Outer Space Pictures – Universal Barrier – Timeline


July 17, 1975 – Contact Report 31

Contact Date: Thursday, July 17, 1975, 10:14 AM
Verifiable Publications: Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 1st ed. Block 4, 1977
UET-WS Vol 4, pg. 366, 1979-1980’s
Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 2nd ed. Block 2, pg. 271, 1987
Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte Block 1, pg. 256, 2002
Messages from the Pleiades, 2nd ed. Vol 1, pg. 338-, 2004
Messages from the Pleiades, 2nd ed. Vol 2, pg. -391, 2005

CR 31 (PPKB 1 below) is a very lengthy report, some of which is available online, which describes Meier’s Great Journey through space. The following excerpts from Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte Block 1 describe Meier’s journey to the Universal Barrier which was used to cross over to a parallel universe called the DAL Universe:

65. After the joining of the two capsules (BMUFOR Note: Apollo-Soyuz spacecraft, July 17, 1975), which will take place soon and very quickly, you will also be able to photograph several satellites, of both terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin.
66. After that we will fly off and be received by our great spacer that is stationed in this system, with which we will then be taken to several other systems, galaxies, and the Universal barrier, where I have to fulfill a mission.

166. Our last jump (BMUFOR Note: Hyperspace jump) will be to the Andromeda Galaxy, which rests, as seen from Earth, at a distance of roughly 2.2 million light years.
167. From there we will set for the great leap to the Universe barrier by which we want to give you the seven minutes opportunity to experience the timeless.

(…) Where actually are we now? The sky is so empty, and I practically don’t see stars anymore.

173. We have reached our goal… we are almost at the end of the material universe.
174. Until we reach the barrier we will go through completely empty space, resp. the outer Creation belt up to the displacement belt.
175. Up to that point, there are now not only a few million kilometers, but many trillions of light years.
176. So we leave the actual material Universe resp. the solid-state matter universe belt, and go into the transformation belt and beyond, up to the very end of our DERN Universe, where across a barrier, resp. a Universal barrier, we will then create a passageway to the DAL Universe.

298. We have reached our goal.

What is that now???
(I see far in front of us or above us an enormous radial and shimmering in every colour appearance, which appears more than just fantastic to me.)

250. That is our goal.
251. If you want, you can take a photo of it.
252. This structure is produced by a spaceship that you can recognize there, very far ahead in the annular center.
253. Here our Universe ends, and this structure stands as the gateway to another Universe, which we call the DAL Universe.

Man, but this is enormous, it must certainly have close to 50 kilometers in diameter. And the length of this tunnel, man oh man.

299. You err very much in your measuring.
300. The diameter of the tunnel amounts to 177000 meters, and its length totals 7103 billion kilometers.

Fantastic, but why are we getting so close to it?

301. Because we will cross over.

Cross over??? To another Universe?

302. Sure, over to the DAL Universe.

I’m going crazy.

303. That you will surely not, because you can cope with more than you want to admit.

Do we have to go to another space-time dimension or something? And, what is it actually about this DAL Universe, that seems so familiar to me?

304. We will remain in the normal time and normal space.
305. You see, we are already far inside the tunnel, and nothing changes.
306. But as for the DAL Universe; does this not remind you of anything?
307. It’s a twin Universe of our DERN Universe.

It seems very familiar, at least the name. Semjase, that light there in the center…

308. We have crossed over; we are on the other side.

This I can also see… You really are preparing surprises for me; but look there in front, there floats a large spaceship, and very far back are countless stars.

309. Sure, that ship there is our goal.

July 17, 1975 – Contact Report 32

Contact Date: Monday, September 8 1975, 2:16 PM
Verifiable Publications: Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 1st ed. Block 5, 1977
UET-WS Vol 5, 1979-1980’s
Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 2nd ed. Block 3, 1987
Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte Block 1, 2002
Messages from the Pleiades, 2nd ed. Vol 2, 2005

Thank you for the flowers, but what are we doing now?

261. We are just about to switch back to our own universe.
262. Then we will spend a period of fifty minutes at the end of the barrier, in order to close it again.

Will it take so long?

433. Sure, because we must not simply let it collapse, but rather systematically close it.
434. That simply takes its time and requires a very great care.
435. From universe to universe there are only very few points on the barrier which could be used as a transition.
436. Besides, they must not be excessively strained and also not overloaded, otherwise the barrier structure is destroyed, which could lead to a universal displacement belt disaster.
437. Everything must be carried out in very precise order and according to the given laws, which of course always takes its time.

