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During Meier’s Great Journey through the Universe described in Contact Reports 31, 32, 34 and 35, he allegedly traveled to many different galaxies, stars and planets. A system he also visited is the TARO system in the galaxy MARA, 15,000 million light years from Earth. During this visit together with Semjase he saw an alien spaceship which Semjase tried to contact. Along with this passage two pictures are published of which it is not entirely clear what they are supposed to represent, whether they are of an alien spaceship as is discussed on the same page of the contact report or two totally different objects. These pictures are supposedly part of the collection of 42 space photos of which around 2001 it ‘was strictly ensured, with the help of Ptaah, that it only concerned “Billy’s” genuine pictures or his pictures that were only slightly falsified’.


The following passage is from Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1 (2002), pg. 415-416:

478. Now come, because we want to go down to this world.

(After another Hyper jump.)

639. What you see there in front is a star cluster of the galaxy MARA.
640. It is the system TARO and 15,000 million light years away from your home.
641. Most of the worlds of this system are blue in colour, which you can confirm later, when you fly there with Semjase.
642. These worlds are still alive with volcanic activity, and only in a few million years life will begin to develop on them, if at all.

(A few minutes later on one of the volcanic worlds.)

What’s that down there, Semjase? It seems to me to be a flying object. Are there inhabited worlds somewhere around here?

479. Certainly, it is a flying machine.
480. However its origin is foreign to me.
481. I will try to get in contact with it.

(Semjase operates several of her different equipment and also speaks to a device in a for me incomprehensible and completely foreign melodic language. Apparently without success.)

Didn’t you get in contact?

482. My attempts are unsuccessful.
483. It must be life forms who maintain no intergalactic communication.

Aha – but in what language did you speak? This is something I’ve never heard before and it appeared to me absolutely foreign!

484. You couldn’t know that.
485. It is a pronounceable sign language.

I don’t understand that. I thought a sign language could only be drawn or painted or written by certain movements etc.

486. That is not true, because sign languages can also actually be spoken.
487. To explain that to you would take a lot of time.

Then we leave it at that.

Along with this passage, the below two pictures with very little detail are published, showing two unrecognizable objects, or perhaps one and the same object from different perspectives. From the context it seems this is supposed to be the ship Semjase was trying to get in contact with.

PPKB 01 - pg 415 - CR 034 - Alien ship (1)   PPKB 01 - pg 415 - CR 034 - Alien ship (2)

These pictures were also published in black & white in Wendelle Stevens’ publications – UFO Contact from the Pleiades: A preliminary investigation report (1982)Message from the Pleiades, 1st ed. Vol 1, pg. 294-296 (1988) and in color in Message from the Pleiades, 2nd ed. Vol 1, pg. 417-419 (e-book, 2004), along with an additional picture not present in PPKB 1. Below pages are from UFO Contact from the PleiadesA preliminary investigation report:

PIR - pg 107   PIR - pg 108

Following are the three color photographs that were published in Message from the Pleiades, 2nd ed. Vol 1, pg. 417-419 (e-book):

MFP 2nd ed. Vol 1, pg. 294   MFP 2nd ed. Vol 1, pg. 295   MFP 2nd ed. Vol 1, pg. 296

The pictures in PPKB 1 turn out to be cropped and rotated 180 degrees relative to these pictures. Furthermore, in Message from the Pleiades, 1st ed. Vol 1 they are printed along with an entirely different passage than in PPKB 1. Following is the respective passage from Contact Report 31 published along with the pictures in MFTP 1, pg. 293:

71. Now look there to the front, there is our great-spacer which will take us aboard.

(Billy: At a difficult to estimate distance is hanging a huge metal sphere in the dark space, reflecting only weakly the light creases (BMUFOR note: sunlight). Semjsae is sitting very attentively before her apparatus and instruments, and steers wisely and carefully in the direction of the huge sphere, which looks to me like a small planet. [A formation of several luminous lens-shaped ships was moving in the vicinity. One left the formation and performed a strange summersaulting maneuver, which I photographed.]…)

For some reason the description between the square brackets regarding the photographing of the Plejaren beamships near the Great Spacer is missing in UET-WS and also in the 2nd and 3rd edition FIGU contact notes (German). Since we don’t have the original German 1st edition contact notes, we cannot confirm whether this description is present in there or not.

In the first color picture, two or three white shapes are visible to the right, which in the context of the description in MFTP Vol 1 could represent the ‘luminous lens-shaped ships‘. The ship near the center of the picture would be the ship performing a ‘strange summersaulting maneuver.‘ As mentioned above, for some reason the picture in PPKB 1 is cropped so the ‘ships’ on the right aren’t in the picture anymore, and the text only mentions one ship in the TARO system.

