Billy Meier’s past tales haunts him once again: Alien Autopsy and Pearl Harbor


A frame from the alleged Alien Autopsy footage, 1947

The so-called alien autopsy is an alleged 1947 black and white film (17-minute duration), released in 1995 by the London-based entrepreneur Ray Santilli supposedly depicting a medical examination or autopsy of an extraterrestrial being that was purportedly recovered from the 1947 crash of a “flying disc” near Roswell, New Mexico. The supposed 1947 film footage was allegedly supplied to Santilli by a retired military cameraman named Jack Barnett, who wished to remain anonymous.

Billy Meier, speaking on Ray Santilli’s alien autospy footage, stated in his FIGU Bulletin 3 (June 1995) and FIGU Bulletin 4 (August 1995) that the authenticity of the films were ‘questionable’ and advised ‘extreme skepticism’ regarding the matter until they were proven genuine ‘for it is quite possible that the entire scenario is nothing more than a planned, well-organized hoax’ with the intent to ‘evoke incredible damage to genuine, truthful ufology.’ At the same time, he also claimed that it was ‘impossible to state with any degree of certainty’ that the footage was forged because there still exists the chance that the films were authentic and, indeed, actually depict an extraterrestrial human life form which if proven true would ‘provide solid evidence that extraterrestrials do indeed exist, and it would finally silence the gloating and defamatory mouths of the pathological UFO defamers and other anti-UFO agitators.’

Then in an article titled ‘Roswell-Filmepublished in his Stimme der Wassermannzeit Nr. 96, pgs. 1-23 in September 1995, Meier, citing the detailed observations made by the professionals (scientists, journalists and ufologists) exclusively invited to the first public viewing of Santilli’s alien autospy footage at the Museum of London on May 5, 1995 (pgs. 14-19), stated that the probability of the “alien” being a dummy was extremely low and proclaimed that – One could quite clearly notice a poorly conceived and manipulated female human body‘ (pg. 17). One should note here that before Meier made the definitive claim regarding the “alien” being the corpse of a female human being, it was already suggested by (at least) one of the invitee’s to the aired footage in London museum (pgs. 16 & 18).

The same was later confirmed by the Plejaren Florena to Meier during his 253rd Contact on November 1, 1995, who stated that the “alien” was actually a corpse of a deformed 16-year old girl who died of an illness. Following is an excerpt from Contact Report 253:

How are we to judge the authenticity of the Roswell film, which allegedly depicts the autopsy of an extraterrestrial being?

33. We could not find any evidence whatsoever that a certain Jack Barnett or Jack Barret existed or actually filmed the footage as Ray Santilli initially identified the man.
34. We even took the time to travel back in time to the period of the crash in order to SCAN the actual location. Our findings were totally different from those shown in the movie.
35. Furthermore, there was no photographer or cameraman present who was filming and later allegedly absconded with several rolls of film.
36. Photographs were taken and filming was indeed going on but by members of the Army and the Secret Service, and they delivered all of the related material to the appropriate offices.
37. According to our investigations, the film is a despicable hoax that cannot be outdone in tastelessness, because the defrauders mercilessly and criminally abused a 16-year-old girl whom they used as their specimen after she died of an illness that had deformed her.
38. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with medical science, but Ptaah can give you more details when he visits you again.
39. One of his professions is that of a doctor.

Then a few months later on May 13, 1996, during Meier’s 256th Contact, Meier asks Ptaah about the name of the disease the girl who was ‘slanderously presented as an extraterrestrial’ was suffering from. Ptaah responded with the name of the disease as Proteria.

