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FIGU, Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien (Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies)

In the 1970s, Billy Meier began working with other people interested in learning about his remarkable contact experiences with people from the Plejares. The knowledge he had gleaned from these contacts was written down and made available for public scrutiny. Some members of the group even witnessed the incredible phenomena themselves. Together they decided to publicise the information and formed a group they call FIGU, a German acronym that stands for Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies. In addition to publishing and distributing the documented experiences, facts and evidences of Billy’s contacts, FIGU addresses many vital, worldwide issues on a daily basis. These include the crusade against overpopulation, the fight against the abuse of women and children, the protection of animals, human rights, and the struggle to save Planet Earth and its plants, animals and human life.[1]


FIGU in a Nutshell

  1. We are a non-profit, tax-paying organization established under the name “Free Community of Interests for the Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies” upon statutes in accordance with ZGB Article 60 ff, and we publish an official, annual financial report.
  2. We do not believe in one god as the creator of the Universe and all life therein, nor do we believe in any messengers of some god, angels, saints or any other higher beings that would determine the fate of the world and all life, including that of human beings. Nor do we belong to any religious denomination.
  3. We only accept Creation as the highest form of all energy, might and existence. As the Universal Consciousness, it is the existence of all Universal existence and an inherent element of the all-encompassing block of the Absolute Absolutum.
  4. We pray neither to Creation nor to any other entities or things. Prayers are only directed on an equal level to the spirit and Creation — but not in worship. Creation neither seeks being prayed to nor does it require prayers, although invocations may be directed toward Creation should a person so desire. Such an invocation must never be performed in a worshipful manner, for Creation does not require worship in a religious-cultlike manner. The individual, however, is free to honor and respect Creation in a prayerlike form. If a prayer is performed, it is not to be executed in a submissive manner but in a way that indicates respect or certitude. This also applies when a prayer is directed to one’s own spirit, which, of course, is a fragment of Creation. A prayer must never be executed in a pleading or submissive manner but with certitude and free from any servility. One must be conscious always of one’s own responsibility toward one’s own self and toward others in every aspect of life.
  5. We do not claim to be all-knowing, nor are we cognizant of Creation’s and life’s every secret. This ultimate knowledge and total wisdom rest with Creation alone, respectively its spirit and its laws and directives.
  6. We do not have a master, godly individual, exalted being, illuminati, guru or god-sent person whom we revere or venerate. We only have a teacher who instructs us in elements of the spirit, forms of consciousness and all matters of life and the psyche, Creation, the Absolute Absolutum and the Creational laws and directives, to mention but a few. This teacher is not and shall not be elevated above other persons, for he is no more and no less than other human beings. As such, he is appropriately respected but not idolized or thought of as a saint. He is a normal person and absolutely equal to everyone in all matters, as it should be with any other human being — no more and no less. This illustrates that the teaching element within the FIGU community stems from a person who is a very normal member like all of the others, and who is without a higher or better position.
  7. We do not have a “local apostle” or anyone who functions as a representative of some god, holiness or of Creation. Each human being is fully responsible for all of his/her actions, activities and life — without having a god, holiness or Creation standing over him/her telling him/her what is good or evil, respectively what is right or wrong or negative and positive.
  8. We do not perform any “holy sealing” ceremonies and distance ourselves, therefore, from the blessings (“God wants it this way”) of a religious-cultlike nature.
  9. We do not perform any baptism (“driving out the devil”).
  10. We do not celebrate masses or Eucharistic ceremonies (which, according to the Christian religion, must only be received by those who have been “sealed” or confirmed = blessed).
  11. We do not have any dogmas or doctrines, and we do not live by any.
  12. We do not teach salvation from sins but, instead, we do teach that each and every human being must live within his or her personal responsibility and for self-responsibility, and observe the Creative-natural laws and directives.
  13. We reject religious-cultlike false teaching about sin and absolution because an integral part of evolution is that human beings do have faults. Hence, each person must continuously learn throughout his or her life. We learn through our mistakes, however, and the mistakes must be recognized and eliminated, thus generate advancement. It is therefore erroneous to believe that mistakes (sins) committed must be assuaged through some punishment (absolution), whether it is in this or some other life (= judgment of God/Karma, etc.). (Transgressions against the law are not simple errors, but are punishable actions according to human laws.)
  14. We are not a cult or a religious sect. We neither possess a missionizing consciousness nor are we accustomed to a consciousness-related (spiritual) narrow-mindedness within our ranks, nor are we caught up in fanaticism.
  15. We tolerate all secular or religious views or belief systems — but this does not mean we must align ourselves with them. Within FIGU there exist no religious, cultlike thinking or belief systems, and we do not perform cult-religious rituals.
  16. Instead of prayers we hold meditations, and this indicates that prayers are directed toward one’s own spirit or toward Creation; such prayers are nothing other than meditation.
