Outer Space Pictures – Asket-Nera-Semjase

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During Meier’s Great Journey in space described in Contact Report 31, which took place from July 17-22, 1975*, he allegedly traveled through the Universal Barrier (or Tunnel) to a parallel or twin Universe called the DAL Universe in a Plejaren mother ship called the Great Spacer. Once in the DAL-universe, together with Semjase he transfers to the giant space ship of the people of one of Meier’s former contact persons from the DAL-universe, the extraterrestrial woman Asket. There, according to the excerpts from CR 31, Meier was allowed to take some photographs of the extraterrestrial women Asket, Nera and Semjase.

It is not clear on how many photographs Meier actually shot of Asket, Nera and Semjase, but he published only three photographs which are indexed as #109, #110 and #111 in his photo catalogue book – ‘Verzeichnis – der Nummern und Legenden der FIGU-Photos (1991/1999). These photos became some of the most well known and controversial photos of the Meier case.

* In some FIGU books and articles (FIGU Bulletin Nr. 16, FIGU Special Bulletin no. 64FIGU Special Bulletin no. 75, Und sie fliegen doch!, pg. 337, 2012, Verzeichnis, 1991), the Asket-Nera photos were mentioned to have been taken on June 26, 1975 instead of July, which probably are typos.

Timeline of the Asket, Nera and Semjase pictures


The following pictures #109, #110 and #111 of Asket, Nera and Semjase have been sold to the public by Meier/FIGU probably from around 1975 onwards. They have also been promoted and published numerous times in various newspapers, magazines, TV shows, etc. since 1976. For a list of newspapers and magazines that published the Asket-Nera pictures, refer to the FIGU book ‘Ausschnitte aus Zeitungen und Journalen über Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) und seine Kontakte mit den Plejaren (AZJ)‘. Following is an incomplete list of books published by either Meier/FIGU or proponents of his case, that contain these pictures as genuine pictures of extraterrestrial women:

1982 – Wendelle Stevens has published these three photos in black & white, on pg. 125 and pg. 542 of his book UFO Contact from the Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report‘.
1983 – Lee and Brit Elders have published photo #110 on pg. 67 of their picture book ‘UFO… Contact from the Pleiades Vol. II‘.
1991 – Photos #109, #110 and #111 are listed in Meier’s photo catalogue book – Verzeichnis 1991 ed. as genuine photos
1991 – FIGU co-founder and Core Group member Guido Moosbrugger published photos #110 and #111 as images 4 and 5 in the photos-section of his book ‘Und sie fliegen doch!‘.
1996 – Billy Meier has published the photo #110 in both the German and Italian (pg. 56) editions of his book ‘Die Wahrheit über die Plejaden.
1997 – Billy Meier has published the photo #110 in the photo section of his book ‘Aus den tiefen Weltenraums… Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren‘.

And following is an incomplete list of documentaries or video lectures in which the Asket-Nera-Semjase pictures have been promoted as genuine pictures of extraterrestrial women.

1980 – Documentary on Meier’s ET contacts aired by Nippon TV, Japan
1984 – La Historia De Billy Meier by Jaime Maussan
1986 – Beamship: The Meier Chronicles by Genesis III/Nippon TV
1998 – La Historia Continua by Jaime Maussan
In or Before 2003 Ausschnitte/Reportagen by FIGU
1991 – Inside the Meier case by Guido Moosbrugger at the International UFO Congress

Asket-Nera #109

Photo #109, allegedly showing from left to right – Asket, Nera and Semjase (partly visible)

Photo #110 (image enhanced), allegedly showing Asket and a women on her left, not identified by Meier

Photo #111, allegedly showing, from left - Asket, Nera and Semjase (partly visible)

Photo #111, allegedly showing, from left to right – Asket, Nera and Semjase (partly visible)

In Meier’s photo catalogue Verzeichnis the name of extreme right person in the photos #109 and #111 is not mentioned, but based on the information in CR 31 it could be no one else but Semjase, who explicitly stated to Meier that she doesn’t want her face to appear in the photos available to people other than Meier because she doesn’t want to be recognized while executing her mission on Earth, which could be the reason why her face has been masked. In photo #110, the person to the left of Asket might be Semjase because in the other two photos she is the only person who appears to have straight, dark or black hair. An original scan made of photo #110 as sold by FIGU is available here. Since Semjase only appears partly on these pictures, these are generally referred to as the Asket-Nera pictures (which will also be identified by us as such) instead of the Asket-Nera-Semjase pictures.

First we will discuss what skeptics, Meier/FIGU and their supporters say or have said on these photographs and after that our own analysis follows on topics that haven’t yet been addressed by the aforementioned groups.


Colman S. von Keviczky, ICUFON

Col. Colman S. von Keviczky (1909-1998), an internationally prominent ufologist and Hungarian military scientist, founded ICUFON (Intercontinental U.F.O. Galactic Spacecraft Research and Analytic Network) in 1966. He originally published a report (see pages 114-120 of the book – Ausschnitte aus Zeitungen und Journalen) on the Meier case, which was sent to Wendelle Stevens and Thomas K. Welsch of Genesis III Productions, Ltd. on June 9, 1980. Following is a scan of pg. 5 of the report which is available on pg. 120 of the book ‘Ausschnitte aus Zeitungen und Journalen (AZJ)’, that covers the Asket-Nera photos.

The photograph which Colman von Keviczky was referring to is Meier’s photo #109. Mr. Keviczky incorrectly refers to Asket as Semjase and Nera as Asket.

ICUFON, pg. 5

ICUFON report, page 5

Ray Stanford

Following are excerpts from a tape recording sent by the Ufologist Ray Stanford to Kal Korff (who then published it in his 1981 booklet on pg. 60) containing his personal observations about some of Meier pictures that he saw at the home of Wendelle Stevens in 1978:

“As I turned through one of the albums there…I saw a photograph of two women. Wendelle said that Meier told him that these were two of the space gals. I believe one of them was supposed to be Semjase, and I forget the name of the other one, but they definitely were supposed to be space women. I noted that they were wearing very heavy makeup, possibly false eyelashes, but had very heavy mascara and paint on around the eyes. I asked Wendelle about this, I said it’s surprising for me that extraterrestrials supposedly so advanced would come here and feel it necessary (since they’re not supposedly walking around in the public, but just photographed on a casual visit out of the ship), to doctor their natural body up in this way.”

“And Wendelle told me that Meier claimed that when the aliens first came to earth they didn’t use makeup at all and had never developed it. But when they saw how it enhanced the appearance of the women on earth so much, they developed it and started using it themselves!”