I understand; then I’m probably dispensable for the next 50 minutes?

263. We can talk calmly.
264. The whole closing procedure is programmed and it is handled independently without our specific input.

That’s fantastic. Then could I address some questions to you, which I have been concerned with for a long time?

265. That was also planned.

Good, thank you very much. First I would like to know, what will we do after the closure of the barrier is carried out?

266. The question is justified:
267. It is planned to jump to different galaxies, where you shall visit with Semjase some planets and life forms.

July-September 1975 – Development and fate of outer space photos

Refer to More References – Outer space photos

Mid-1970’s – Removal of outer space pictures from photo albums

Refer to Outer Space Pictures.

February 1976 – Smithsonian Magazine

In the February 1976 edition of the Smithsonian Magazine, on page 62, an article – Colonies in space may turn out to be nice places to live – containing a picture of a painting by Rick Guidice of Gerard O’Neill’s cylindrical space colony design was published. This picture is remarkably similar to Meier’s Universal Barrier picture:

Scan of the pg.62 from Smithsonian magazine containing Gerard O'Neill's cylindrical space colony identical to Meier' on the left; this image is attached to Deardorff's review of Korff's report

November 10, 1976 – Contact Report 66

Contact Date: Wednesday, November 10, 1976, 2:18 PM
Verifiable Publications: Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 1st ed. Block 13, 1979
UET-WS Vol 13, 1979-1980’s
Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 2nd ed. Block 6, pg. 1012, 1988
Messages from the Pleiades, 1st ed. Vol 3, pg. 217, 1993
Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte Block 2, pg. 375, 2003

In CR 66 (SKB 2nd ed. Block 6 below), Meier and Semjase discuss the reasons behind the similarities between Meier’s outer space pictures, specifically those of Jupiter and the Universal Barrier, and the images/illustrations of artists, scientists, etc.:

207. Sure, but now I have to tell you something very important:
208. Many of the pictures taken by you and me from the middle of last year have in the mean time found an extremely unworthy aspect.
209. Several of the pictures brought into circulation by you have since then been utilized in a way that is indeed quite positive, but also not favourable.
210. Some pictures were utilized to represent future technical interests of the Earth, and actually in a way which is quite outrageous.
211. Yours and my pictures were in fact in part imitated very accurately, to make drawings for research and future demonstrations, which is why the danger now exists that you are or will be accused of swindle.
212. In the meantime drawings exist in deceptive form of the Jupiter pictures and the picture of the universal barrier, which were accurately made according to your disseminated pictures as drawings.
213. In this regard the people will not consider that our pictures existed much earlier than these drawings were made.
214. The people of the Earth namely do not understand how to think that far ahead, that has also been proven with the pictures of Venus and Mars.

Oh dear, not again. But what should I do against it?

215. The irrationality of the Earth people will leave you no opportunity to defend yourself, because the real facts are not rationally acknowledged.
216. Unrealistic scientists and illustrators are more likely to be believed than even you, as you will be decried as a dreamer, which you will already experience that by tomorrow, when you will receive copies of our pictures by indirect means.

Oh my goodness, is it really already imminent?

217. Certainly.
218. – You should not try to defend yourself.
219. Remain silent, because any attempt would be futile.
220. The people of the Earth like to think and act in other ways than just according to the truth.

November 12, 1976 – Contact Report 68

Contact Date: Friday, November 12, 1976, 0:47 AM
Verifiable Publications: Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 1st ed. Block 13, 1979
UET-WS Vol 13, 1979-1980’s
Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 2nd ed. Block 6, pg. 1022-1023, 1988
Messages from the Pleiades, 1st ed. Vol 3, pg. 222, 1993
Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte Block 2, pg. 378-379, 2003

In CR 68 (PPKB 2 below), Meier and Semjase discuss the reasons behind the similarities between Meier’s pictures of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, the Universal Barrier and the Great Spacer and images that were shown on television in 1976:

Sigrid Kinet has sent me something that threw me off balance. Here, check this picture. This is what you talked about yesterday, right?