  17. We do not oppose official agencies and the government, and we do not reject serving in the military for a defense army.
  18. We do object, however, to individuals who hold powerful and subjugating positions over the population (dictatorships and the like), and to dictators who thrive on hunger for power and lust for rulership. For this reason we are also against all forms of religious, sectarian, fanatical, dictatorial, military, radical leadership.
  19. We reject all extremism of an ideological, political or religious nature, as well as all fundamentalism, terrorism, anarchism, dogmatism, fanaticism and similar or identical ills.
  20. We are against all religious, military and political insurrections and reject all forms of aggressive actions.
  21. We are against revolutions and wars of any sort unless they are strictly for defense that leads to progress and peace.
  22. We oppose all biological and chemical warfare and contamination; all testing and utilization of nuclear bombs (even for commercial use) and all use of nuclear energy (nuclear power plants must be avoided. Unfortunately, this cannot be the case yet due to humanity’s rapidly increasing energy supply requirements and lack of superior energy production methods).
  23. We oppose and crusade against all further increase of the current overpopulation.
  24. We oppose and crusade against any torture and capital punishment.
  25. We oppose and crusade against xenophobia and racial hatred.
  26. We oppose and crusade against any type of discrimination and violation of women.
  27. We oppose and crusade against any mistreatment and violation of children.
  28. We oppose and crusade against any cruelty to animals and the keeping of any animal in human living quarters.
  29. We oppose and crusade against the destruction of nature, the unnecessary cutting down of forests, and the pollution and destruction of bodies of water.
  30. We reject and fight against any human slave-trading, slavery, oppression and domination.
  31. We scorn the exertion of power over others because each and every human being has an intrinsic right to be free that must not be curtailed by the power of others. We also spurn the following principles: Power through money, power through religion, power through politics or power through military forces.
  32. We oppose all types of illogical application of force; hence, we also oppose the use of force in the name of some god, saint, a religious sect, regimentation through other forces or a religion.
  33. We oppose the blessing and sanctifying of weapons, wars and revolutions, as well as to all aggressive or deadly actions in the name of religions, religious sects, gods, saints or those who lust for power, to mention only a few items.
  34. We are for complete internal and external freedom of humans, a freedom that must not be curtailed or suppressed, not even through government regulations and laws or by schools, institutes, religions, religious sects, special interest groups of any type, the military or all form of civilian dictators.
  35. We know and are convinced that the Earth is not the only place inseminated and endowed with life in the entire Universe — human and other life exist on non-terrestrial worlds and those beyond our solar system.
  36. We are unwilling to missionize in any form for the things FIGU stands for; we do, however, state our teachings, opinions and views to others if they come to ask and pose questions on their own initiative.
  37. We strictly oppose any abuse of legal or illegal drugs and of alcohol.
  38. Our principle is not “Live and let live” but rather “Live and assist others to live.”
  39. We are not politically active in any form within the FIGU framework.
  40. We are opposed to all sectarian activities of a religious or secular, fanatical or oppressive nature and those that are destructive to the psyche, the body or the entire human being.
  41. Our teachings and views are directed toward reincarnation/rebirth in the sense of an evolution through the material life until the being becomes a pure spirit form and ultimately unifies with Creation itself.
  42. We strive for knowledge, love, harmony, wisdom and evolution but not for power, money and wealth.
  43. We provide psychological assistance for living and, within the framework of the “Active Alliance”, also help with provisions to those in need. (Any contributions to “Active Alliance” are exclusively utilized to cover expenses for helping others and for the postage and packaging of the items — we do not, therefore, syphon off any money for overhead expenses, salaries or administrative costs. All related tasks within the entire FIGU offices are provided by all members free of charge.)
  44. All possessions of the FIGU community (property, materials and finances) belong to all of the members in the FIGU community. Therefore, they do not belong to certain individuals.
  45. We advocate for progress in all scientific fields and branches as long as their ethical and positive-evolutionary format is guaranteed.
  46. Every FIGU activity is paid for through voluntary subsidies in the form of monthly and annual contributions, whose sum is determined by the members, and through voluntary contributions of associates from the internal and external circle of friends.
  47. The FIGU community publishes and retails vast amounts of written material in its own print shop (Wassermann-Publishing House) and by outside publishers.
  48. We live by the conviction that balanced nutrition alone (vegetables, fruits, berries, cereal, meat, other animal products and the like) guarantees a healthy way of life and development (physical, psychic and consciousness-related).
  49. The FIGU members dedicatedly and voluntarily perform their tasks within the FIGU community. They are cognizant of the Creational-natural laws and directives, as well as the bearing of responsibility for themselves and the well-being and fulfillment of their own advancement along with that of mankind’s and all life.
  50. We stand fully behind the concept that human beings are given life in order to fully live it in an evolutionary manner within the framework of self-responsibility and all other human obligations. No entitlements exist to circumvent the above-mentioned duties — neither through shirking of responsibilities nor through murder, suicide or the refusal to fulfill the duties imposed by life.[2]