Kal K. Korff

In March 1981 Kal K. Korff, with editorial assistance from William L. Moore, published a booklet titled The Meier Incident: The most infamous hoax in Ufology. On page 26 of this 124 pages booklet Korff presents his findings, as shown below. Since Korff got the photo from ICUFON (Colman von Keviczky), Korff also incorrectly refers to Asket as Semjase and Nera as Asket. While Mr. Keviczky claims that the features of the person on the left in #109 (Asket according to Meier) are ‘similar to Billy’s wife when wearing a blonde wig’, Korff on the other hand claims that the person on the right in #109 (Nera according to Meier) ‘bears an uncanny resemblance to Billy Meier’s wife when wearing a wig.’ Other critics have pointed out that they look like fashion models from the Sears Catalogue.

page 26 - cut
In his 1995 book, ‘The Billy Meier Story – Spaceships of the Pleiades‘, Korff presents his new analysis of the Asket-Nera photos on pages 244-247. In this book, he accurately refers to the persons in the photos as Asket (left) and Nera (right).

SOTP - pg 244-245 SOTP - pg 246-247

According to the information shared on May 6, 1998 in the public mailing list dedicated to the study of UFO-related phenomena, it was Korff’s team which first discovered that the person in Meier’s pictures referred to as Asket was actually a dancer from the Dean Martin Variety Show originally broadcasted between 1965-1974. This revelation was first published in the article – ‘Billy Meier–Neue Hinweise und Geständnisse’ (Billy Meier–New leads and confessions) – in a German magazine, UFO-Kurier Nr. 43 on May 1, 1998. The English translation of some German excerpts from the article are available here.

Korff reportedly traveled to Switzerland for a 2nd time in March 1998 (1st time was in 1991) and interviewed (with English subtitles here) Meier’s ex-wife Kalliope (divorced from Meier in 1997) with the help of Swiss UFO researcher and investigative journalist Luc Bürgin for his upcoming FOX TV show – “World’s Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets finally revealed“. During the interview she was shown some video excerpts from the Dean Martin Variety Show – Christmas Special from 1970, where she mentioned the similarity between ‘Asket’ and the Dean Martin show dancer named Michelle DellaFave “verblüffend” (astonishing). However when the FOX TV show was finally broadcasted on December 28, 1998, this Asket-segment wasn’t included in it.

Derek Bartholomaus

Derek Bartholomaus, a former member of the Independent Investigations Group (IIG), has published the following on his Asket-Nera pictures deconstruction page:

Here is the truth about these photos.  The person identified on the left as Asket is actually the singer and dancer Michelle DellaFave. Michelle was a longtime member of the “Golddiggers” and the “Dingaling Sisters” who appeared on the Dean Martin Variety Show from 1969-1973.  To learn more about Michelle DellaFave and the other Golddiggers go to The Golddiggers Super Site.(…)
Michelle first became aware that Billy Meier had published photographs of her as being his extra-terrestrial contact “Asket” in early 2007.  Michelle wrote to me and said that “Nera” was actually Susan Lund. Susan appeared on the Dean Martin Variety Show from 1968-1973.  This is what Michelle has to say on the situation:

“I know that the picture of myself and Susie is from the Dean Martin show when the Golddiggers were guests on the show. I think it is about 1971 and I did wear my hair with little curls at the side of my face.  It amazes me that he chose that picture. I guess it was when they did the reruns in Europe. I do not want anyone thinking I am causing any problems. I am simply stating the truth involved with these pictures.  I just know a picture of myself when I see one, as anyone else would. I know it is from a segment when The Golddiggers would sit around Dean Martin and sing beautiful ballads called ‘Welcome To My World.’”

Michelle was most probably made aware of Meier’s Asket-Nera pictures in early 2007 by a Meier case supporter David E. Chance. The following is from David’s webpage:

On January 6, 2007 I emailed the Dean Martin Fan Center to see if they had any further information about the photos, specifically this one: http://www.figu.org/us/images/pictures/ufology/photos/f0109us.jpg
Peter Ruffini, Web Director of the Dean Martin Fan Center, responded to my email on January 7, 2007:

“The photograph is a blurred shot from the Dean Martin Show during one of the concert spots in 1971. The two girls are (with their names back then): Susan Lund (Brunette); Michelle Della Fave (Blonde). Our organization’s founder is still in touch with both (and was there on the set of the Dean Martin Show when these were taken).”

I contacted Michelle Della Fave by email on January 7, 2007 to ask her opinion of the photograph:
She responded on January 8, 2007:

“Yes I am the person in the picture and I am with Susie and we were both Goldiggers and the original Ding-a-ling sisters, and I am not anyone but the real being in that photo, now that is a new one for my books, where did that come from?…I know nothing about the history about that photo, you must share some more, it is very amusing to me as an actress, I have done many roles but that idea has me thinking!!!”.

I emailed her back with a summary of the history of the photographs, but received no further replies.

Michelle has shared the following picture with Derek which he speculates to be from the same show. Concerning this picture, Dereck writes:

You will notice that Michelle and Susan are wearing the same outfits as shown in the Meier photograph of “Asket” and “Nera.”‘

Luc Bürgin

Swiss UFO researcher and investigative journalist Luc Bürgin who is also the editor of Mysteries magazine (in German) has published an article titled – «Ja, ich bin Billys Ausserirdische!» Sängerin der «Dean Martin Show» outet sich – in March/April ed. of the magazine in 2011. In the article he interviewed Michelle DellaFave aka “Asket.” Following are excerpts from the unofficial English translation available on the website of Joachim Koch, Berlin, Germany:

“The photograph of Susie and me is taken from the “Dean Martin Show” where we performed as the “Golddiggers” for quite a long time..Meier’s photographs might belong to the year 1971 because I wore these curly strands to both sides of my face. If I recall correctly, the photos derive from a sequence when we grouped around Dean Martin singing the wonderful ballad “Welcome to my world.”…The only thing I want people to know is that it is me! Everyone who sees a photograph of him/herself knows best who is shown there!”

“First I thought it to be a joke…I really had no information about that so far. As a spiritual being and Star Trek fan I nearly feel a bit honoured that Billy chose me as an “Extraterrestrial”. On the other other hand it is clear that my face was used illegally.”

And regarding the Meier’s photo #110, Michelle says:

Die Frau auf Meiers ET-foto bin definitiv ich!
The woman in Meier’s ET-photo is definitely me!

Soon after this interview, even Michelle shared the video of Meier’s ex-wife Kalliope’s interview with Kal Korff and Luc Bürgin from 1998, on her facebook page in March 13, 2011 with the title – ‘Billy Meier Ausgesetzt!!! Michelle ist Asket!!!!’ or ‘Billy Meier Exposed!!! Michelle is Asket!!!!’

Billy Meier, FIGU and their Supporters respond

Billy Meier

On May 14, 1998, after it had been revealed on May 1 that the woman ‘Asket’ in Meier’s photos is identical to a dancer from the Dean Martin Variety Show, Billy Meier published an article – Eine äusserst unerfreuliche Angelegenheit (An extremely unpleasant matter) – on the FIGU website. This article is now available in FIGU Bulletin 16 (June 1998) and also in Stimme der Wassermannzeit, Nr. 107, pg. 1-6 (June 1998). The official English translation can be read in the May 23, 1998 UFO Updates list as shared by Christian Frehner, or in the books And yet they fly, pg. 337-343, 2001 and And still they fly, pg. 282-288, 2004.

