years old.

Alien-woman hair

According to CR 39 (Dec 3, 1975), Meier had cut some of the ET Semjase’s hair, which then later was submitted to Wendelle Stevens and Lee Elders team on April 5, 19787 along with 4 metal and 9 crystal and mineral samples for examination and analysis. Wendelle Stevens, on pg. 428 of his 1982 book UFO Contact from the Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report, has published the following on the analysis performed by the forensic surgeon and specialist in paleontology, Dr. Walter Birkby:

The Cosmonaut hair specimen clipped from Semjase’s head was taken to Dr. Walter Birkby, a forensic surgeon and specialist in paleontology at the Arizona State Museum in Tucson. He examined it and stated that its structure and cross section resembled that of ordinary human beings. He thought it might have been from a female because he found some evidence of bleaching. He then went on to explain that because it was a clipping there was not really a great deal that could be learned except that all of the clips in the envelope came from the same head, as did all of the clips from a control sample in another envelope.

Dr. Birkby pointed out that to obtain much additional data he would need the hair root also. The sex, age, diseases, ethnic origin, nutritional deficiencies, etc., are determined from the biological substances found in the root bulb of the hair strand. To get a suitable sample the hair must be pulled out by the  roots. Unfortunately this was not known by the witness when he obtained the hair sample.

On the same subject Wendelle Stevens on pg. 99 (point 3) of Message from the Pleiades vol. 2, 1990, has stated following:

Eduard Meier gave us a small packed of hairs from the tuft cut from the head of Semjase, and we took it to the forensic laboratory in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Arizona, in Tucson, for analysis. We asked for its age, from human or non-human, male or female, systemic deficiencies, diseases overcome, condition of health, treatment, etc. Consider our disappointment at being told that most of what we asked for had to be determined from the root bulb of the hair, and not simply a clipping. All they could confirm was that it was from a white woman in prime age and health.

Kal Korff, on pg. 277 of his 1995 book The Billy Meier Story: Spaceships of the Pleiades, has reported that Marcel Vogel, in addition of Dr. Walter Birkby, has confirmed his (Korff) observation that the hair appears to be that of a human. It is not made clear whether this conclusion arrived by Vogel was based on any scientific testing or simply from a visual observation like Korff did.

Dr. Walter Birkby, in Wendelle’s words, has reportedly stated that he had found tentative evidence indicating that the purported ET women’s hair specimens revealed signs of bleaching, which however is a common practice among earth women who wish to have lighter hair color. Even if we put aside for a moment the apparent implication that the extraterrestrial women who are thousands of years ahead of us in science and technology would for some reason use the primitive, harmful method of bleaching hair, one only wonders as to why would Semjase apparently try to change her hair color when Meier since the beginning stated that her hair is naturally light-blonde. However it is not inconceivable that the effects seen in hair specimens which Dr. Walter Birkby suggested to be the evidence of bleaching, could have come from an entirely different process used by the extraterrestrial women for different reasons, like for example health related. In CR 248 (1994), Meier asks Ptaah about his daughter Semjase’s new reddish-colored hair. Ptaah then responds by saying that other than the vanity reasons, Plejaren women color their hair as a medical measure in response to ailments and allergies like cold and headaches. The same reason was also given by Meier to Phobol Cheng, where he apparently stated that the color of Asket’s hair has been changed from brunette to blonde because of the use of some herbal concoction since Asket was suffering from some ailment as a result of her extensive travels.

Now let us discuss the main controversial aspect here. After Wendelle was made aware by Dr. Walter Birkby on the necessary requirement of the hair root in determining many characteristics of the person thereby supporting either the terrestrial- or the extraterrestrial-hypothesis, one would expect him to request Meier for more hair samples, this time including the roots of the hairs. As far as Wendelle’s or others or even Meier’s literatures are concerned, nowhere was it mentioned that the investigators have requested for additional, purported extraterrestrial hair samples (with their roots) from Meier. Why? Did Meier object to this level of probing for any reason(s)? According to Meier’s response to a question posted on English FIGU forum in 2003, he stated that the Semjase’s hair samples8 which he sent to Basel (Germany) for examination were supposedly never delivered back to him. When did Meier send them? And what were the conclusions of that examination? Do those hair samples include their roots as well? Again nothing was reported on it.

Amethyst, Citrine and Quartz

Several crystals, minerals and rock specimens that Meier received over the years from ETs have been handed over to Wendelle Stevens on April 5, 1978,  for examination. According to Meier these specimens originated from different places, both in our solar system and outside, and also from different planets of a star system in another dimension, the dimension where the Plejaren ETs allegedly inhabit.