FIGU Switzerland Centre

The SEMJASE SILVER STAR CENTER is the headquarters of FIGU, Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien (= Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies). With all the facilities at the Semjase Silver Star Center, creational laws and commandments as well as spirit teachings are both learned and taught. Consequently, people surge to the Center from all parts of the world in order to work, learn, communicate with like-minded individuals, and to seek peacefulness and revitalization among nature.[3]

Our Manifesto

Saturday, April 10th, 1993


Religion, as the embodiment of the backward link toward a god or a creator, is equivalent to stagnation, a barrier to progress, restriction, restraint and a clinging attachment to prescribed thinking practices and false philosophies, ideologies, doctrines and other teachings by church and creed. The dogmas of cult religions and religious sects deny and disallow man his inherent right to research and fathom the Creative principles and universal connections through his own laborious thinking processes. There is only one path to cognize the truth: Everyone who wishes to enter man’s only feasible and evolutionary path must thoroughly ponder everything ever read, heard or experienced. This contemplation must be thorough and honest, with the required healthy capacity for critique, as well as rationale and reasoning. In so doing, a person achieves clarity of the real context which, in turn, enables him/her to obtain the necessary knowledge through personal efforts.

Thus, we the members of the Free Community of Interests in Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies (Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien = FIGU) are not blindly faithful individuals who adhere to some obscure beliefs. Instead, we are human beings in search of the Truth.


The Free Community of Interests is, or rather we the members are, not party to any sectarian beliefs or religious communities. Therefore, we do not place above ourselves any saints, illuminati, so-called enlightened personages, extraterrestrials, gods, gurus, graven and guiding images, idols, channelers, mediums or any other veneration-demanding entities or personages, that is, any personage who is idolized, prayed to, worshiped or revered in one form or other, or who demands accountability in some manner for some actions and deeds.

Our members’ manner of thinking is exclusively directed toward the truth of Creation’s creative-natural order, laws and directives, and all of its all-great- time, spiritual guidelines of logic, wisdom and love.


To define the difference between religion and relegeon, the spirit plane ARAHAT ATHERSATA has disclosed the following:

Chapter IV, Evolution, Verses 75-80

75. Only relegeon must be used for evolution – never religion as implemented according to your current concepts on Earth.

76. In order to experience evolution, the truth, wisdom, mastery, knowledge, love and others must be gathered and united once again from currently existing principles.

77. Yet, a religious-type format, that is, a reverse link, destroys relegeon already in its basic substance and prevents it from ever finding fertile ground.

78. A relegeon format alone is capable of inducing profound successes – religious formats can never accomplish this.

79. From relegeon originates effective knowledge, which results in further wisdom and knowledge.

80. These, in turn, ensure that the path of evolution may be entered into through both forms.

Relegeon is the factor leading back toward the Creative Truth, toward the Ur-Truth of all Creative growth.

Expressed in a religious sense, religion implies a reverse-bond to a god, respectively a creator, within the constraints of religions, to whom man must subordinate himself.


The worldwide dissemination of the truth is FIGU’s goal. It is achieved with Billy’s help, together with the assistance of Pleiadians and other life forms of non-terrestrial origin who know the Truth. For an inconceivably long period, such life forms have been living in accordance with the universal Truth and peaceful criteria and their effects. Additional FIGU’s goals are, via teachings of the truth, to assist all humans in shaping their lives in harmony with the Creative laws and directives, and to successfully implement the truth and its laws and directives on Earth in a Creative-orderly and Creative-appropriate manner.