Summary of all relevant information in Meier’s article that contains information from Contact Report 264 (this contact report also contains a lot of personal attacks directed at Kal Korff, Luc Bürgin and Kalliope, which are not relevant for this analysis):

  1. Meier meets with Ptaah on May 14, 1998 (Contact Report 264) for clarification on the Asket-Nera photos issue.
  2. During the 264th contact, Meier was told by Ptaah that both he and Quetzal have met Meier on their 199th contact on February 3, 1985 and explained to him unofficially (according to Meier, only official conversations are documented the contact reports available to public) that the women in Meier’s photos were not Asket and Nera but the two look-alikes from the dance show, whose existence was already conveyed to him in CR 39 (1975). They only came to knew about this when they showed these photos to Asket in Autumn 1984, who then immediately recognized that the woman in the photos was not her, which led the Plejaren to investigate the matter.
  3. This fact however was forgotten by Meier due to his life-threatening condition and partial amnesia at that time. The Plejaren also didn’t pursue the matter further since then because they thought that Meier had taken care of it.
  4. After seeing Meier’s Asket-Nera photos a group called ‘Men in Black’ (or MIB) who ‘always had access to unfathomable resources‘, easily discovered their look-alikes in America, took photos from their film footage and coerced the photographer Schmid to do forgery (just like what they did with hundreds of Meier’s other photos) by selecting those frames which most closely resembled Meier’s photos of Asket and Nera. Meier received this photo material only months later and believed them to be originals.
  5. The MIB pre-progammed this Asket-Nera controversy (1998) in 1975, as they determined that the appropriate photo sequences would be found in the future.
  6. Another group comprised of malicious ETs living under the Giza pyramids, called the Gizeh Intelligences or Bafath, were also involved in this forgery, although Plejaren are unable to find their exact association.
  7. However for decades the Bafath   have influenced a ‘vast number of (unsuspecting) terrestrials‘ in order to ‘harm, defame and even assassinate‘ Meier through their ‘negative telepathic impulses’.
  8. Kal K. Korrf, Luc Bürgin and all of Meier’s and his mission’s enemies are under the influence of the ‘long-term and still-active Gizeh impulses.’
  9. All the three photos #109, #110 and #111 will still be sold but with a different caption saying that the women in the photos are American look-alikes of the real DAL universe cosmonauts Asket and Nera.

Meier also published two other articles – Dankesbrief an Luc Bürgin (Thank-you letter to Luc Bürgin)dated May 12, 1998, and Neue Korff-Bürgin-Intrige (New Korff-Bürgin Intrigue) – in the same FIGU Bulletin 16 (June 1998). In FIGU Bulletin 17 (July 1998), Meier published an article – Mordanschläge auf Billy am 8. und 10. Juni 1998 (Assassination attempts on Billy on June 8 and 10, 1998) – where he alleges that both Kal Korff and Luc Bürgin are partially to blame for these new assassination attempts on Meier, most likely carried out by the MIB who have influenced mentally unstable people to carry out their deeds.

Meier also in Verzeichnis 1999 ed., contrary to the 1991 ed., has mentioned that the women in all the three photos represent doppelgängers of the real ETs Asket and Nera, maliciously inserted by MIB.

Hans George Lanzendorfer

FIGU Core Group member, Hans George Lazendorfer (HGL) has published an article – Asket und Nera (Asket and Nera) – in FIGU Bulletin 16 (June 1998). The English translation of this article can be read on the FIGU Canada website or on the Billy Meier Wiki futureofmankind.

Summary of HGL’s article (all personal attacks directed at Kal Korff, Luc Bürgin and Kalliope were once again ignored):

  1. The Asket and Nera photos taken by Meier inside a Plejaren jumbo spaceship at 9 p.m. on June 26, 1975, are all forgeries. The look-alike faces and maybe other features of the two entertainers were copied into Billy’s original photos. This fact would be obvious when abnormalities are observed by making a thorough comparison of the pictures.
  2. Photographer Schmid, who is 65-70 years old in 1975 and whose picture FIGU still has, claimed he was from the Rhine-valley region and under the coercion of MIB, has through retouching, recopying, and “sandwiching” separate TV show sequences, adapted and arranged the photos to look the same as Billy’s originals which no longer exist now.
  3. Schmid kept his background a secret from Meier during the ~18 months of his long association with Meier, where in many instances Meier was never given back his original pictures. Then one day Schmid disappeared without a trace and since then never contacted Billy Meier again.
  4. These forgeries were done so perfectly, that not even Billy noticed the adulterations over the past 23 years, since the two female look-alikes in the photos have an extremely close resemblance to Asket and Nera, right down to the last detail, which was already mentioned in CR 39.
  5. Due to Meier’s grave accident in 1982 and the life-threatening state of health at that time which led to partial amnesia, Meier simply forgot to act against the forging schemes of MIB and the photographer Schmid, when it was revealed to Meier in 1985.
  6. If the photos had been taken from a color TV monitor in the 1970s, any enlargements of the picture would invariably also show the 3-color grid of the cathode ray tube, which would show the colors blue, green and red arranged in three round or square colored light dots. This fact was previously investigated by FIGU’s photo technician, a printing specialist who worked with tenfold enlargements and other enlargement tasks – which was forgotten by the forgers as they got a little carried away in their work.
  7. In order to produce photo-sized pictures from a TV unit, Billy would have had to place his old Olympus 35 ECR camera directly in front of the TV, since this simple camera possessed neither an automatic light meter nor a zoom lens.
  8. The part of the Meier’s Asket photos which many people misinterpreted to be earlobes, are actually the small curls of the revue dancers since Asket’s earlobes cannot be seen on the photo as they are merely a little more than one centimeter longer than the earlobes of a terrestrial human.
  9. Not until July 1976 did Billy purchase his first color TV unit (brand SABA) from Mr. Bär’s Bauma store, whereas the photos of Asket and Nera were taken a year earlier, on June 26, 1975.

Guido Moosbrugger

In 1991 FIGU co-founder and Core Group member Guido Moosbrugger published a book – Und sie fliegen doch! – in which on pg. 266-267 he responded to the criticism made so far by skeptics on the photos of Asket & Nera (#110 and #111).

Summary of Guido’s rebuttal:

  1. The blond women on photo #111 is not Meier’s (now ex-) wife Kalliope with a blond wig but the ET women Asket, and her friend Nera who is sitting beside her.
  2. The out-of-focus effect of the Asket-Nera pictures is not due to the radiation generated from the ET women’s bodies but by certain effects of technical nature inside the spaceship.
  3. The claims on the ET women’s appearance in the photos with false eyelashes and make-up is incorrect as according to Meier they only use ‘colored eye lenses and possibly colored head hair if at all.’
  4. The claim that Asket in the photo is Meier’s wife Kalliope with a blond wig is ridiculous since there is no similarity between them. even with a blond wig.
  5. The only anatomical difference between ETs and the white Earth people are the ‘strongly elongated earlobes’ which are only slightly longer than ours, about 2 cms, and which are also ‘pulled down and extended to the upper jaw bone’ as seen in two of the Asket-Nera photos.
  6. The claim that these strongly elongated earlobes would aid in a better hearing is absolutely erroneous.