Source of Meier’s picture

As opposed to a lot of Meier’s other outer space picture these pictures do not have a long history of criticism and counter arguments. Yet again, at least the first picture originate from a NASA public relations compilation video uploaded by NASA Langley CRGIS (Cultural Resources Geographic Information System) channel. This video is about the Viking program which consisted of two unmanned space probes to Mars, Viking 1 (launched August 20, 1975) and Viking 2 (launched September 9, 1975). These craft consisted of an orbiter designed to photograph the surface of Mars from orbit and a lander designed to study the planet from the surface.


At the 3:56 min. mark, there are frames similar to Meier’s picture (although Meier’s picture is out of focus and overexposed) which shows an animation of a Viking lander descending to the planet’s surface through the Martian atmosphere. The white structure visible on the right of the MFTP picture (cropped in the picture in PPKB 1) seems to be consistent with the clouds of the Martian atmosphere in the video, but in the picture three clouds are visible, consistent with the same cloud at different positions in subsequent frames:

3 frames

Apparently the film was exposed to 3 frames of the video.

If these three frames are superimposed then the resulting picture is very similar to Meier’s picture (black & white w/o color distortions), although to match Meier’s picture it has to be stretched. This could be explained by many causes: angle and position of the camera relative to the picture, different film formats or different display or pixel aspect ratios or other distortions that usually occur during image copying and photographing procedures. Below is a side by side comparison between Meier’s picture and the image with superimposed frames (brightness increased):

GSS Comparison

Note that the trailing particles of the Viking lander and the little ‘extension’ at the top of the lander are also visible in Meier’s picture. Also notice the star that is near to the top-right corner in both images; the other sharp-looking dots in Meier’s picture are most likely dust particles that were present during film processing or later copying/scanning processes. For some reason the other stars that are visible in the TV frame aren’t visible in the Meier’s picture, maybe because of the poor quality of the picture that could be due to improper film processing or copying/scanning processes, even some editing (intended or unintended) may have been done, either in a later generation versions or in the original. We could not rule out the editing factor because of the obvious fact that in the recent PPKB picture we see no stars at all and the contours of the “spaceship” are relatively sharp and are noticeable compared to Wendelle’s version which is overexposed. Also the other “spaceships” towards the right edge in the picture have been cropped out and the overall image area was also reduced compared to the Wendelle Steven’s version.

Regarding the date of broadcast of the NASA video, the following description has been provided under the YouTube video:

“A NASA public relations compilation video on the planned Mars Viking missions. Video shows research on the develop of the Viking across several NASA centers. Includes missions from 1972, 1975, and 1976. Video appears to be from the mid-1970s, prior to some of the actual missions. Carl Sagan appears in a couple of the clips.”

As mentioned the compilation video comprises of three different video clips reporting the research and developments of the Viking program; apparently each one was separately broadcast in the years 1972 (Viking), 1975 (Viking to Mars) and 1976 (Viking speed towards Mars) respectively. The frames similar to Meier’s picture come from the 2nd clip with the title – Viking to Mars – that was broadcast in 1975. To be specific, based on the information in the video, it must have been broadcast anywhere between March and August, 1975. Based on our previous research and findings regarding Meier’s other outer space pictures it is quite likely that this video was broadcasted well before Meier’s alleged space journey from July 17-22, and/or the publication date of his space pictures (weeks or months later).

We have not (yet) been able to find any frames similar to the other two pictures (the third picture is not in the official FIGU literature anymore). Very little detail is visible on these pictures, but it is not inconceivable that these could be based on original or distorted images from similar videos or illustrations showing celestial phenomena (asteroids, small moons etc.) or they could be from totally different sources showing ordinary terrestrial objects (man-made or natural) or phenomena.


We have considered three pictures that are supposed to be representing ET crafts, although they are published alongside different passages in Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1 (2002) and Message from the Pleiades, 1st ed. Vol. 1 (1988). Two out of these three pictures are part of the collection of 42 space photos – of which around 2001 it ‘was strictly ensured, with the help of Ptaah, that it only concerned “Billy’s” genuine pictures or his pictures that were only slightly falsified’.

As it turns out one picture is found to be from a NASA video from early-mid 1975 about the Viking program, consisting of two unmanned probes to Mars (Viking 1 & 2), which consisted of an orbiter and a lander . The frames similar to Meier’s picture actually showed an animation of a Viking lander descending through the Martian atmosphere passing through some clouds. For the other pictures, on which very little detail is visible, we found no similar frames (yet).

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