English introduction to Der Vater

Der Vater (The father) contains conversations with Methusalem Meier, Billy Meier’s younger son, and, additionally, Kalliope Zafiriou, his ex-wife. They give ample evidence of Billy’s pathological personality, clearly meeting the criteria of psychopathy, and the dubiousness of his claims for the most part. Counting on my own personal experiences with Billy (see pp. 48 f.), considering the well documented wider evidential context, and relying on my impression of Methusalem’s and Kalliope’s trustworthiness, I find their statements generally credible.

The conversations basically address two separate areas: Firstly, the personal aspects, and secondly, the questions surrounding the case’s authenticity. As expected, Methusalem and Kalliope elaborate on both areas according to their personal experiences and beliefs. Unfortunately, with Kalliope, her credibility in matters of the case itself is limited due to her traumatic imprints caused by the marital nightmare she had to suffer on Billy‘s side. As a consequence and in spite of her own experiences of strange phenomena, she dismisses the case in toto. Methusalem, on the other hand, takes a more objective stand, and confirms the numerous outlandish incidents, which he witnessed from an early age on, hereby supporting Billy’s claims at least in some thought-provoking parts. Ironically, in that capacity, and as an independent witness, so far he‘s the only largely credible voice confirming several of his father’s assertions.

I would like to point out some strikingly telling highlights, which give a good impression of Billy’s pathological nature and scandalous doings, as well as of the possible authenticity of some of his claims:

In view of the current pandemic (or rather „pandemic“), it is important to stress Billy’s use of COVID-19 to his own sectarian advantages (see pp. 9 ff.). In the absence of evidence-based data the Corona crisis is clearly conducted by the sectarian mentality of politicians and other power/money hungry bad lots, especially from the corporate world. Their cult needs adherents, and since any religion – the Geisteslehre included – is based on fear, they are instrumentalizing human’s deepest fear, which, of course, is fear of death. And by doing what governments and authorities worldwide are doing with devastating efficiency, namely spreading fear and panic without proper justification, Billy wholly embraces the opportunity to control and to bind people to himself by not only adopting, but outrageously extending all the misinformation and lies of  mainstream thinking. He is basically absorbing the findings of junk science, embellishes them with some speculative assertions, and gives the Plejadians credit for this „advanced“ and „singular“ knowledge!  

The global mass hysteria of the Corona crisis, which has turned the world into a complete madhouse (and poorhouse for myriads), is fundamentally a psychiatric problem or rather the issue of the neurotic mass structure. Deep down it is governed by the emotional plague respectively by hatred of life. All these inhuman, disproportionate and often downright wrong measures against SARS-CoV-2 are simply one big sadomasochistic mass event, strangulating life (face masks!) and driving the world to the abyss. The „collateral damage“ of these measures will eventually surpass the already unavoidable misery caused by COVID-19 on a frighteningly large scale. It is an unprecedented crime against humanity, for which eventually hardly anyone will take responsibility let alone get punishment. And Billy irresponsibly and unscrupulously furthering this crime by demanding substantially more draconic measures than are common, typically doesn’t give a shit!

Summarized, in view of all the evidence gathered in Der Vater, Billy suffers a complete loss of face, which only could be countermanded by admitting his lies and his guilt.

Daniel Gloor / December 2020

BMUFOR Note: The views and opinions expressed in this introduction and also that of the author’s ebook are his own and do not necessarily reflect our position.

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