When it was discovered in May 1998 that the Asket-Nera photos, which Meier/FIGU had been defending so-far as real pictures of ET women, were actually photos of Dean Martin Variety Show dancers, Guido published an article – Anfeindungen in bezug auf Billys angebliche Modelle (Hostility with respect to Billy’s alleged Models) – in FIGU Bulletin 19 in December 1998, pg. 7-8. In the article he explains at length the capabilities of the ‘Men in Black’ (MIB), who according to him are behind the fraudulent Asket-Nera pictures.

He also removed his 1991 rebuttal from his book and replaced it with Meier’s article that was published in FIGU Bulletin 16 (June 1998) in the later editions of his book (And yet they fly, pg. 337-343, 2001 and And still they fly, pg. 282-288, 2004). However in the 2012 German ed. of the book, Meier’s 1998 article was replaced by new information along with some of the old rebuttal from the 1991 edition, which we will address later.

James Deardorff

On May 12, 1998, research Professor Emeritus (OSU) James Deardorff (perhaps not aware of the upcoming CR 264 information which Meier only published on his FIGU website on May 14, 1998), responded to the criticism on the Asket-Nera pictures and defended them as real pictures of Asket and Nera, especially Asket.

Summary of Deardorff’s rebuttal posted on May 12, 1998 in UFO Updates mailing list, in response to the pictures of Asket posted on Joachim Koch’s webpage, originally published in UFO-Kurier Nr. 43:

  1. Comparing measurements of the facial features between Meier’s Asket and Michelle DellaFave, the dancer from Dean Martin show, reveals that there is a ‘distinct difference’ between them.
  2. Asket’s earlobes do show up prominently, while those of the D-M girl do not and according to Deardorff: ‘These are obviously her earlobes, not locks of hair.’
  3. Asket has “squirrel’s” cheeks, which show up best on the shadowed side of her face, while the D-M girl’s photo shows no sign of this.
  4. Phobol Cheng recognized Asket on Meier’s photo when she visited him (BMUFOR note: this claim is refuted by none other than Phobol herself; more on it later)

Joachim Koch aptly responded as below, thereby refuting Deardoff’s analysis:

“Your measuring of heads is a bit – may I say it – daring because you do it with a photograph which is a reproduction in a book (which might be a reproduction of…) with a photograph in the Internet which is a reproduction (though very impressive, indeed) of a photograph taken of a video copy of another copy.

To say it clearly: the photographs presented in the UFO-KURIER Webpage are taken from the tv screen (maybe the same technique as Meier applied), so there are more “aspects” of that female dancer – just as long as she was in the Dean Martin Show. Hopefully, you’ll see her when in July Mr. Korff’s tv-program will be broadcast.”

When Deardorff finally came to know about the Meier’s bulletin article containing information (CR 264) given to him by Ptaah on MIB and photographer Schmid on May 14, he responded on May 23 by saying that one should make a distinction between what the ET contactors (Plejaren) relays to a contactee (Meier) and the facts that can be verified by us, which could be exactly opposite.

Deardorff implies that Meier’s photos of Asket & Nera could still be real and that Ptaah might be passing on disinformation to Meier and his supporters, who would naturally believe anything what the Plejaren say, especially Meier’s group because, according to Deardorff they ‘wouldn’t be that close to Meier if they didn’t believe that’ what has been relayed by the Plejaren to Meier to be ‘all truth and no disinformation.’

In 2008 Deardorff responded to Royce J. Myers’s (the creator and editor of the ufowatchdog.comtake on the Asket-Nera pictures, who wrote the following on his website:

“(Meier) Took photos of female claiming it was an alien, photo was actually taken off of a television screen from an episode of the Dean Martin show. The excuse offered when caught red-handed? MIB disinfo, of course! Meier apparently thought no one would figure this out.”

Deardorff responded as follows:

“There is no evidence that Meier took the photo off of a TV. A comparison of the photo Meier allegedly took of “Asket” (alongside her alien friend “Nera”) while on a 5-day space trip with his Plejaren contactors, with that of the Dean Martin show look-alike (Tara Leigh), is shown here. Other than the long blond hair parted at the center, they actually don’t look very much alike to me. The face of “Asket” has a narrower chin, lack of an indent at the top of the nose between the eyes, and a lower hairline above the forehead.”

The dancer from the Dean Martin show who Meier says is a look-alike of Asket is Michelle DellaFave and not Tara Leigh as stated by Deardorff (though he correctly used the photo of Michelle in his comparison). We will respond to Deardorff’s core argument on the differences later.

Michael Hesemann

In October 1998 German UFO researcher and journalist Michael Hesemann published an article – The Meier Case: UFO Contactee Revealed? (German text here) – in Vol. 10, pg. 64-71 of the Magazin 2000plus‘ (where he worked as an editor at that time) in which he also discussed the Asket-Nera pictures.

Summary of the points in Hesemann’s article regarding these pictures:

  1. Phobol Cheng, a UN diplomat from Cambodia* claims to have seen spaceships and Meier being in contact with their pilots, especially Asket, during her stay in Asoka Ashram, New Delhi, India in 1964 when she was a child, the same time when Meier also spent several months there.
  2. The Statesman newspaper article from September 30, 1964, featuring claims of Meier’s photos and his trips in spaceships to extra-solar planets.
  3. After looking at the photo of Asket in a book, Phobol Cheng claimed that the Asket in that book was very different from the person she saw who had brunette hair and not platinum blond as shown on the photo.
  4. Meier couldn’t have received the Dean Martin show on TV because satellite TV did not exist in Switzerland in 1975.
  5. Any photograph taken from a TV monitor can be identified by the cathode ray color dots, which proves ‘beyond any doubt’ that the picture was definitely NOT taken off the TV monitor.
  6. Until the controversy erupted in 1998, Meier thought that the altered hair color and discrepancy in physiognomy of Asket in the photo to the real Asket he knew was be due to the radiation and lighting on board the spacecraft that had caused the discolorations and distortions.

* In this 1998 article Michael Hesemann didn’t mention the name and nationality of the 1964 woman witness from Cambodia whom he first met in 1996. He wrote “I .. made a promise to her that I would keep her name confidential and would not mention her homeland to anyone. She simply did not want the publicity due to the sensitive nature of her diplomatic position.” However Michael and Phobol Cheng seem to have either forgotten or were unaware of the fact that 4 years earlier in 1994 in a lecture presented at the International UFO Congress (IUFOC) where Hesemann was also a speaker, Wendelle Stevens already mentioned her name and nationality. And in 1995, Wendelle Stevens has published the name, nationality and even a photo of the UN diplomat in his book Message from the Pleiades, Vol 4, pg. 19-26.