FIGU is obliged to inform human beings on Earth about the most pressing issues facing them, namely those concerning overpopulation, torture, capital punishment, along with other problems that affect the globe’s entire population. To this end, FIGU is obligated to write to every country’s government on Earth, so as to apprise them of the prevailing situation. Likewise, FIGU writes to every organization, association, group and private citizen who is affiliated with the subject matter, or who is somehow preoccupied with and interested in it.





FIGU organizes lectures in various countries in order to disseminate the truth.

Of course, we FIGU members are available every Sunday to respond to visitors’ questions at the Center in Hinterschmidrüti. Likewise, from the Center we correspond with interested parties from various countries.

FIGU’s pamphlet Voice of the Aquarian Age (Stimme der Wassermannzeit, German only) appears quarterly. Among other things, it deals with explanations pertaining to spiritual teachings and addresses many diverse and current topics.

In general, the pamphlets and books sold by FIGU deal with spiritual teachings and the contacts “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier maintains with the Extraterrestrials.

One of FIGU’s great concerns is making Earth’s inhabitants aware that the majority of ills on Earth are exclusiveIy caused by overpopulation. Planet Earth should not have a population of more than 529 million. And yet, at present (1993), the planet is occupied by approximately 5.5 billion human beings. This situation has led to a series of ills that can be rectified only when the natural upper limit of 529 million inhabitants has been re-established.


In order to preserve planet Earth, FIGU continuously launches worldwide information campaigns to fight against these prevailing ills. Furthermore, along with many other assistants in the quest, each FIGU member contributes his or her share by participating in the regularly held peace meditation.


At the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center and all its installations, the Creative laws and directives are taught and learned in conjunction with the spiritual teachings. For this reason individuals flock to the Center from all over the world to work, to learn, to communicate with like-minded persons, and to find peace and recreation in nature. Maintenance and upkeep at the Center, however, are provided by everyone’s effort. Work is performed on a voluntary basis and in addition to each member’s (and non- member’s) regular occupation.





FIGU is a community whose members can come from any country in the world. Likewise, FIGU communities can be founded and organized in any country on Earth, as long as these organizations remain in line with the patronage and guidelines of FIGU’s headquarter in Switzerland and each country’s national laws.

FIGU does not restrict its activities to specific countries or continents; indeed, its members are already active internationally.

Our mission in FIGU focuses on the worldwide dissemination of the truth and teachings of the spirit (spiritual teachings). Our task is to facilitate the emergence of the Truth in every way.

The fight for truth is a fight against lies, untruths and false teachings, and the battle must be fought with all conceivable means of information and instruction. FIGU provides information on all facets of truth, yet concedes each individual the right to his/her own opinion.

Neither as proselytizers nor as gatherers of “followers and believers”, we of FIGU function exclusively within a framework of information, instruction and consultation. Simultaneously, of course, we work along the lines of exposure and explanations of the truth and its delivery, be that of a secular, natural, Creative, spiritual or of a conscious nature. WHAT HAVE BEEN OUR ACHIEVEMENTS SO FAR?

The most important facets of Creation’s laws and directives, rules and guidelines are laid down in appropriate, spiritually enlightening publications of FIGU’s Wassermannzeit Publishing House. Through them, people from all over the world are now aware of the FIGU teachings and, in turn, of FIGU itself. International readers study the spiritual teachings and strive to translate the texts from German into their respective languages on FIGU’s behalf. Through these activities we initiate a gradual rethinking process on this planet. The decisive basic language remains GERMAN, for the spiritual teachings in their entirety have a code in this language, as do many of FIGU’s other publications. WHAT IS FIGU?

FIGU, the Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien (FIGU) or in English “Free Community of lnterests in Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies”, is a community of like-minded individuals who live in many different countries, who are of many nationalities and races, who are in search of the truth, and who attempt to adjust their thoughts, feelings and actions according to the natural and Creational guidelines. We have joined the community upon our own, voluntary initiative to fulfill the obligations and tasks as equals, and to attain a progressive knowledge and wisdom through laborious toil.


In addition to the verbal and written dissemination of the spiritual teachings, all truth in a truthful form and its oral and written edification to human life forms, FIGU promotes additional goals, e.g., the fight against overpopulation, capital punishment, torture and the destruction of the environment among others. Another FIGU goal is the realization of the human life form’s personal freedom as an individual and as the WE-life form in the material and spiritual realm.


FIGU is a non-profit organization, set up according to the laws pertaining to the formation of an association, Article 60 ff. of the Swiss Statutes (internationally speaking, FIGU is organized according to each country’s prevailing regional laws). The organization’s main financial support comes from members’ and non-members’ voluntary contributions, as well as from the sale of publications, photos among others. Our members receive neither salary nor reimbursement for their expenses; in fact, each member pays for his or her own share of the mission expenditures.