Crystals – amethyst, citrine and quartz – supposedly originating from the Alkyon or Alcyone star system were among those samples that Wendelle brought back to US for examination. According to UFO researcher and author Kal Korff, when he and his colleague Sarah Shalley met Marcel Vogel at his home in May 1980, Vogel showed them several crystal samples that were given to him for examination by Wendelle Stevens. And Vogel, Korff observes, have confirmed the identity of these crystals as being amethyst, citrine and quartz. This led Korff to state that ‘no evidence had been detected that Meier’s samples originated from anywhere else but Earth.’9

On pg. 154 of the book Light Years (1987), Gary Kinder writes the following regarding the amethyst crystal:

One Saturday morning, not long after he had agreed to examine the Meier evidence, Vogel found lying on his doorstep a small padded mailer addressed to him. Upon opening the package he was surprised to find a note from Stevens and four smaller packages, one enclosing a lavender crystal, two filled with darkened metal specimens, and the last containing a half-inch triangle appearing to be an alloy of silver and gold.

Vogel studied the samples in his hand and conducted elementary testing in his IBM laboratory. Except for its clarity and the beauty of its soft violet tinge, the amethyst crystal revealed no unusual properties.

Other Crystals, Minerals and Rocks

Several other specimens supposedly originating from – Venus (rock and chrysocolla mineral), Asteroid belt (dark crystals and rocks) and even from planets of the Plejares star system from another dimension (chrysocolla mineral, copper and copper-sandstone) – have been handed over to Wendelle Stevens-Lee Elders team for examination. Especially, the specimens obtained from the Asteroid belt (dark crystals and rocks), according to Wendelle, were delivered by the ET Quetzal specifically, in a Plejaren ship at 12:31 AM on the night of April 4, to his and his team for examination while they were there in Switzerland.10

What happened to these specimens? Have they been analyzed at any science labs? If yes, then by whom and where? What tests were conducted and what were the conclusions? Did they support Meier’s claims of extraterrestrial origin of these specimens? Or did they reveal a terrestrial origin? If ET’s took time and effort to specifically provide samples from the Asteroid belt for the investigator’s team for examination, it is reasonable to assume that the analysis of these samples would unambiguously indicate some unusual property, perhaps supporting an extraterrestrial-origin hypothesis. Intriguingly nothing was reported regarding these specimens and answers to the above critical questions have been conspicuously absent from the investigator’s literature. Did the results, contrary to Meier’s claims and investigators anticipation, revealed a terrestrial origin?

Other supposedly extraterrestrial specimens originating from – Mars (ruby in zoisite), Asteroid belt (citrine, etc.), planets of the Plejares star system from another dimension (emerald, malachite, fluorite, ruby, copper, rose quartz, etc.) and even from the parallel DAL Universe (pure silver and copper-silver-nickel alloy) – have been shown to be in the possession of Meier during the 1998 Spanish documentary – La Historia Continua – by Jaime Maussan. And presumably none of these specimens have been made available for analysis except the copper-silver-nickle alloy from the DAL Universe.11

Primordial Liquid

In Contact Report 141 (Jan 3, 1981), Meier was supposedly informed that he would be provided with a primordial liquid (with plant germs if permitted) procured from an unknown planet that is in its primeval stages of development. Again nothing further was reported regarding this primordial liquid in Meier’s contact notes.

Extraterrestrial Apple

A screenshot from the documentary ‘Silent Revolution of Truth’ (2007)

According to Contact Report 109, Thursday, June 8, 1978, Meier gave to the Guido Moosbrugger (FIGU co-founder and core-group member) an apple from a tree, which comes from the progeny of earthly trees, that was supposedly grown in the gardens of Plejaren’s mothership called as the Great Spacer. This purported “extraterrestrial” apple still exists today under the care of the widow Elisabeth Moosbrugger (Guido passed away on Feb 14, 2014), secured in a jar of alcohol. Meier’s contact notes report no efforts to analyze this fruit which, in theory, might remotely hint at its extraterrestrial origin because of the different and more conducive environment than the Earth under which the apple was supposedly grown.


If we put aside for a moment the specimens that haven’t been analyzed, all the rest of the specimens that were analyzed didn’t reveal any extraterrestrial characteristics or even remotely hint at it, thereby indicating a terrestrial origin as the most reasonable hypothesis. Why didn’t these specimens that supposedly originate from regions both within our solar system (other than Earth) and also from planets in a star system from another dimension reveal (even remotely) any extraterrestrial characteristics? Or is it just some weird cosmic coincidence, that all these supposedly different types of extraterrestrial specimens originating from diverse sources (even from a different dimension) exactly matches the characteristics displayed by those of terrestrial specimens? Why couldn’t Plejaren/Meier just provide samples or at least one sample that unambiguously points to an extraterrestrial origin? Did Meier/Plejaren deliberately provide these extraterrestrial specimens that somehow couldn’t be distinguished from terrestrial specimens?