Phobol Cheng and Sashi

After retiring as a UN diplomat from Cambodia, Phobol Cheng attended the International UFO Congress of 1999 (IUFOC, see Part 2 and Part 3) to share her side of the story which started when she was an 8-year old girl and living in Asoka Ashram in New Delhi, India, with her younger brother and her grand-father who was the head of the Asoka Ashram. She spoke for nearly an hour about her first-hand contact and telepathic communication with Asket since 1963, having seen Meier and Asket together on numerous occasions since 1964, witnessing Asket’s spacecraft hovering over the Asoka Ashram on more than one occasion, having been put to sleep and being singed to by Asket, etc. She also told how only she was able to see Asket while others including her younger brother didn’t see any such being as described by Phobol, though she claims that her brother who was 6 years old at that time felt Asket’s presence. However in her written testimony (Zeugenbuch, pg. 14, 2001), Phobol mentions that her brother who always insisted that he never saw any woman in their room during nights, on one morning acknowledged that he had actually seen Asket with his sister in their room the night before. Phobol also mentioned that while some at the Asoka Ashram have seen the beamships in the sky, others do not. She also cited the Ashram’s head gardener’s remark to her and her grand father about Meier being ‘in love with the goddess who came from heaven.’

Phobol also brought her friend Sashi to speak at the conference. Sashi had tutored Phobol and her brother in the Hindi language, since coming from Cambodia Phobol and her brother had had to learn Hindi. Sashi reported that at the Ashram, Phobol used to talk to her briefly several times about the woman (Asket) who allegedly sang to her, put her to sleep and also about Meier. Sashi claims that she witnessed beamships hovering over the temple and also claims that one day while she was walking with Phobol, has seen geometrical patterns in the fields where a whole community of people who appears to be unaware to this alleged event, have been working with their children. This phenomenon witnessed by Sashi however seems not to have been witnessed by Phobol as she didn’t mention it nor acknowledged it in her testimony. Was Sashi hallucinating?

More of Phobol’s video testimony is available in three videos published on the FIGU’s YouTube channel:
Phobol Cheng interviewed by Michael Hesemann in New York on March 4, 2001
Phobol Cheng meets Billy Meier at the SSSC
Phobol Cheng at the Asoka/Ashoka Ashram, New Delhi, India

Also refer to Zeugenbuch, 2001, pg. 9-23 for Phobol’s written testimony.

In a 2001 interview with Michael Hesemann, Phobol says that she was the only person who could see Meier and Asket walking around in the Ashram; not one person among many who were walking nearby were able to see Asket, not even her maid to whom Phobol pointed out where to look. She further pointed out that the head gardener of the Ashram might have seen them walking but she was not sure if he had really seen them or whether he just reported what Meier had told him.

In her 1999 video lecture given at IUFOC, Phobol claims that a journalist from ‘The Statesman’ newspaper was dispatched to interview Meier on his UFO sightings. She claims that the journalist had interviewed a lot of eye-witnesses, met Meier and was shown his beamship photographs. Indeed a journalist named S. Venkatesh (expired in 2009) was dispatched to cover Meier’s story but nowhere in his 1964 article was there any mention of eye-witnesses being present, thus raising doubts on the reliability of Phobol and Sashi’s testimony which really is a recollection of events that happened 35 years ago, especially at a time when Phobol was 8-years old and her brother 6-years old, the years when children’s minds are easily malleable and highly susceptible to their own or outside influences giving rise to false impressions or memories.

Also a photo (see below) allegedly showing Phobol and her grand father and head of the Ashram, Bante Dharmavara, was being presented by Phobol at 1999 IUFOC, which looks very suspicious because Phobol’s face displays odd light/shadow characteristics that doesn’t at all match with the environment in the picture and appears to have been ‘photoshopped.’

All of the above information casts doubt on the accuracy and reliability of Phobol and Sashi’s testimony regarding events that happened more than three decades earlier when Phobol was only 8 years old.

Wendelle Stevens

Following is an excerpt from a post from April 18, 2007 from American FIGU representative Michael Horn which he posted on the forum of abovetopsecret.com, in which he refers to Wendelle Steven’s opinion on Asket pictures:

“Regarding the Asket photos, this is a response I got from Wendelle Stevens to a similar inquiry from another person several months ago:

Dear Gary:

The fuzzy photo of Asket, a DAL, was taken inside the ship in a room only about 10 feet wide, and well inside the jammed focus ring adjustment on Billy’s broken camera, thus the “fuzzy” out of focus reading.

As for the alleged, and never supported story that she was first a German Fashion Model, then Billy’s brunette wife in a blond wig, and then finally one of the dancer’s in Dean Martin’s program, all were quickly dispensed with by video split-screen imaging, where all can see that the faces simply do not match any of those allegations. That should have been done by the proponents first, but of course they all knew better and did not need/want such technology to interfere with their cute judgments.

All should do their own homework before making such silly allegations, or even accepting such.

Wendelle Stevens”

Ptaah’s latest research

During his 505th contact with Ptaah on November 18, 2010, Meier shows him a comparison picture between his Asket photo and a photo of the Dean Martin Show dancer he got from the internet and asks for his assessment. Perhaps he was prompted by James Deardorff who also cited the same comparison picture on his webpage in 2008 and somehow concluded that the person on the left is the real Asket and the person on the right is the Dean Martin show dancer.

Following is a summary of CR 505:

  1. Ptaah claims that he only mentioned to Meier in 1998 that photo with Asket & Nera (#111) has been forged and not the ‘Asket-only’ picture (#110), and also that he never bothered to compare Meier’s photos with the look-alikes from the Dean Martin show, until Meier showed a comparison picture between his photo #110 and the dancer to him for the first time on November 18, 2010 during the 505th contact.
  2. Ptaah admits that he has been ‘really careless’ on this issue and that his decision as a ‘mistake (…) committed carelessly.’
  3. The person on the left in the comparison picture is ‘obviously Asket’ while the person on the right is the dancer who ‘only has some similarity’ and can’t be called a look-alike and any such claims are ridiculous.
  4. The shape and fullness of the face and the areas of mouth, chin and eye are ‘recognizably different.’
  5. Asket has a long and slim neck, while the dancer has a short and thick neck.
  6. The hair color of Asket in Meier’s picture is originally darker and has been manipulated into white-blond in order to make it appear like that of the dancer’s hair as seen in the comparison picture.
  7. After listening to Ptaah’s remarks on the significant differences between the women in the comparison pictures, Meier now claims that the women in his photo #111 published in Guido’s book aren’t Asket and Nera and he asks Ptaah to clarify this for him. Ptaah then says to Meier that it will take some time for him to ‘very precisely’ analyze and clarify the issue.

Then in Meier’s 515th contact on March 7, 2011 Meier shows Ptaah an article published by Luc Bürgin in the March/April edition of the Mysteries magazine. After reading the article Ptaah blames the author of the article for publishing ‘crazy stupid fantasies, untruths and misrepresentations’, and the conversation continues with more negative remarks by both Ptaah and Meier directed at the author of the article and those who believe the content posted in the article and in the magazine in general.