Membership within a passive group is open to anyone 18 years of age or older, who is willing to learn the Creational-natural laws and directives and to live by them. Anyone under the age of 18 is accepted only with the permission of a parent or guardian. Publications will be sold to minors under 18 only with parental or the guardian’s permission.

Membership within a Core Group (Core Group of the 49 or a Secondary Core Group) requires a lifelong willingness to accept a score of ties and tasks. Additional requirements include written proof of the individual’s non-affiliation to any religion, personal references, and the disclosure of police and collection agency records. (Anyone under the age of 18 wanting to join a Core Group is accepted only with the permission of a parent or guardian.)


Without exception, all religions, sects and ideologies, among others, are based on assumptions and beliefs that are diametrically opposed to the truthful spiritual teachings presented to terrestrial human beings by FIGU via ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, extraterrestrial human races, and by entities from higher and, indeed, the highest spiritual planes. These teachings are based on actual facts, truth, logic and wisdom. FIGU offers an opportunity for anyone to finally stride toward cognition of reality. After centuries, indeed millennia, of spiritual stagnation, a person can attain inner and outer freedom and assume the obligation of achieving personal spiritual evolution.


‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier’s function is to act as the liaison between Pleiadians from planet ERRA and their confederates and human beings on Earth. His one-on-one telepathic and physical contacts with the aliens shall continue until his life ends. He imparts to us the Extraterrestrials’ important messages, instructions and warnings; likewise, he is the author of valuable texts about Creational laws, directives, and other pertinent information.


The Extraterrestrials have designated ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier as the New Age Prophet. This does not mean, however, that he is a person with special authority. Rather, he is a human being like any other, but possesses unique capabilities and immense knowledge regarding spiritual matters and the corresponding wisdom. Through his contacts and his own acumen, he is capable of announcing the true teachings, messages and instructions that show the way to the future.


‘Billy’s’ extraterrestrial friends from planet ERRA are not angelic, supernatural beings, but are human beings with flesh and blood. They are, however, decidedly more highly evolved than human beings living on Earth. The Pleiadians’ main goal, relative to their activities on Earth, gravitates clearly towards the growth of terrestrial human beings’ spirit and consciousness. They want to guide Earth beings back to the correct path of Truth from which they strayed a long time ago, and to present them with ancient insights, Creational laws and directives, along with universally valid directives for the formation of an appropriate lifestyle.


Contrary to other UFO groups who exclusively deal with UFO phenomena, the background of spirituality and consciousness is far more important to FIGU than all ufological aspects put together. And yet, FIGU does not want to ignore ufology, particularly when it has on hand by far the most extensive and best material proof that ever existed. FIGU employs this proof whenever there is evidence of the necessary interest.





FIGU calls itself a Free Community of Interests, which means that all of us members subject ourselves voluntarily, and upon our own free decision, to the community’s regulated order. This voluntary membership and voluntary participation is a result of the self acquired cognition concerning the embedded duties that are a part of every life. An individual voluntarily begins to fulfill that duty as soon as its magnitude is fully recognized and comprehended. Once the individual makes a decision to comply with the duties recognized, being therefore in full freedom of thoughts and feelings, and without external or internal pressures, that person’s fulfillment of duty then becomes a part of his/her life; as a partner to whom one remains loyal.


FIGU members are prepared to answer and address anyone’s questions (either through its pamphlets, books, videos or in person) concerning life, Creation, the spirit, existence and BEING, the Where-From and the Where-To, the purpose of living, and so on and so forth.

It is our goal to ensure that everyone receives the best, most extensive and truthful replies to his/her questions, so that everyone’s evolution progresses and the natural thirst for knowledge is quenched.


Outsiders often have either the erroneous notion or expectation that we FIGU members live according to each and every Creational law and commandment. This assumption is as incorrect as the belief that we are nearly “perfect”. We are very normal people, just like everyone else. Though we do strive to live by the Creational laws and directives, we are not able to circumvent the natural course of evolution. For this reason it should be absolutely clear that we have the same faults and weaknesses that are incorporated into every individual’s personal evolution.


Throughout their entire lifetime all human beings must learn to accept responsibility for themselves; for every action and thought. They must bear responsibility for themselves along with the responsibility for all floral, faunal and all Creational life form varieties. There exists nothing in the entire universe for which every single individual is not personally responsible, including the consequences and effects of each person’s thoughts and actions. In this manner, we of FIGU reason, learn, teach and act. Bearing responsibility for oneself means living according to life’s requirements and keeping it for a life in line with the Creational-natural order and humanity.


