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During Meier’s Great Journey in space described in Contact Report 31, which took place from July 17-22, 1975*, he allegedly traveled through the Universal Barrier (or Tunnel) to a parallel or twin Universe called the DAL Universe in a Plejaren mother ship called the Great Spacer. Once in the DAL-universe, together with Semjase he transfers to the giant space ship of the people of one of Meier’s former contact persons from the DAL-universe, the extraterrestrial woman Asket. There, according to the excerpts from CR 31, Meier was allowed to take some photographs of the extraterrestrial women Asket, Nera and Semjase.

It is not clear on how many photographs Meier actually shot of Asket, Nera and Semjase, but he published only three photographs which are indexed as #109, #110 and #111 in his photo catalogue book – ‘Verzeichnis – der Nummern und Legenden der FIGU-Photos (1991/1999). These photos became some of the most well known and controversial photos of the Meier case.

* In some FIGU books and articles (FIGU Bulletin Nr. 16, FIGU Special Bulletin no. 64FIGU Special Bulletin no. 75, Und sie fliegen doch!, pg. 337, 2012, Verzeichnis, 1991), the Asket-Nera photos were mentioned to have been taken on June 26, 1975 instead of July, which probably are typos.

Timeline of the Asket, Nera and Semjase pictures


The following pictures #109, #110 and #111 of Asket, Nera and Semjase have been sold to the public by Meier/FIGU probably from around 1975 onwards. They have also been promoted and published numerous times in various newspapers, magazines, TV shows, etc. since 1976. For a list of newspapers and magazines that published the Asket-Nera pictures, refer to the FIGU book ‘Ausschnitte aus Zeitungen und Journalen über Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) und seine Kontakte mit den Plejaren (AZJ)‘. Following is an incomplete list of books published by either Meier/FIGU or proponents of his case, that contain these pictures as genuine pictures of extraterrestrial women:

1982 – Wendelle Stevens has published these three photos in black & white, on pg. 125 and pg. 542 of his book UFO Contact from the Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report‘.
1983 – Lee and Brit Elders have published photo #110 on pg. 67 of their picture book ‘UFO… Contact from the Pleiades Vol. II‘.
1991 – Photos #109, #110 and #111 are listed in Meier’s photo catalogue book – Verzeichnis 1991 ed. as genuine photos
1991 – FIGU co-founder and Core Group member Guido Moosbrugger published photos #110 and #111 as images 4 and 5 in the photos-section of his book ‘Und sie fliegen doch!‘.
1996 – Billy Meier has published the photo #110 in both the German and Italian (pg. 56) editions of his book ‘Die Wahrheit über die Plejaden.
1997 – Billy Meier has published the photo #110 in the photo section of his book ‘Aus den tiefen Weltenraums… Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren‘.

And following is an incomplete list of documentaries or video lectures in which the Asket-Nera-Semjase pictures have been promoted as genuine pictures of extraterrestrial women.

1980 – Documentary on Meier’s ET contacts aired by Nippon TV, Japan
1984 – La Historia De Billy Meier by Jaime Maussan
1986 – Beamship: The Meier Chronicles by Genesis III/Nippon TV
1998 – La Historia Continua by Jaime Maussan
In or Before 2003 Ausschnitte/Reportagen by FIGU
1991 – Inside the Meier case by Guido Moosbrugger at the International UFO Congress

Asket-Nera #109

Photo #109, allegedly showing from left to right – Asket, Nera and Semjase (partly visible)

Photo #110 (image enhanced), allegedly showing Asket and a women on her left, not identified by Meier

Photo #111, allegedly showing, from left - Asket, Nera and Semjase (partly visible)

Photo #111, allegedly showing, from left to right – Asket, Nera and Semjase (partly visible)

In Meier’s photo catalogue Verzeichnis the name of extreme right person in the photos #109 and #111 is not mentioned, but based on the information in CR 31 it could be no one else but Semjase, who explicitly stated to Meier that she doesn’t want her face to appear in the photos available to people other than Meier because she doesn’t want to be recognized while executing her mission on Earth, which could be the reason why her face has been masked. In photo #110, the person to the left of Asket might be Semjase because in the other two photos she is the only person who appears to have straight, dark or black hair. An original scan made of photo #110 as sold by FIGU is available here. Since Semjase only appears partly on these pictures, these are generally referred to as the Asket-Nera pictures (which will also be identified by us as such) instead of the Asket-Nera-Semjase pictures.

First we will discuss what skeptics, Meier/FIGU and their supporters say or have said on these photographs and after that our own analysis follows on topics that haven’t yet been addressed by the aforementioned groups.