During Meier’s 526th contact on August 17, 2011, he shows Ptaah a document containing a translation by Core Group member Willem, of a text related to the Asket-Nera topic from a 2009 YouTube video titled ‘Billy Meier – Why the UFO Case is NOT a Hoax!’, which was downloaded for Meier by Core Group member Patric Chenaux. This document contains the same arguments that already have been put forth by Meier, FIGU and their supporters more than a decade ago in 1998, and no new arguments exist.

After making lengthy investigations into the past as promised to Meier in CR 505, Ptaah claims the following regarding photo #111 (in CR 526):

  1. The photographer Schmid has joined the pictures of the dancers with the pictures of Meier’s original Asket and Nera together and falsified them.
  2. In order to destroy Meier’s mission, the MIB pre-determined in 1975 that ‘several unstable adversaries and boasting and high-handed persons’ (like Kal Korff and Luc Bürgin, among others) should in the 1990s notice the American revue dancers respectively the look-alikes of Asket and Nera and thereby destroy Meier’s credibility.

In an article by HGL, published in In Guido’s Und sie fliegen doch!, pg. 337, 2012 and Auschnitte aus Zeitungen und Journalen (AZJ), pg. 8, 2011, the following is claimed:

  1. Until Ptaah’s latest research, Meier and the FIGU members thought that Meier’s pictures of Asket and Nera had simply been exchanged with the pictures of the dancers.
  2. Ptaah’s latest research revealed that Meier’s pictures with Asket and Nera (#109 and #111), have been exchanged with the pictures of dancers taken by an unknown photographer which were ‘not extensively falsified.’
  3. Meier’s picture #110 with only Asket has not been exchanged but was falsified by changing the her original dark hair color to blonde, in order to make her look like the dancer.
  4. However the caption under photo #110 on pg. 9 of AZJ says something else: ‘Amerikanische Doppelgängerin der Ausserirdischen ASKET; durch die MiB böswillig unterschobene Bildfälschung’ which means ‘American doppelganger of the Extraterrestrial ASKET; forged-image maliciously inserted by MIB.’

Regarding the contradiction in point 4, we have contacted the FIGU core-group member and SSSC director Christian Frehner on May 19, 2015. He responded on June 16, 2015 as follows:

‘I would write a different caption today. In that sense yes, there’s a mistake with the caption.’

On pages 340-342 of USFD 2012 there is another article by HGL from 1998 it which he makes the following claims, some of which are contradictory to the latest explanations given by Ptaah and even reported by HGL himself:

  1. The women shown on the photos #109, #110 and #111 are not Asket and Nera but the two American look-alikes who are performing as singers in a dance group, as was already mentioned by Ptaah in CR 39.
  2. Under the pressure of the MIB, photographer Schmid has taken individual still photographs of a TV show of the Asket & Nera lookalikes and copied them Billy’s original photographs.
  3. After becoming aware of these falsifications in May 1998, the photographs #109, #110 and #111 are still being sold by FIGU, but are correctly identified as photos of the American lookalikes of Asket and Nera.

However on pages 343-344 of USFD 2012, is an updated rebuttal (compared to USFD 1991) to the sketpic’s criticism by Guido. Under point 1 he makes the following claims which are also contradictory to the conclusion from ‘Ptaah’s latest research’ described in CR 526:

  1. Photo #110 is really a falsified picture that doesn’t show Asket but an American look-alike, a singer from a dance group as already described by Ptaah in CR 39.
  2. Sections from single frames were copied from a TV show, in which the look-alikes of Asket and Nera performed as singers of a revue dance group, and were copied into Billy’s original photographs #109, #110 and #111.

This seems to reflect FIGU’s 1998 position on the Asket-Nera photos, so perhaps this rebuttal was written before CR 505 and CR 526 were available and wasn’t corrected before the publication of Guido’s book in 2012.


By now it must be clear there are many discrepancies, flip-flops and internal contradictions present within the information published by Meier and FIGU members themselves over the years regarding these Asket-Nera pictures, which even today doesn’t convey a coherent, rational explanation even if one ignores the fantastic claims in it for a minute.

Meier’s photos #109, #110 and #111

Following is a chronological list of Meier/FIGU’s various statements on the Asket-Nera photos:

Meier/FIGU’s explanations on how the photos #109, #110 and #111 have been falsified are very confusing and different to the explanations given at different times.

Were they falsified, exchanged/replaced with the TV frames, or were they merged with the TV frames?

This is considered relatively a very minor issue when compared to the explanations made on the authenticity of Meier’s photo #110.

Does Meier’s photo #110 depicts the real Asket only with the hair color changed from brunette to blonde?
Or is that photo either exchanged/replaced or merged with the TV frame and falsified?

Photo #110

Both James Deardorff and Meier/Ptaah (CR 505) argue that there are significant differences between the two women in the below comparison picture and conclude that photo #110 (left) is an authentic picture, though Meier/Ptaah argue that the hair color has been changed from brunette/dark to blonde by the photographer Schmid under the instructions of the MIB.

Asket & double?

They cite the following features as being significantly different between the above two women:

Deardorff (2008): The face of “Asket” has a narrower chin, lack of an indent at the top of the nose between the eyes, and a lower hairline above the forehead.
Ptaah/Meier (November 18, 2010): Shape and fullness of the face and that areas of mouth, chin and eye are ‘recognizably different.’ Asket has a long and slim neck, while the dancer has a short and thick neck.

It is baffling that Ptaah, who in 1998 declared that photo #110 (and the other two photos) depicts an American look-alike, in 2010 switched his position, citing bizarre, spurious reasons (which we will see below), to exactly the opposite – which is that photo #110 is a genuine picture of Asket, although he claims that the hair color is manipulated from the original brunette to blonde.

The main obvious flaw with the Deardoff/Meier/Ptaah’s analysis is that they either deliberately or not, chose a picture of Michelle DellaFave that is totally from an unrelated scene taken from one of the episodes from Dean Martin Variety Show from 1970, where she portrays a different expression under different lighting conditions, for the comparison. Moreover there are considerable differences in the quality (right image is obviously photographed from a CRT monitor) and perspective (aspect ratios, camera angles, etc.) of the images which makes any efforts of a legitimate comparison by juxtaposing the images futile.

However the fact, which Deardoff/Meier/Ptaah seems to have carefully ignored, is that since 1998 skeptics have presented a video excerpt of ‘Welcome to my world’ medley from the Dean Martin’s Christmas Special video from 1970, where both Meier’s “Asket” and Michelle DellaFave look almost the same. Even the alleged American look-alike of Asket, Michelle DellaFave has stated in unambiguous terms that the person in the Meier’s photo #110 (left in the comparison image), including the photos #109 and #111, is no one else but her and noted that her snapshot ‘might belong to the year 1971′, when she used to wear curly strands to both sides of her face. When we posted the same photo #110 on the official ‘The Original Golddiggers‘ page on facebook on May 21, 2015 and asked whether she is Michelle DellaFave, they have affirmed positively on the same day.