FIGU’s literature serves as a guideline for everyone. Yet, each person has a right to the personal freedom of deciding whether or not, and how, he or she wishes to utilize this personal freedom and the spiritual teachings on the path through life.


The FIGU members do not interfere in other members’ personal lives or those of outsiders, nor does it impose modes of behavior upon anyone. Within the realm of personal matters, our members are free to behave as they please, i.e., without stress or pressure from FIGU on how to think or act.


Child-raising is the parents’ or guardians’ task, and for this reason FIGU literature is not distributed to minors. Only when proof is provided that their guardians/parents agree to it, or when they have reached their 18th birthday, can young people receive FIGU’s written material. Adolescents younger than 18 years may receive FIGU texts and become members of FIGU (in accordance with the statutes), provided the parents’ or guardians’ authorization has been submitted.


FIGU members learn for themselves and teach others to live according to the Creative-natural laws and directives that are visible and identifiable in the material realm of life and in the laws of nature. We learn and teach through the spiritual teachings to cognize, understand and love the Truth of all existing things at their source. We learn to generate within ourselves universal love and reverence for everything that exists, and for every material life form species. We also learn to live in solidarity and within a community.

We learn and teach the fundamental Truth of knowledge, love, logic and wisdom in accordance with the laws and directives of Creation. We teach only that which we have become cognizant of and have experienced ourselves as truth and knowledge. Likewise, we rely upon those things which man is able to cognize as laws and directives through THOUGHT and RESEARCH.




It is our desire and aim to shape our lives as closely as possible to the Creative-natural laws and directives; indeed, to succeed at it. And it is these objectives which have brought all our members together as a community.

The FIGU community is the custodian of the Truth, and it is FIGU’s task to disseminate the true spiritual teachings, love, wisdom and logic among mankind in an instructive and informative manner. In so doing, mankind will have the capability of entering into peaceful and freedom-loving life within the Creative consciousness

OM, Canon 35, Verse 111


FIGU’s spiritual teachings instruct the student that the neutral-positive represents the positive value in every way and is the reason for its designation as “neutral-positive”. Spiritual forces are absolutely neutral-positive and stored as such in the spiritual realm. They can be accessed and utilized via the material consciousness. The spirit’s power is a pure energy force that can be employed through the study and implementation of the Spirit Lessons, meditation, along with other methods. A person’s spiritual and conscious power grows slowly but steadily. Through understanding and practice, man will have some day the capability to consciously apply his spiritual powers. It is through the conscious application of this purely energy-Creation force that human beings are granted the opportunity to consciously evolve, that is, consciously develop.


FIGU’s spiritual teachings instruct on the compliance with Creation’s laws and directives. They generate success in every way – in the spiritual, in the conscious and psychic, and in the purely material realm. They assist a person in recognizing life’s meaning and purpose which, in turn, help make the walk down life’s path less complicated, more beautiful and more joyful. The applied spiritual teachings aid in daily living. Finally, they transform students into truly free individuals who generate within themselves the equilibrium and peace that ultimately leads to wisdom, love and peace for all humanity on Earth.


In accordance with the spiritual teachings, and based upon a Creative law and its resulting order, FIGU teaches that the entire human life span is a continuous learning process. Thus, as a rule, a human being cannot avoid making mistakes that are frequently caused by the person’s ignorance of matters and situations on hand. In general, human beings become reasonable only when they feel the consequences of their mistakes and are faced with their repercussions. Making mistakes and recognizing them as a part of a neutral assessment and clarification is expedient to that person. Mistakes play an important role. They are an element of the experiences people must learn to live with as a portion of their freedom to think and to act, from which they draw conclusions and gain new realizations. Therefore, mistakes are a part of Creation’s principles and laws, and they serve man as sources for learning during his evolutionary quest.


FIGU instructs and strives to live by teachings which emphasize that each and every life form must experience reverence for Creation, the universal consciousness, which has lovingly created all that exists as coarse and fine matter. Reverence for Creation is the basic force. It is the fundamental factor for all existence, cognition and the development of logic, wisdom and love. Man must honor and respect all that is worthy of respect and homage; he must extend esteem, reverence, respect and appreciation to all life. For everything in existence is intertwined and interconnected with itself and one another. Man’s spirit is a fragment of Creation. It is essential, therefore, that hurnan beings live in a manner whereby they honor and respect themselves as others respect and honor them.