Colman S. von Keviczky, ICUFON

Col. Colman S. von Keviczky (1909-1998), an internationally prominent ufologist and Hungarian military scientist, founded ICUFON (Intercontinental U.F.O. Galactic Spacecraft Research and Analytic Network) in 1966. He originally published a report (see pages 114-120 of the book – Ausschnitte aus Zeitungen und Journalen) on the Meier case, which was sent to Wendelle Stevens and Thomas K. Welsch of Genesis III Productions, Ltd. on June 9, 1980. Following is a scan of pg. 5 of the report which is available on pg. 120 of the book ‘Ausschnitte aus Zeitungen und Journalen (AZJ)’, that covers the Asket-Nera photos.

The photograph which Colman von Keviczky was referring to is Meier’s photo #109. Mr. Keviczky incorrectly refers to Asket as Semjase and Nera as Asket.

ICUFON, pg. 5

ICUFON report, page 5

Kal K. Korff

In March 1981 Kal K. Korff, with editorial assistance from William L. Moore, published a booklet titled The Meier Incident: The most infamous hoax in Ufology. On page 26 of this 124 pages booklet Korff presents his findings, as shown below. Since Korff got the photo from ICUFON (Colman von Keviczky), Korff also incorrectly refers to Asket as Semjase and Nera as Asket. While Mr. Keviczky claims that the features of the person on the left in #109 (Asket according to Meier) are ‘similar to Billy’s wife when wearing a blonde wig’, Korff on the other hand claims that the person on the right in #109 (Nera according to Meier) ‘bears an uncanny resemblance to Billy Meier’s wife when wearing a wig.’ Other critics have pointed out that they look like fashion models from the Sears Catalogue.

page 26 - cut
In his 1995 book, ‘The Billy Meier Story – Spaceships of the Pleiades‘, Korff presents his new analysis of the Asket-Nera photos on pages 244-247. In this book, he accurately refers to the persons in the photos as Asket (left) and Nera (right).

SOTP - pg 244-245 SOTP - pg 246-247

According to the information shared on May 6, 1998 in the public mailing list dedicated to the study of UFO-related phenomena, it was Korff’s team which first discovered that the person in Meier’s pictures referred to as Asket was actually a dancer from the Dean Martin Variety Show originally broadcasted between 1965-1974. This revelation was first published in the article – ‘Billy Meier–Neue Hinweise und Geständnisse’ (Billy Meier–New leads and confessions) – in a German magazine, UFO-Kurier Nr. 43 on May 1, 1998. The English translation of some German excerpts from the article are available here.

Korff reportedly traveled to Switzerland for a 2nd time in March 1998 (1st time was in 1991) and interviewed (with English subtitles here) Meier’s ex-wife Kalliope (divorced from Meier in 1997) with the help of Swiss UFO researcher and investigative journalist Luc Bürgin for his upcoming FOX TV show – “World’s Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets finally revealed“. During the interview she was shown some video excerpts from the Dean Martin Variety Show – Christmas Special from 1970, where she mentioned the similarity between ‘Asket’ and the Dean Martin show dancer named Michelle DellaFave “verblüffend” (astonishing). However when the FOX TV show was finally broadcasted on December 28, 1998, this Asket-segment wasn’t included in it.

Derek Bartholomaus

Derek Bartholomaus, a former member of the Independent Investigations Group (IIG), has published the following on his Asket-Nera pictures deconstruction page:

Here is the truth about these photos.  The person identified on the left as Asket is actually the singer and dancer Michelle DellaFave. Michelle was a longtime member of the “Golddiggers” and the “Dingaling Sisters” who appeared on the Dean Martin Variety Show from 1969-1973.  To learn more about Michelle DellaFave and the other Golddiggers go to The Golddiggers Super Site.(…)
Michelle first became aware that Billy Meier had published photographs of her as being his extra-terrestrial contact “Asket” in early 2007.  Michelle wrote to me and said that “Nera” was actually Susan Lund. Susan appeared on the Dean Martin Variety Show from 1968-1973.  This is what Michelle has to say on the situation:

“I know that the picture of myself and Susie is from the Dean Martin show when the Golddiggers were guests on the show. I think it is about 1971 and I did wear my hair with little curls at the side of my face.  It amazes me that he chose that picture. I guess it was when they did the reruns in Europe. I do not want anyone thinking I am causing any problems. I am simply stating the truth involved with these pictures.  I just know a picture of myself when I see one, as anyone else would. I know it is from a segment when The Golddiggers would sit around Dean Martin and sing beautiful ballads called ‘Welcome To My World.’”

Michelle was most probably made aware of Meier’s Asket-Nera pictures in early 2007 by a Meier case supporter David E. Chance. The following is from David’s webpage:

On January 6, 2007 I emailed the Dean Martin Fan Center to see if they had any further information about the photos, specifically this one: http://www.figu.org/us/images/pictures/ufology/photos/f0109us.jpg
Peter Ruffini, Web Director of the Dean Martin Fan Center, responded to my email on January 7, 2007:

“The photograph is a blurred shot from the Dean Martin Show during one of the concert spots in 1971. The two girls are (with their names back then): Susan Lund (Brunette); Michelle Della Fave (Blonde). Our organization’s founder is still in touch with both (and was there on the set of the Dean Martin Show when these were taken).”

