“Epic of Gilgamesha”: Predicting the Future but Forgetting the Past

Another instance of Meier failing to keep up with his own tall tales


left: Gilgamesha is seen in red shirt, December 1974; right: Gilgamesha with her dog, circa 2015

During Meier’s 239th contact with the Plejaren, i.e. on Friday, December 20, 1991, he asks Ptaah as to why wasn’t he forewarned about the very serious car accident his daughter Gilgamesha (born on September 20, 1969) which left her with a lifelong handicap. Ptaah said they could not forewarn him because this grave accident occurred by “a stroke of fate”, which apparently did not exist in the predicted destiny they had made about Gilgamesha’s future. Following is that part of the transcript, published first in Semjase Kotankt Berichte, 2nd ed., Vol. 14, pgs. 2605-2606 in 1998, and again in Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 6, pgs. 507-508 in 2005.

…Well – you are surely oriented over the fact that our child, Gilgamesha, had a very serious car accident on the 9th of August, such that since then, she can no longer hear and can no longer speak, and also her arms, hands, and fingers are no longer fully functional, as she must also learn to walk again and still carries a metal frame on her right leg, from which several large screws are screwed into the flesh and into the bones. She also suffered a double fractured pelvis, and her left leg was also severely fractured. I don’t want to speak of all the open wounds on her head, body, arms, legs, and hands, nor of how much of her had to be stitched and that Gilgamesha lay in a coma for several weeks. But why am I telling you all this, for you will, indeed, know everything? Just why didn’t you tell me anything about it? It certainly would have been better for me if I could have prepared myself for it. I knew absolutely nothing about the fact that Gilgamesha had such a bad destiny for these evil events.

98. Pay Gilgamesha my best wishes and all, all love.
99. But know, my friend, that your daughter in no way exhibited such a destiny, so the event happened by a stroke of fate that resulted from the unfortunate circumstance that she was, exactly at that moment, in that place where she became hit by a man with his vehicle, a man who knows and respects no responsibility for anything or any other life except his own.
100. Thus, no determination was available for this event; rather, it was a stroke of fate that could have only been seen by a certain foresight.
101. Therefore, I also couldn’t give you any details in advance.

Well, dear friend, that is what I had supposed and also explained to the group members because I simply couldn’t imagine that you would have concealed something like that from me. But let’s leave this. (..)

Now lets rewind back ~12 years and refer to the purportedly original transcript of Meier’s 125th contact with Plejaren that occurred on Tuesday, December 11, 1979. During this contact, Meier supposedly received a lot of information pertaining to the upcoming future events related to both FIGU Core Group (CG) members and Meier’s own family that extends up to the year 2000. Naturally, Meier never publishes such specific, sensitive personal information before their occurrence, which is also the case here. Apparently, Meier only made this “foretold” information accessible for the first time to parts of the CG in the year 2003, later published in Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 3 in 2004, after all the above foretold events had transpired. The transcript of 125th contact report, without the foretold information, was however first published in Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 2nd ed., Vol. 9 in 1991.

Following is a brief summary of that foretold information.

Regarding FIGU CG members:

Regarding Meier’s family:


Following is Gilgamesha’s part of the verbatim transcript, published first in Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 3, pg. 408 in 2004.

…So let’s talk about something else. How does it stand with my children Gilgamesha, Atlantis, and Methusalem?

167. Do you really want to know that, too?

Let’s go whole hog.

168. As you wish:
169. Gilgamesha will succumb to a very serious car accident and will become severely disabled at the beginning of the nineties, around the time she comes of age.
170. She will no longer be accessible to her task in terms of the mission and everything,..


Considering that we have found numerous instances of Meier backdating prophetic and predictive information in the contact notes, the most likely answer to the above questions is that Meier had simply forgotten his own information from CR 239 (1991), and then went ahead by backdating the newly appended (to CR 125, 1979) fabricated information in 2003/2004 with a bunch of very personal predictions (after they have transpired), including his daughter Gilgamesha’s accident.

This might be, perhaps, to convince his followers of his ET contactor’s extraordinary skills and/or to demonstrate to his group members and others that he, as a Universal Prophet on a special mission to Earth, has been all along privy to their intimate thoughts, life experiences and events. A method often employed by frauds and cult leaders/gurus/masters/prophets as a form of psychological control on their group members.

So Meier, in the process of churning out just another set of (backdated) predictions in addition to the already several hundred others, seems to have made a blunder and unwittingly exposed himself. This is unsurprising, considering the thousands of pages of contact notes and other publications which he had to crosscheck before concocting a clear and coherent story.


Update: January 9, 2017

On January 8, FIGU published an excerpt from Meier’s 666th contact that supposedly took place 2 days after (i.e. on December 3) our exposé was first published on December 1. In this contact report, Meier claims that many bad predictions, especially that are personal including his family, friends, etc., have been deliberately buried by him in the deepest depths of his memory (a technique he learned from Sfath) because it was simply unbearable for him, psychically and consciousness-wise, to be aware of all the upcoming misfortunes that can’t be avoided. This, according to Meier, has also been done regarding the prediction of his daughter’s serious accident that was relayed to him by Semjase in 1979, which he apparently “forgot” in 1991. And of course as always is the case, Meier always comes up with new excuses only after the evidence indicating fraud is first revealed. He also went ahead by deriding the character and intellect of the author of this article, Mahesh Karumudi.

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