FIGU’s teachings and studies state that all individuals are treated equally within the inner and outer groups, and throughout the external, far-reaching circle of human beings around the globe. No one is treated disparately because of his/her skin color, status or background.

Within the FIGU community and beyond its periphery, no differences exist regarding secular titles and positions, wealth and/or status. None of these has any influence upon a person’s development or the progress of one’s spirit and level of consciousness. Everyone is equal regarding levels of understanding, knowledge, logic, wisdom and love, or any other principle of work achieved by a person or within the community. No individual may demand extra privileges, for there exists a universal spirit of affiliation and equality among all human beings and all other life forms. Every one is part of the same Creative-natural rules, laws and directives; and each person has the same rights and obligations, and the same goal as the others. No one is more valuable, or less so, than the next person.






FIGU members follow teachings that have previously been handed down in their basic form thousands of years ago; these are lessons ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier teaches and presents in his book Introduction to Meditation.

All tenets contain vast and powerful knowledge, but only through compliance and actual adherence to meditation and its path are every student’s subsequent steps determined. The student’s constant control of his or her thoughts plays an essential role in this process, for it does not permit the development of any emotional and harmful excesses. As part of the initiation Billy teaches in the Spirit Lessons, the practicing student who lives by the teachings will confront himself with his innermost spiritual self.

In doing so, the innermost self, which is a fragment of Creation, unites the individual with his or her entire surrounding. Group meditation may strengthen this unification, and existing forces may be exchanged and balanced. FIGU’s peace rneditation – a group meditation as well, with approximately 3.000 terrestrial and 3.5 billion extraterrestrial human participants – supports and advances each individual’s peace efforts and that of all humanity. Mankind’s sense of belonging together as a humanity is indispensable for world peace; it derives solely from the inner serenity and realization that all human beings strive for a mutual goal, and that every single person’s initiative is important for the achievement of this goal.


Freedom from any enslavement associated with doctrines and false teachings, exploitation, restrictions, and the stagnation of spirit and consciousness.

Absolute certainty that the Creative spirit fragment within ourselves enables us to do anything, as long as we are able to kindle and utilize the forces within ourselves.

Knowledge of our own destiny and goal.

Certainty of our own immortality and constant reincarnation until perfection of the spirit form is attained.

Awareness of the unity and bond between each and every human, faunal and floral life form in their surroundings throughout the entire universe and beyond.




In order to ensure the financial upkeep of the Center, and the fulfillment of The Mission, all of us at FIGU assist to the best of our expertise, capacity and individual ability toward payment of current expenses and monthly bills.

Since our main task at FIGU centers around the dissemination of the teachings of the spirit (spiritual teachings) and the dissemination of the Truth, we are dependent upon outsiders’ initiatives, as well as those from Passive Group and Secondary Group members. Furthermore, to accomplish our task, we must also depend upon financial contributions and collaboration. Additionally, we rely on outside individuals to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with us; to help us with the immense tasks of organizing and possibly even speaking at lectures; and to find suitable locations for study groups, et cetera. Due to the horrendous work overload brought about by the publication of written material, necessary chores within and outside the Center, lectures and earning a living, among other reasons, we cannot singlehandedly accomplish FIGU’s global task of disseminating the Truth.

We bring you the teachings of Creation’s truth and its ever-valid laws and directives, but we neither claim to be all-knowing nor that our teachings are carved in stone. Through man’s evolution all cognizance grows, along with knowledge, skills, wisdom and love. Subsequently, the level of truth and cognizance will proceed to expand. It will never rest but continue infinitely, as will knowledge, skill, understanding, comprehension, wisdom, love, and the insight into everything that is Creative.[4]


FIGU Membership and Involvement Overview

The FIGU Society USA was founded in 2002 and is a non-profit, tax-paying, organization. FIGU is an acronym from the German words meaning Free Community of Interests in the Border and Spiritual Sciences and UFOlogical Studies. Our parent group, FIGU (, has its headquarters in Switzerland.

The FIGU Society dedicates itself to several tasks including: the study and correction of FIGU texts in the English language; the publication of these materials; and the pursuit of our personal spiritual evolution in a non-religious, non-sectarian way. The material we study is based on the information conveyed to Billy Meier through his contacts with the extraterrestrials known as Pleiadians/Plejaren, as well as from Billy’s own writings. More importantly, FIGU members are interested in discovering the truth about the history of mankind, the truth about Creation, and the truth about spiritual matters. We hold regular monthly meetings and we publish a newsletter.