I contacted Michelle Della Fave by email on January 7, 2007 to ask her opinion of the photograph:
She responded on January 8, 2007:

“Yes I am the person in the picture and I am with Susie and we were both Goldiggers and the original Ding-a-ling sisters, and I am not anyone but the real being in that photo, now that is a new one for my books, where did that come from?…I know nothing about the history about that photo, you must share some more, it is very amusing to me as an actress, I have done many roles but that idea has me thinking!!!”.

I emailed her back with a summary of the history of the photographs, but received no further replies.

Michelle has shared the following picture with Derek which he speculates to be from the same show. Concerning this picture, Dereck writes:

You will notice that Michelle and Susan are wearing the same outfits as shown in the Meier photograph of “Asket” and “Nera.”‘

Luc Bürgin

Swiss UFO researcher and investigative journalist Luc Bürgin who is also the editor of Mysteries magazine (in German) has published an article titled – «Ja, ich bin Billys Ausserirdische!» Sängerin der «Dean Martin Show» outet sich – in March/April ed. of the magazine in 2011. In the article he interviewed Michelle DellaFave aka “Asket.” Following are excerpts from the unofficial English translation available on the website of Joachim Koch, Berlin, Germany:

“The photograph of Susie and me is taken from the “Dean Martin Show” where we performed as the “Golddiggers” for quite a long time..Meier’s photographs might belong to the year 1971 because I wore these curly strands to both sides of my face. If I recall correctly, the photos derive from a sequence when we grouped around Dean Martin singing the wonderful ballad “Welcome to my world.”…The only thing I want people to know is that it is me! Everyone who sees a photograph of him/herself knows best who is shown there!”

“First I thought it to be a joke…I really had no information about that so far. As a spiritual being and Star Trek fan I nearly feel a bit honoured that Billy chose me as an “Extraterrestrial”. On the other other hand it is clear that my face was used illegally.”

And regarding the Meier’s photo #110, Michelle says:

Die Frau auf Meiers ET-foto bin definitiv ich!
The woman in Meier’s ET-photo is definitely me!

Soon after this interview, even Michelle shared the video of Meier’s ex-wife Kalliope’s interview with Kal Korff and Luc Bürgin from 1998, on her facebook page in March 13, 2011 with the title – ‘Billy Meier Ausgesetzt!!! Michelle ist Asket!!!!’ or ‘Billy Meier Exposed!!! Michelle is Asket!!!!’

Billy Meier responds

Billy Meier

On May 14, 1998, after it had been revealed on May 1 that the woman ‘Asket’ in Meier’s photos is identical to a dancer from the Dean Martin Variety Show, Billy Meier published an article – Eine äusserst unerfreuliche Angelegenheit (An extremely unpleasant matter) – on the FIGU website. This article is now available in FIGU Bulletin 16 (June 1998) and also in Stimme der Wassermannzeit, Nr. 107, pg. 1-6 (June 1998). The official English translation can be read in the May 23, 1998 UFO Updates list as shared by Christian Frehner, or in the books And yet they fly, pg. 337-343, 2001 and And still they fly, pg. 282-288, 2004.

In this article that contains excerpts from CR 264, Meier allegedly was told by Ptaah that both he and Quetzal have met Meier on their 199th contact on February 3, 1985 and explained to him unofficially (according to Meier, only official conversations are documented the contact reports available to public) that the women in Meier’s photos were not Asket and Nera but the two look-alikes from the dance show, whose existence was already conveyed to him in CR 39 (1975). They only came to knew about this when they showed these photos to Asket in Autumn 1984, who then immediately recognized that the woman in the photos was not her, which led the Plejaren to investigate the matter.

This fact however was forgotten by Meier due to his life-threatening condition and partial amnesia at that time. The Plejaren also didn’t pursue the matter further since then because they thought that Meier had taken care of it. After seeing Meier’s original Asket-Nera photos a secret terrestrial group called ‘Men in Black’ (or MIB) who ‘always had access to unfathomable resources‘, easily discovered their look-alikes in America, took photos from their film footage and coerced the photographer Schmid to do forgery (just like what they did with hundreds of Meier’s other photos according to him) by selecting those frames which most closely resembled Meier’s photos of Asket and Nera. According to Meier, another group comprised of malicious ETs living under the Giza pyramids, called the Gizeh Intelligences or Bafath, were also involved in this forgery.

