Jakobsberg-Allenberg UFO Photos (April 20, 1975)

Contents1 INTRODUCTION2 INVESTIGATION2.1 Photos2.2 Evidence of hoax2.2.1 Witness Testimony2.2.2 Double Exposure2.2.3 Sequence and Timing2.3 Cover-Up2.4 Controversies & Contradictions2.4.1 Sector Shielding2.4.2 Photographic Film2.4.3 Lack of New Photos2.4.4 Wendelle’s Defence2.4.5 Change of Story2.5 Other Examples2.5.1 Spirit Image Projection2.5.2 Semi-transparent beamship3 CONCLUSION4 REFERENCES INTRODUCTION Apparently, after having fed up with the doubts raised by some of his group … Continue reading Jakobsberg-Allenberg UFO Photos (April 20, 1975)