Indeed the person “Asket” in Meier’s photo #110 looks the same as Michelle DellaFave, as can be verified from the following snapshot taken from Episode 170 of Dean Martin Variety Show video originally aired on February 25, 1971. One can also refer to the picture shared by Michelle with the professional skeptic Derek Bartholomaus.

A frame from the Dean Martin Variety Show, Episode Feb 25, 1971

A frame from the Dean Martin Variety Show – Episode 170,  Feb 25, 1971; from left – Michelle DellaFave, Susan Lund and Wanda Bailey

Furthermore there is no real difference in the shapes of the chin in both images at all and the only reason for the apparent appearance of the ‘narrower chin’ in the left image is due to the fact that the Meier’s photo #110 represented on left in the comparison image is of very poor quality with most of her lower-right side of the face seen in a more darker shade thereby hiding aspects of chin, cheek and neck, which however is not the case with the original picture, which ironically has been sold/published by Meier/FIGU themselves as genuine (and still is).

Note (July 15, 2015): Refer to the comments section of this link for the rebuttal of some of Rhal Zahi’s pro-Meier conclusions on Asket-Nera photos.


According to the UFO researcher Ray Stanford, when he pointed out to Wendelle in 1978 about the ‘very heavy makeup, possibly false eyelashes (…) very heavy mascara and paint on around the eyes’ in Meier’s photos, Wendelle reportedly said that Meier had told him that ‘when the aliens first came to earth they didn’t use makeup at all and had never developed it. But when they saw how it enhanced the appearance of the women on earth so much, they developed it and started using it themselves!”

But in his book Und sie fliegen doch! (under Point 2 in both the 1991 and the 2012 edition), Guido Moosbrugger mentioned that according to Billy ‘the extraterrestrial women, at least those he has got to know, only use colored eye lenses and possibly colored head hair, if at all. All other claims belong in the realm of fantasy.’ This not only contradicts what has been reportedly told to Wendelle by Meier in 1978 but also negates the clear indication of women wearing make-up in Meier’s photos.

Semjase’s hair color

According to Meier, the hair color of the Plejaren woman Semjase is light-blond. But in the Meier’s photos #109 and #111 and probably in #110 (assuming she is Semjase), we see her hair to be neither blonde nor brunette but dark or black. This glaring fact seems to have been, either deliberately or not, ignored or never commented upon by Meier before and after 1998, when skeptics have revealed that the women in the pictures are not ETs but dancers from Dean Martin Variety show.

Photo #109

109 #110 - Dean Martin

Meier’s photo #109 appears to be a photograph of a transition frame from TV, where the frame is fading from one scene containing either the three women or Dean Martin, to the other. In the right photo, after digitally masking the woman’s face, one can notice the face of Dean Martin wearing a red sweater on a white shirt.

The implications of this photo is that:

Sequence available during the end credits section of Episode 170vlcsnap-9421087

left – A snapshot from the sequence available during the closing credits of Episode 170
right – image taken from The Golddiggers website

Color TV

HGL in his 1998 bulletin article states that since Meier only bought his color SABA TV in 1976, he couldn’t have photographed the dancers from the TV show in 1975. Even if that is true, it is not necessary for a hoaxer to possess a color TV right in his home to create forged photographs from TV. He could have gotten them from any of his accomplices who could be from anywhere in the world, in possession of a color TV and the Dean Martin show broadcasted to their locations.

Michael Hesemann on the other hand claims that Meier couldn’t have received the Dean Martin show on TV because Satellite TV did not exist in 1975 in Switzerland. Here Hesemann assumes that show was broadcasted in 1975 which is not true. The Dean Martin Variety Show episodes with Michelle DellaFave as one of the Golddiggers with her curly hair strands, sitting around Dean Martin and singing ‘Welcome to my world’ medleys was broadcasted only in the years 1970-1971. And Meier or his accomplices could have gotten the frames from a color TV when the show had several reruns in Europe in the 1970’s, as also had been suggested by Michelle DellaFave to Derek Bartholomaus.

Another argument brought forth by HGL, Michael Hesemann and Meier supporters is that if Meier or his accomplices had taken photographs from TV, then when enlargements were made of these photos, one should be able to see the 3-color grid of the cathode ray tube, which would show the colors blue, green and red arranged in three round or square colored light dots. Regarding this topic, a professional photographer (who wish to remain anonymous) with nearly 35 years of experience and also who has been studying the Meier case since 1977 has this to say:

“I too use to take pictures from the TV screen back in the old days when there were no video recorders available.  When I did this initially – around 1969 – I was using an EXA reflex camera.  I got fairly good pictures but soft images.  They were never perfectly sharp because I hand-held the camera and did not set focus properly but I did not see any lines.
But in later years, around 1976, I got a Nikon FM and then I was getting very sharp images but also sharp scan lines and black strips due to the different type of shutter on the Nikon FM.
Essentially, with Meier’s camera (whichever he used when he took those shots.  I seem to recall this show dates from around 1972 and he got the Olympus in 1975 according to the story), he probably used a slow shutter speed and was handholding the camera and it was not in perfect focus.  So you have movement blur as well as focus blur.  All these would wash out and meld the scan lines and colour grid.”

On Meier’s Asket-Nera photos in general, he further added that:

“As to Meier’s camera:  The story goes that it was obtained in 1975.  Yet, the Dean Martin show was playing on TV some years earlier. Correct?  So we cannot even be sure that these pictures were taken with that Minolta ECR !  Secondly, we cannot even be sure that the focus on his camera was ALWAYS stuck to near infinity.  So it is very possible that the focus was NOT stuck at the time he took the pictures but only got damaged later.  And it is also possible that Meier was using another camera when he took pictures of the TV set.  There is no way to verify either point.  All we have are those pictures which are clearly pictures of a TV screen showing actors in the Dean Martin Show. End of story !”


Earlobes vs Curly hair locks?

In his 1991 ed. of Und sie fliegen doch!, Guido under Point 4, acknowledged the claim made by D. (Jim Dilettoso) on the earlobes of ET woman seen in two of Meier’s photos having been ‘come way down and attach onto the jawbone’. However he refuted Dilettoso’s argument by saying that those elongated earlobes (about 2 cms) has nothing to do with a better hearing.

On this issue in May 12, 1998 in response to the pictures of Asket (extracted from the Dean Martin Variety Show – Christmas Special from 1970) posted on Joachim Koch’s webpage, Deardorff stated that in Meier’s photo #110, ‘These are obviously her earlobes, not locks of hair.’

But in 1998, after the skeptics revealed that Meier’s photos of Asket-Nera have come from the Dean Martin show, in his June article on the topic of earlobes, HGL responded by saying that the earlobes ‘are actually the small curls of the revue dancers since Asket’s earlobes cannot be seen on the photo as they are merely a little more than one centimeter longer than a terrestrial human’s.’ This contradicts all earlier explanations given by FIGU (stated either explicitly or implicitly) on the earlobes.