Ptaah’s latest research

During his 505th contact with Ptaah on November 18, 2010, Meier shows him a comparison picture between his Asket photo and a photo of the Dean Martin Show dancer he got from the internet and asks for his assessment. Perhaps he was prompted by James Deardorff who also cited the same comparison picture on his webpage in 2008 and somehow concluded that the person on the left is the real Asket and the person on the right is the Dean Martin show dancer.

Ptaah after reviewing the comparison images, then claims that the person on the left in the comparison picture is ‘obviously Asket’ while the person on the right is the dancer who ‘only has some similarity’ and can’t be called a look-alike and any such claims are ridiculous.


Photo #110

Both James Deardorff and Meier/Ptaah (CR 505) argue that there are significant differences between the two women in the below comparison picture and conclude that photo #110 (left) is an authentic picture, though Meier/Ptaah argue that the hair color has been changed from brunette/dark to blonde by the photographer Schmid under the instructions of the MIB.

Asket & double?

They cite the following features as being significantly different between the above two women:

Deardorff (2008): The face of “Asket” has a narrower chin, lack of an indent at the top of the nose between the eyes, and a lower hairline above the forehead.
Ptaah/Meier (November 18, 2010): Shape and fullness of the face and that areas of mouth, chin and eye are ‘recognizably different.’ Asket has a long and slim neck, while the dancer has a short and thick neck.

It is baffling that Ptaah, who in 1998 declared that photo #110 (and the other two photos) depicts an American look-alike, in 2010 switched his position, citing bizarre, spurious reasons (which we will see below), to exactly the opposite – which is that photo #110 is a genuine picture of Asket, although he claims that the hair color is manipulated from the original brunette to blonde.

The main obvious flaw with the Deardoff/Meier/Ptaah’s analysis is that they either deliberately or not, chose a picture of Michelle DellaFave that is totally from an unrelated scene taken from one of the episodes from Dean Martin Variety Show from 1970, where she portrays a different expression under different lighting conditions, for the comparison. Moreover there are considerable differences in the quality (right image is obviously photographed from a CRT monitor) and perspective (aspect ratios, camera angles, etc.) of the images which makes any efforts of a legitimate comparison by juxtaposing the images futile.

However the fact, which Deardoff/Meier/Ptaah seems to have carefully ignored, is that since 1998 skeptics have presented a video excerpt of ‘Welcome to my world’ medley from the Dean Martin’s Christmas Special video from 1970, where both Meier’s “Asket” and Michelle DellaFave look almost the same. Even the alleged American look-alike of Asket, Michelle DellaFave has stated in unambiguous terms that the person in the Meier’s photo #110 (left in the comparison image), including the photos #109 and #111, is no one else but her and noted that her snapshot ‘might belong to the year 1971′, when she used to wear curly strands to both sides of her face. And indeed the person “Asket” in Meier’s photo #110 looks the same as Michelle DellaFave, as can be checked from the following snapshot taken from Episode 170 of Dean Martin Variety Show video originally aired on February 25, 1971. One can also refer to the picture shared by Michelle with the professional skeptic Derek Bartholomaus.

A frame from the Dean Martin Variety Show, Episode Feb 25, 1971

A frame from the Dean Martin Variety Show – Episode 170,  Feb 25, 1971; from left – Michelle DellaFave, Susan Lund and Wanda Bailey

Furthermore there is no real difference in the shapes of the chin in both images at all and the only reason for the apparent appearance of the ‘narrower chin’ in the left image is due to the fact that the Meier’s photo #110 represented on left in the comparison image is of very poor quality with most of her lower-right side of the face seen in a more darker shade thereby hiding aspects of chin, cheek and neck, which however is not the case with the original picture, which ironically has been sold/published by Meier/FIGU themselves as genuine (and still is).


We have documented the investigation skeptics conducted on three of the Meier’s pictures (#109, #110 and #111) which he, since 1975, claimed to be genuine photos of extraterrestrial women captured on camera inside a spaceship in a parallel Universe, DAL. The women in these pictures, skeptics revealed in 1998, turned out to be dancers/singers from the Dean Martin Variety Show originally broadcasted between 1965-1974. Soon after this exposé was published, Meier claimed that the ETs have already informed him about the fake pictures forged by MIB, several years earlier in 1985 but which due to his health reasons totally forgot about it (and also the ETs ignored it since then assuming that Meier had taken care of it), until only that time when skeptics exposed them as fakes.

In our investigation we found out that again since 2008 and 2010 – even after skeptics demonstrating and Meier/FIGU themselves admitting that since 1998 that the women in Meier’s photo are none other than the dancers/singers from the Dean Martin show, with even the dancer/singer Michelle DellaFave stating since 2007 that the “Asket” was indeed her in all of Meier’s pictures – Meier/Ptaah and his supporters allege that the woman in Meier’s photo #110 is not Michelle but the real ET woman Asket (albeit with a different hair color).

All of the above analysis strongly concludes that Meier had never photographed any ET women in the DAL Universe, as he claims to have done.

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