23. No, this here is something else.
24. I have misdirected the mail to you.
25. I have observed you pretty good today and noticed that only in the evening this mail directed to you very much upset you, so I misdirected the other mail to you to another place, where it can do no harm.
26. What you have here is a reproduction of an inspirationally transmitted image to a painter for the purpose that the people of Earth slowly get familiar with things, which will be created in the future.
27. That a picture of a universal barrier was used has specific reasons, which however I’m not allowed to mention.
28. Incidentally, this drawing is not very good, however the original production is a masterpiece.
29. Just pay attention to the differences:
30. Our picture shows the center of the barrier as an egg-shaped structure, as it is in reality, while on this poor imitation the center is circular.
31. Also the rays (BMUFOR note: radiation streams) have very big differences, as well as the foreground, where on our picture the wavy, iridescent energy can be seen, while on the drawing a landscape is depicted.

We already saw that ourselves, but read here below, there is written that I published this picture here only in early 1976. I was afraid of that for a long time, also with other pictures, like for example of Mars and Venus.

32. But you already disseminated them in the middle of last year.

Of course, I can also prove that, but what do you think, who cares about that? Now these pictures were shown on television on November 8, 1976, and months before pictures from Venus and Mars, and also Jupiter. Now it is said that I photographed them from television, although I already had them about a year before.

33. You already said that, but it is simply not understandable.
34. The earth human should at least think logically about these things.

No such luck. There are also problems with the tricky Jupiter and Ptaah’s spaceship, because there were images shown on television this year once or twice that were devilishly similar to my pictures.

35. That is easy to explain:
36. This is an animated film, which was also made by intuitive input, to prepare the Earth people for certain things.
37. Again, it also has a specific reason that my father’s Great Spacer was transmitted as an outline image.

That’s of no use to me, because how am I suppose to explain that to people? I do not know it anyway.

38. We may have made mistakes with these inputs, that is possible.
39. But we also had to get to know the Earth people and their behaviour better.

Certainly, nothing can be said against that, but what now?

40. Nothing.

Oh nice, now I can take the blame, right?

41. It won’t be that bad.
42. Now you are nervous and demoralized, within a few days you will overcome these things, when you see things more realistically.
43. In your present excited condition you feel too despondent.

Okay, you might be right. But tell me: is it really so damn important that I have to disseminate these images, which already were made in oil or otherwise and published by gifted sensitive painters in times before?

44. It was very important and it still is, but it wasn’t calculated in our probability calculations that certain groups would react that negatively.

Then I am simply the fool now. You could have inform me on these things, then I would never have disseminated the pictures.

45. I knew that, that’s why I wasn’t allowed to say anything.
46. It had to be this way, you will experience in the course of the next year why.


47. I cannot change it.

Ok, ok, never mind then…

1980-1981 – Analysis of Major Ret. Colman S. VonKeviczky, ICUFON

Col. Colman S. von Keviczky (1909-1998), an internationally prominent ufologist and Hungarian military scientist, founded ICUFON (Intercontinental U.F.O. Galactic Spacecraft Research and Analytic Network) in 1966. He originally published a report (see pages 114-120 of the book – Ausschnitte aus Zeitungen und Journalen) on the Meier case, which was sent to Wendelle Stevens and Thomas K. Welsch of Genesis III Productions, Ltd. on June 9, 1980. Perhaps as an addendum to the above June 1980 report or as a separate report, he published his analysis on Meier’s ‘Universal Barrier’ photo, which was reproduced in FIGU Core Group member Guido Moosbrugger’s Und sie fliegen doch!/And yet they fly! book (1991, 2001, 2003 & 2012). Following is a scan made off from Und sie fliegen doch! (1991, German) book. Von Keviczky’s analysis can be seen in photo no. 70:

See photo no. 70 and 71

See photos no. 70 and 71

August 1980 – The MUFON UFO Journal No. 150: ‘New View of Pleiades’ by Richard Hall

The Universal Barrier picture is mentioned in an article of Richard Hall in the MUFON UFO Journal. Following is an excerpt from this article, available on the UFO-Prophet blog:

“Mr. Meier’s photo No. B 212 purports to show the passage way from one universe into another. Actually, it is a reproduction of a picture in the Smithsonian (magazine), Feb. 1976, p. 62-69.”

