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The most well known aspects of the Billy Meier case are the 1000+ UFO photographs and more than half a dozen UFO films. According to Meier, he originally took a total of 1,568 photographs of beamships and another 1,378 photographs during his Great Space Journey alone. Only a few hundred photos survived to today because many of them were stolen or replaced with forgeries. Meier also claims that he originally recorded 34 films of which only 8 segments of 8 mm films and one video survived to today. Most of them show classic saucer shaped so called beamships hovering above the beautiful Swiss landscape. They are classics within the circles of ufology and have been the subject of many controversies and criticism.


Space and Time travel pictures

In 1975 Meier allegedly made 2 journeys through space with his Plejaren friends. His first space journey (often referred to as the Great Journey) described in Contact Report 31 and also continued in Contact Reports 32, 34 & 35, took place between July 17 and July 22, 1975. During this journey he witnessed the historic Apollo-Soyuz coupling on July 17, he visited moons and planets in our solar system and in other far away galaxies and he even visited another parallel universe called the DAL universe. His second space journey, described in Contact Report 39, started on December 3, 1975 and lasted 2 days. He was taken through a dimension gate opened at the Bermuda triangle that allowed access into three different dimensions (times).

During these journeys Meier was also allowed to make photos and videos, but according to Meier, most of these outer space pictures were manipulated and/or replaced by forgeries by the photographer Schmid, who was forced by a malicious group called Men in Black (MIB) who wanted to discredit Meier. According to FIGU Special Bulletin 20 (2005), which contains a long article concerning the outer space pictures, Meier made more than 1,378 pictures during his Great Journey, of which 1,336 were falsified and only 42 were either genuine or only slightly falsified. The falsified 1,336 pictures were immediately destroyed by the Plejaren around mid 1970’s after recognizing them to be forgeries. Nevertheless, a small fraction of the outer space pictures survived and came into the possession of FIGU core group member Guido Moosbrugger:

“Before the original photos were removed and destroyed by Quetzal, however, the foundation member of FIGU, Guido Moosbrugger, came into the possession of some copies. However, he had to make the promise to the Plejaren and “Billy,” never to make the copies available to the public or to get rid of these in any way because the falsification from a foreign hand was also among the preserved photos. Should he fail to comply with the instruction, the pictures would have to be immediately confiscated and destroyed by the Plejaren, as this also happened with the originals of “Billy.” To this day, Guido Moosbrugger feels bound to his promise and has always kept the pictures under wraps.”

Nevertheless, before the destruction some of the falsified pictures were disseminated by now ex core group members who allegedly earned a lot of money with that. These pictures have been the subject of controversy ever since. The remaining 42 (almost) genuine pictures remained in the possession of core group member Guido Moosbrugger until it was decided to publish them again:

“In the course of the joint correction work on the Contact Reports by Ptaah, Florena, Enjana, “Billy” and Bernadette Brand, the time for clarifying had also come. In the year 2001, Guido was asked by “Billy” to make some of the photos available for publication in the corrected Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Report Block. Therefore, since the year 2001, several genuine dinosaur pictures and dinosaur slides from the possession of Guido Moosbrugger are to be found with “Billy” again, but these remain strictly under wraps. For the publication in the Contact Report Block, it was strictly ensured, with the help of Ptaah, that it only concerned “Billy’s” genuine pictures or his pictures that were only slightly falsified by Schmid, whereby the aforesaid falsification, for a logical reason, found no use.”

“Ptaah: Of the more than 1,378 pictures from your Great Journey, only a few remain, namely 42, which really came from you, while the majority of the 1,336 pictures consisted of foisted photocopies of some drawings, etc., which Quetzal discovered very quickly at that time, which is why he destroyed all slides and photos. (…) Worldwide, none of your dinosaur pictures and space pictures, etc. have been published, other than those that are shown in the new Contact Report Blocks. These, however, are only a few copies of the real 42 shots, to which only very few falsifying and not any major changes were made.

Of the supposedly genuine or only slightly falsified 42 pictures, 31 were published in Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1 (2002) & Block 2 (2003). And 9 other supposedly genuine pictures, which may or may not be a part of the above 42 pictures, have been originally published in FIGU co-founder and Core Group member Guido Moosbrugger’s book ‘Und sie fliegen doch‘ (And still they fly) of which multiple editions were published in both German (1991 & 2012) and English (2001 & 2004).

In summary these are the most important points about the outer space pictures:

  1. According to Meier, he made more than 1,378 pictures during his Great Journey , of which 1,336 were falsified and only the remaining 42 are either genuine or only slightly falsified.
  2. The 1,336 falsified pictures were allegedly destroyed by the Plejaren, while the 42 genuine or only slightly falsified pictures came into the possession of the FIGU Core Group member Guido Moosbrugger.
  3. Before the falsified pictures were destroyed some falsified pictures were disseminated by the now ex-Core Group members.
  4. The only genuine or only slightly falsified pictures are published in the Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte and Guido’s book ‘Und sie fliegen doch‘ (And still they fly).

For more information on the outer space pictures, visit the following page:

More references on the outer space pictures…

Meier also claimed that on March 18, 1978 he was taken to an unspecific time in the future to witness and photograph the inevitable mega-earthquake that would hit San Francisco and cause severe destruction. It was reported that a total of 11 photographs were captured by Meier during this trip.


  1. Asket, Nera and Semjase
  2. Pteranodon
  3. Ring Nebula in Lyra Constellation
  4. Future San Francisco Earthquake
  5. Universal Barrier
  6. Horsehead Nebula
  7. Cave men
  8. Great Spacer
  9. Apollo-Soyuz docking et al.
  10. Alien spaceship in TARO system
  11. Orion spaceship
  12. More Photos of Billy Meier

Overview and Implications

Watch this below Youtube video summarizing our investigation done so far into some of Meier’s space and time travel pictures.

Energy Ships

Jakobsberg-Allenberg Photos (April 20, 1975)

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