The contradictions don’t stop there! On the earlobes topic, the 2012 ed. of Und sie fliegen doch! retains the same information as the 1991 ed. thereby contradicting HGL’s above explanation from June 1998.

Blonde vs Brunette

In CR 505 (Nov 18, 2010), Meier claims that based on “more precise” latest investigations in the past conducted by Ptaah, it is revealed that the color of hair of Asket in Meier’s picture is originally darker and has been manipulated into white-blond in order to make it appear like that of the dancer’s hair as seen in the comparison picture. If Asket’s original color is darker, then why did Meier claim and publish it as blonde in all of his earlier publications?

Following is an incomplete list of references where Meier refers to the Asket’s original hair when they met in 1950’s as being blonde (also refer to the videos listed in the beginning, where Asket’s pictures were shown with her blonde hair):

According to Phobol Cheng, when she first visited Meier in 1995 and was shown pictures of Asket, she immediately was ‘very surprised’ and told Meier that the woman in the picture was not the Asket that she met in Asoka Ashram because of the color of hair which shows blonde in the picture and also the bone structure of the woman’s face being different to that of the real Asket. On this issue, Michael Hesemann also wrote the following excerpts in his 1998 article:

“Additionally, she (BMUFOR note: Phobol Cheng) had seen him “walking across the court yard of the Ashram accompanied by a woman with long, brunette hair, dressed in a type of spacesuit.”

“Only one thing seemed to bother the lady: In an American book about Meier she had found an alleged photograph of this Asket in which she looked very different from the days she had seen her in India: “On the picture in the book she had platinum blond hair. But when I actually saw her she was a brunette,” and somehow her expression was different at that time. Meier, confronted with this dilemma, felt that the lighting conditions in the spacecraft, where the purported photo was taken, had created the discolorations and distortions; but he also had been irritated by the picture.”

So when Phobol Cheng expressed this to Meier during her first visit, according to her he laughed and said (following is Phobol paraphrasing @20:45 what she was told by Meier):

“Yeah that is true. You are the only one that saw Asket at that time in India because this is a later picture of Asket when she went back to her DAL universe. They use some kind of a herbal concoction on the hair for… he said at that time… she had some ailment, headaches or something through all this travelling and she used herbal concoction that eventually turned her hair blonde.”

Here we have Meier in 1995 claiming that the blonde color of Asket is due to a herbal concoction applied by Asket that changed her hair color from brunette to blonde. But in 1998 Michael Hesemann’s article, also approved by Meier/FIGU, he totally ignored Meier’s 1995 medical explanation for the change in color and instead seems to have cherry-picked only a part of Phobol’s testimony in order make Meier appear as a victim thereby supporting MIB-theory.

When a relevant question was asked of Meier on this issue, he responded in December 2004 as follows, in which Meier seems to say that Asket’s original hair has been brunette all along which of course contradicts all earlier publications:

Hi Billy

I refer to a video “The Reopening of the Meier Case” (1999), starring Methusalem Meier, Michael Hesemann, Wendelle Stevens & Phobol Cheng.
During the presentation, Phobol Cheng described what she knew about Asket. She remembered that Asket has “long dark hair”, golden skin, around 5ft1, did not have a typical European look but a mixture of European and Asian. She recognized immediately that the girl was not Asket when someone showed her the forged photos.
If her impression about Asket is accurate, then all those forged photos about Asket and Nera were too badly made, we don’t even have to compare their hair lines, because the girls in the photos are “blondes” and are typical Europeans.
My question is: If Phobol Cheng’s description about Asket is accurate, that the difference between Asket and the dancing girl is so apparent, was it due to your extremely poor physical condition and faded memory at that time, that it was not possible to recognize this right away as Phobol Cheng did?

Thank you 🙂

The difference wasn’t so great (in Billy’s memory).

Even in his recent 3rd ed. Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte Block 1, pg. 305 published in 2002, Meier changed the color of Asket’s original hair from being blonde to brunette thereby contradicting the information published in all earlier publications as mentioned above. When this obvious contradiction was pointed out on the FIGU German forum citing just two books from 1996 and 1997 by a person named Karin, Core Group member of FIGU Patric Chenaux after consultation perhaps with Meier or other CG members responded as follows on February 9, 2004:

Dear Karin,

In the corresponding passages in the books “Die Wahrheit über die Plejaden”, as also in the original book “Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraumes…” a worm has crept in the form of an error; but why we do not know. Correctly it should read: “over her shoulders flowed long brunette hair.”

Patric Chenaux/FIGU

Again here Patric ignores all earlier publications of Meier that presents Asket’s original hair color as being blonde and not brunette; even the medical-explanation given to Phobol during her visit in 1995 and explains this gross contradiction away by simply referring to it as just an unexpected ‘error.’

Caucasian vs Asian

During her lecture given on the International UFO Congress in 1999, Phobol Cheng mentioned unambiguously that the Asket she met in 1960’s at Asoka Ashram certainly doesn’t look like an European Caucasian but as a blend of both Caucasian and Asian. This distinction made by Phobol contradicts Meier’s description of Asket. It appears as if they both saw two different women, if they have seen one at all.

One more interesting point to think about is that – Meier who allegedly has been in contact with Asket for decades since 1953 was somehow unable to distinguish her while Phobol Cheng who only according to her, spent only a small time in a span of a couple of years was able to recognize the woman in the photos as not being Asket but some other person. Not to mention perhaps the greatest absurdity of all is that the Plejaren Ptaah, Semjase and Quetzal happened to have verified and approved (see CR 260 and FSB 20) Asket-Nera photos as authentic since 1975 and allegedly at least up to 1985.


We have documented the investigation skeptics conducted on three of the Meier’s pictures (#109, #110 and #111) which he, since 1975, claimed to be genuine photos of extraterrestrial women captured on camera inside a spaceship in a parallel Universe, DAL. The women in these pictures, skeptics revealed in 1998, turned out to be dancers/singers from the Dean Martin Variety Show originally broadcasted between 1965-1974. Soon after this exposé was published, Meier claimed that the ETs have already informed him about the fake pictures forged by MIB, several years earlier in 1985 but which due to his health reasons totally forgot about it (and also the ETs ignored it since then assuming that Meier had taken care of it), until only that time when skeptics exposed them as fakes.

In our investigation we found out that again since 2008 and 2010 – even after skeptics demonstrating and Meier/FIGU themselves admitting that since 1998 that the women in Meier’s photo are none other than the dancers/singers from the Dean Martin show, with even the dancer/singer Michelle DellaFave stating since 2007 that the “Asket” was indeed her in all of Meier’s pictures – Meier/Ptaah and his supporters allege that the woman in Meier’s photo #110 is not Michelle but the real ET woman Asket (albeit with a different hair color). We also have uncovered plenty of outright contradictions and flip-flops among the claims made by Meier, witness Phobol Cheng and his supporters over the years.

All of the above analysis strongly suggests that Meier very likely had never photographed any ET women in the DAL Universe, as he claims to have done.

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