According to the contact notes, the answer seems to be no. And the reason given or implied by the Plejaren woman Semjase for this weird cosmic coincidence is so weird that to call it as being ridiculous and asinine is an understatement. In CR 9 (March 21, 1975), Meier tells Semjase that if he would begin selling the extraterrestrial crystals brought to him by her, the Swiss authorities would immediately confiscate them and would ‘analyze their structures and components.’ Soon Semjase reassures Meier by saying that even after centuries of analyzing the crystals, they would not reveal their extraterrestrial origin because the ‘atomic composition, structure, etc. are of equal form throughout the Universe for all such (physical) objects.’ The same was also reiterated in CR 12 (April 21, 1975). So, according to Semjase, all the chemical elements in existence, both the documented ones in the periodic table and the not-yet documented or discovered ones, exist in the SAME form throughout the Universe. This, Semjase observes, is a Universal law and how nature works. As it turns out, nature doesn’t work that way at all and it is beyond our comprehension that Plejaren ETs, who are supposedly thousands of years ahead of us in science and technology, doesn’t at all have the slightest knowledge an elementary school kid would have about the existence of isotopes which were theorized and discovered in the beginning of the 20th century.

Isotopes are nothing but variants of a particular chemical element which differ in neutron number, although all isotopes of a given element have the same number of protons and electrons in each neutral atom. For example, carbon-12, carbon-13 and carbon-14 are three isotopes of the element carbon with mass numbers 12, 13 and 14 respectively. The atomic number of carbon is 6, which means that every carbon atom has 6 protons, so that the neutron numbers of these isotopes are 6, 7 and 8 respectively. Isotopes mainly comes in two types – stable isotopes and radioactive isotopes. Stable isotopes have a stable combination of protons and neutrons, so they have stable nuclei and do not undergo decay. Radioactive isotopes have an unstable combination of protons and neutrons, so they have unstable nuclei which undergo decay, and in the process can emit alpha, beta and gamma rays. Since their discovery, isotopes and isotope applications have transformed all areas of science, medicine and engineering, especially astronomy, archaeology, biology, ecology, forensics, geology, hydrology, physics, paleo-climatology, etc.

Since we are talking about supposed extraterrestrial specimens, let us discuss the role of isotopes in astronomy. Isotopes and isotopic abundances12 are used to study the origin and evolution of planets and solar system, planetary atmospheres, tracing13 the origin of dust, meteorites, etc. They have been used by the scientists to conclude that an impact by a large asteroid likely caused the extinction of dinosaurs around 65 million years ago. Also some isotopic elements do not naturally occur on Earth, like for example Aluminum-26 which is a radioactive isotope of the chemical element aluminum and is mainly produced in the supernovae explosions. There are also several other methods from which one can confirm the supposed extraterrestrial origin of an object (crystal, mineral, meteorite, dust, rocks, etc.).

The Plejaren ETs could have really provided any one sample from the above list, thereby unambiguously proving their presence and being in contact with Meier. But their glaring ignorance (which is inconceivable of advanced ETs but perfectly conceivable of a person like Meier who dropped out of school after finishing sixth-grade) of a simple concept as isotopes discovered more than a century ago and the absence of extraterrestrial properties in the specimens so far analyzed, certainly and beyond reasonable doubt indicate that the specimens purportedly provided by the ETs for examination through Meier, are of terrestrial origin and are likely surreptitiously procured by Meier himself on Earth.


  1. In order to circumvent the legal issues, Meier was told by Semjase that he should sell the extraterrestrial specimens without labeling them as such on their receipts. See CR 14, April 29, 1975.
  2. Place where Meier first lived before moving to a new place called Hinterschmidrüti later in 1977.
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  5. Referred to as ‘Sohar Center’ or ‘Sohar-Zentrum’, which according to Meier (CR 72, February 3, 1977) is ‘actually a vibration and radiation centre like with some energies and crystals, etc. (..).’ For more information on this Sohar Center and the alleged paranormal stories surrounding it, search for the word ‘Sohar Center’ here.
  6. On this naked meditation, another Swiss writer, publicist and journalist Luc Bürgin has published the following in his 1996 article:

    Via Roger Eglin from Basel, who carefully examined the Meier-case around 1980, I could see into a part of the documents from back then. On November 12, 1979 two close confidants of Billy, H. S. and C. S. (BMUFOR note: Hans Schutzbach and his brother Conrad Schutzbach), wrote a letter to the local council of Turbenthal (Switzerland):

    “(…) since two years E. Meier runs a so called meditation centre, which is constructed below ground, under the shed. (…) In the meditation centre is a changing room. A stairs is leading up to another room, in which a copper pyramid is located. In it the members have to carry out the meditation teaching under the guidance of E. Meier, while laying naked on a stretcher. That these locations are misused in various ways is sufficiently made clear in the accompanying resignation letter from (…). We’d like to point out urgently that E. Meier suggested on several occasions that he would defend the meditation centre by force of arms against foreign intruders if necessary. (…) Also he and his first companion, Jakob Bertschinger, posses a substantial weapon arsenal including ammunition. (…)”

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  12.  Often the relative abundances of an element’s isotopes can be quite different in material of cosmic origin as compared with standard ratios found in terrestrial rocks. For example the extraterrestrial dust drifting in space is exposed to relatively high intensities of cosmic ray radiation, which upon impacting the dust can induce nuclear transmutations and thereby alter its relative isotopic abundances which is a primary signature of an extraterrestrial origin.
  13. See the application of oxygen and hydrogen isotopic ratios in constraining the origin of a meteorite.

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