To become a FIGU Society Member, one must already be a Passive Member (see below) and must actively participate in monthly meetings, in addition to having responsibilities within the group and sharing in the work and tasks of FIGU Society. There are also financial commitments as part of being a FIGU Society Member.

There are other FIGU members, called Passive Members, located around the world. Passive members are required to make a small annual donation and are urged to go to the Semjase Silver Star Center in Switzerland once per year to attend an annual meeting and help with some work-related tasks at the Center. Passive Members who live in the Americas are encouraged to attend an annual meeting called the Annual Meeting of Passive Members (AMPM) where people with similar interests can discuss and study FIGU material, get acquainted with the other members, as well as learn and practice meditation. The AMPM is hosted by the FIGU Society USA.

Other ways to get involved would be to form informal study groups. This might be a casual meeting of two friends over coffee once a month discussing and studying the information. If more people participate in such an informal study group, it is possible to form an official Study Group. A minimum of three Passive Members are required to form an official Study Group in addition to holding regular meetings. An official study group has the possibility of making translations of FIGU literature, holding lectures, printing booklets, etc.

For people who are fluent in the German language, there are further options for involvement in FIGU. It is possible to purchase the Spirit Lessons in the German language as a personal home-study course. For people who live near Switzerland and are also fluent in German, it also may be possible to join the Core Group of the Semjase Silver Star Center. Core Group Members are dedicated to the Mission and have the highest level of commitment.

In summary, there are many ways to become involved with FIGU—from simply meeting informally with other like-minded people, becoming a Passive Member, forming an official Study Group, and joining FIGU Society USA, all the way to making the enormous commitment of becoming a Core Group Member in Switzerland.[5]

Talkativeness and Performing Missionary Work

Dear reader

In order to prevent any misuse of the contents of our writings, and also for your own protection and the protection of the truth we will give you the following advice and explanations:

In the first place you should use all of FIGU’s textbooks for your own education. Never let yourself be enticed—because of sheer enthusiasm for truth or a craving for recognition, among other things—to perform propaganda or missionize in order to win or convince other people for the teachings. In doing so you can do great harm to yourself as well as to others.

Studying spiritual matters is always connected to a consciousness-related process. Every individual must be mentally prepared to confront himself with truth, and he should also get the chance to work for this preparedness himself. When, how and in what tempo this will be achieved is always in one’s own discretion. Nobody has the right to use any pressure or force on other people’s thoughts, feelings and freedom—people who have to go their ways in self-determination—and it makes no difference whether it is a stranger, an acquaintance, a friend, relative, husband or wife, or one’s own child. The awesome respect for all life is a principle imparted by the spiritual teachings, because it is awesome attitude towards life only that harbors within itself the key to knowledge, truth and all realization. Thus the fellow-man shall be respected and not be overwhelmed or plagued with knowledge and one’s own cognition, something he is not yet able nor willing to understand. All this does not mean, though, to turn the study of the spirit lessons into a secret or to impart a feeling into the fellow-man that he has not progressed far enough in order to understand this or that. Such behavior would not only represent an unjustified self-exaltation of the own person but also a lack of respect and awe for another individual. Likewise one should always bear in mind that one isn’t all-knowing and that one’s own understanding of the spiritual teachings is always more or less limited. Thus every individual should be critical of himself and not chatter about those things within the teachings that, basically, aren’t really understood. It should be considered by everyone that oneself and the fellow-men are led astray with half- or false truth and, because of this, the path to and the finding of truth is impeded.

Of course, no person shall hide his light under a bushel, and if an information is necessary or appropriate, or if interested people ask questions, then obviously they can get explanations—within reasonable limits and according to one’s best skill and abilities. Consequently, if one is talking about the spiritual teachings it shall always be in a general manner and according to one’s own understanding. Talking about all cognitions, assumptions etc. right from the start shall be avoided.

Through unnecessary, careless and uncontrolled talk about concerns regarding the spiritual teachings and FIGU (internal) – at home or with friends, acquaintances or at the job – one isn’t only often risking the job but also the relations to closely connected persons. Experience has shown that the general understanding towards the spiritual teachings is still very rare. This lack of understanding can even lead to the break-up of relations between close friends, because differences, quarrel and discord may arise. The whole matter will even be worsened if there is the attempt, at all costs, to force one’s own opinion upon the other person.

We are neither members of a secret society nor babbling missionaries, but human beings who, in the first place, are striving to open our eyes ourselves.[6]

FIGU Statutes

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