Florena, in 331st Contact (December 16, 2002), states that Proteria occurs when there is a change in the protoplasm of the cells in the body, leading to the deformation of the organs, limbs and the entire form of the body, ultimately leading to death. When Meier asked Florena as to why he couldn’t find the word Proteria in the medical dictionary but only Progeria that has nothing in common with the disease, Florena responds by saying that the term Proteria was not of Earthly origin but a Plejaren one and additionally notes that she doesn’t know by what name we refer to it on Earth. She further states that it was an extremely rare disease that no longer appeared among them, but according to their records appeared just 4 times on Earth in the last 700 years, affecting people at a very early age, with the maximum affected-age ranging between 15 and 20 years.1

Then in CR 331, as if Meier was oblivious to his own information published earlier on the alien autopsy, radically flip-flops by claiming that the body seen in the footage was a dummy/replica manufactured based on the 16 year old girl suffering from Proteria. This replica, Florena claims, is made using an artificial skin-like material, and animal organs representing the alien’s innards. Following are the relevant excerpts from CR 331:

But what still interests me: Where was the corpse of the girl that has been abused for the film purpose? Do you know anything about this?

76. The whole thing is known to me, for it has been clarified by us:
77. The proteria-diseased and deceased girl herself was not used for the reprehensible film and the alleged autopsy, but a macabre and malignant abuse took place in this way, that a replica of artificial materials was made of the girl, and the autopsy carried out on camera on this replica by the alleged physicians and pathologists.
78. The deceased girl herself was thus not abused as a specimen, but only the plastic product, which was deceitfully and fraudulently displayed as an extraterrestrial being.

Thank you, that creates clarity.

..Then once again regarding the Proteria: Can you tell me something more?

90. And as I said, the 16-year-old proteria-girl was wickedly used as a model for a dummy product, as you call it.
91. A creation made of skin-like plastics, etc., which was equipped with similarly produced and animal organs as viscera and deliberately falsely portrayed as a Roswell extraterrestrial being, on which a phony autopsy was carried out and recorded on old residual films.

This is quite contradictory to the information so far presented up to that time, where Meier/Plejaren unambiguously stated that the “alien” seen in the Ray Santilli’s footage was a 16-year old girl suffering from Proteria, a disease that apparently is non-existent in medical books and dictionaries.

Why would Meier flip-flop?

Perhaps because, a few years later in 1998, it was exposed that the Ray Santilli’s original alien autopsy footage supposedly shot in a tent in 1947, also called the Tent Footage, was faked. And this revelation came from none other than one of the so-called doctor’s (Elliot Willis, a former technician at AK Music) seen in the footage. Having become aware of this, as well as several other inconsistencies, Meier might have thought he would look like a fool stubbornly arguing too-long against the majority opinion formed since the beginning among the experts, especially those from movie special-effects background, who after careful examination concluded that the alien autopsy footage (shot in a lab) was a crude hoax and the so-called alien as most certainly a dummy.2

This consensus among the experts have been proved to be absolutely true when in 2006, the sculptor and special-effects creator, John Humphrey made the revelation in the newly released British comedy film ‘Alien Autopsy’  that he made the “alien” seen in the Santilli’s footage using a latex cast and body cavities being filled with chicken entrails, sheep brains, and the like, purchased from a meat market near the north-London flat in which the film was shot. Below images show John Humphrey working on the “alien”. (Photos copyright by Philip Mantle.)


Then in 2007 (and again in 2017) the British magician and filmmaker Spyros Melaris also came out and made the revelation that he was man who led the team that faked the alien autopsy.


Pearl Harbor, Hawaii: The USS Shaw exploded after being struck during the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.

In 238th Contact, Meier recalls the information imparted exclusively to him by Ptaah in 1975 regarding the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Meier was supposedly told back then that this information was only meant to be made public by him on the 50th anniversary of the attack i.e. on December 7, 1991, which he does. Following is an excerpt from CR 238:

..If I still remember correctly, you explained to me at that time, that, through their spies and through the CIA, the America government was fully comprehensively informed that the Japanese Air Force would attack the American fleet in Pearl Harbor in the early morning hours of December 7th 1941 and would certainly destroy it. This would happen practically without the Americans’ resistance because they were not at all interested in a defence. According to your explanation, those responsible, in the American government of that time, quite consciously sacrificed thousands of Marines and others belonging to the Army, as well as their flagship Arizona and many other ships, and with the intention, on one hand, to have a convincing basis for attack against Japan in order to be able to carry out official atom bomb tests on real objects, for which the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were sought out, and secondly, to prove their war power and greatness, when they atomically destroyed two cities and annihilated hundreds of thousands of human lives with only two bombs, and made many cripples and programmed birth defects, on which their scientists could then drive forward relevant studies. Therefore, the then American government and the initiated scientists, military and other kinds of criminals, quite consciously sent their own people to death, let an entire fleet be destroyed and committed a war crime without compare with the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and with the murdering of hundreds of thousands of humans, as well as their mutilation and evoked birth defects, without the truth being known until now in the public world, and without the Americans having been brought to justice for that, as it was also with many other cases of war crimes and crimes against humanity which the Americans have committed.

Meier/Ptaah are basically floating the conspiracy theory that the US government was ‘fully comprehensively informed‘ about the impending Japanese attack on Pearl Habor on Dec. 7, 1941 but because of their nefarious agenda of testing the atomic bombs on real cities and also to prove their military might, had deliberately withheld the clear warnings about the attack and ‘quite consciously sacrificed‘ the lives of thousands of US soldiers and their naval fleet. Later in 544th Contact, that supposedly occurred on September 1, 2012, Meier mentions and blames the then President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) for being part of the conspiracy who in-advance ‘learnt of the imminent attack through the secret services‘ but did nothing for the aforementioned reasons. In the same Contact Report, Meier further stated that these “facts” were only discovered 60 years later after the attack incident, by a former naval officer named Robert Stinnet in 2001 (see the book, Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor).

But in a recent Contact Report that allegedly occurred in or around September, 2017, Ptaah, while responding to a long list of conspiracy theories floated in the last 1,000 years documented on Wikipedia, quite contradictorily have labelled the Pearl Harbor conspiracy theory as fictitious. Following is an excerpt from that CR:

38. Attack on Pearl Harbor: The US government or the US military allegedly knew about the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor, but did nothing, in order to be able to lead a public cause of war.

134. FALSE

In addition to this flip-flop, Meier committed two blunders.

First, in CR 238, Meier recalls information told to him by Ptaah in 1975 about FDR government’s foreknowledge about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor through their spies and CIA, at that time. But the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as it is being called today has got it’s name only in 1947 and before that it was called by many names over the years – as Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI) in 1941, as Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in 1942, as Strategic Services Unit (SSU) in 1945 and as Central Intelligence Group (CIG) in 1946. So in essence, Meier was absolutely wrong since CIA never existed back when Pearl Harbor attack happened in 1941, as the existing intelligence agency at that time was simply referred to as COI.

Second, in CR 544, Meier claims that the former naval officer named Robert Stinnett has exposed the nefarious agenda of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the traitor, for the first time 60 years later i.e. in 2001. But Robert Stinnet’s book was first released 2 years earlier, in December 1999. That aside, the main point here is that the claims made in this book has been debunked left and right. Following is an excerpt from the review of Robert’s book, published by the world-famous US historian, journalist and writer, David Kahn : –

But he misreads the record, misunderstands intelligence, mishandles facts, and misdirects readers. One expert on communications intelligence found twenty-three pages containing technical errors in the first third of Stinnett’s book before publication, but the author refused to correct any.

Now, to the core question – why would Meier publish information on Pearl Harbor that contradicts his own earlier published information?

Based on our research, the answer is very simple – Meier, having published thousands of pages of contact notes over decades, may have simply forgot the essence of the text he published on Pearl Harbor earlier (or altogether forgot he did at all) and instead came up with “new” information that, much to Meier’s dismay, happens to outright contradict his earlier material.


This is not the first time that Meier, either inadvertently or not, caught flip-flopping or altering information in his contact notes. We have uncovered plenty of such examples during our investigation into his supposed prophecies and predictions (see pattern #4), and not to mention his “spiritual” homophobic teachings. Also, refer to “Epic of Gilgamesha”: Predicting the Future but Forgetting the Past.


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  2.  Postmortem on ‘Alien Autopsy’ (2006).

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