March 1981 – The Meier Incident: The most infamous hoax in Ufology

In March 1981 Kal K. Korff, with editorial assistance from William L. Moore, publishes a book: The Meier Incident: The most infamous hoax in Ufology. On page 34 of this 124 pages book, Korff presents the results of Col. Colman S. von Keviczky’s analysis mentioned above:

Kal Korff, pg.34, 1981

Kal Korff, pg. 34, 1981

1988 – Review of Korff’s Report: “The Meier Incident — The Most Infamous Hoax in Ufology”

In 1988 the late James W. Deardorff, research Professor Emeritus (OSU), wrote an unpublished critique of Korff’s 1981 book (see above) titled – Review of Korff’s Report: “The Meier Incident — The Most Infamous Hoax In Ufology”. Based on the information given to him by Wendelle C. Stevens, Deardorff wrote the following on the Universal Barrier photo on pages 10-11:

On p. 34 Korff implied that Meier, during or after his alleged 5-day space trip, drew a detailed picture of a tunnel-like connection to another universe he had been taken to (in a Pleiadean “mother ship”), and that the drawing is identical to an illustration of what NASA’s concept of a space colony might look like28. This was called “damning evidence,” implying that Meier had used the Illustration to fake the episode. However, Meier did not claim it was a drawing, contrary to Korff’s report. Meier’s explanation was that he had noticed the magazine illustration and had pointed out that if one squints at it, it resembles the way the tunnel had looked29. The magazine wasn’t usually available to him when the subject arose in conversations, so one day when he did have the proper issue on hand he photographed the illustration. It turned out to be in poor focus, since even with the repaired focusing mechanism, he couldn’t focus close enough while still allowing the magazine Illustration to fill the camera frame. However, this was not of concern, because it looked more realistic to him out of focus.

In any case, what Meier claims to have seen is very unlikely to have looked identical to the illustration because the latter, full of various colors, shows segments of fertile hillsides with clusters of houses and trees, However, the latter features, and of course the colors, do not show up in the small reproduction of the illustration in Korff’s report. All this is omitted from Korff’s report.

28 Chernow, Ron, “Colonies in space may turn out to be nice places to live.” Smithsonian, Feb., 1976, p. 62
29 Personal communication from W. Stevens, Jan. 30, 1988

February-March 1988 – James W. Deardorff correspondence with Brunhilde Zimmermann

On February 9, 1988 James W. Deardorff wrote to FIGU Core Group member Brunhilde Zimmermann (FIGU English-world correspondent at that time) enquiring about Kal Korff’s claim on page 34 (see March 1981 above) that the entrance gate to the DAL universe was Meier’s drawing and also about Wendelle’s counter-argument to Korff:

“Is it not true, that Billy never drew a picture of the tunnel to the DAL universe? Instead he only said it resembled a drawing in Smithsonian magazine?”

Brunhilde Zimmermann responded as follows on March 2, 1988:

“Billy had taken a photograph of the produced tunnel to the DAL universe, but he did not published it for the following reason: It was declared one year later that BILLYs’ photograph would be a copy of the drawing which a painter has received of the outer-space-station through an inspiration and which looked similar to BILLYs’ photo, although there were a lot of differences to identify, to find in it!”

Note: After receiving clarification on this issue, Deardorff remarked to Wendelle Stevens in a letter dated March 11, 1988 that what he told to him on the Universal Barrier photo was “considerably different” from what Bruni’s information. In a letter dated March 22, 1988 Deardorff mentioned to Wendelle Stevens that he has revised his critique of Korff’s report (unpublished) with Bruni’s information.

1990 – Contact Report 236

Contact Date: Thursday, April 26, 1990, 12:03 AM
Verifiable Publications: Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte Block 6, pg. 270, 2005

In CR 236, Ptaah says that all the falsified outer space pictures were from a future film that was produced with the help of telepathic impulses send to the Earth people, which explains why these pictures resembled the reality:

Then still the last question: over and over again, I am asked about the space photos of my great journey, namely in reference to whether these were traded around and became falsified.

302. You probably don’t mean the paper images but rather the slides.
303. Yes, those were greatly falsified by the machinations of the fallible ones, and I mean all of them, because out of all those that Quetzal took and examined, there weren’t any that weren’t maliciously manipulated, and they ultimately turned out to be shots that correspond to a future film that was produced by our impulses on the Earth.

And how did it happen, then, that the shots resembled the conditions of reality?

304. Because our transmitted impulses were given to the Earth people in the form of impulse-images that corresponded to true, existent things of foreign worlds.

Planets, suns, humans, apparatuses, dinosaurs, and plants – were all these things included?

305. That corresponds what was done.
306. But now, my friend, that must be enough of the questions.

Okay. I’m satisfied. Thank you. Then now, fire away with what you still have to discuss privately…

The statement that all the falsified pictures came from a future film seems to contradict what was already published by FIGU earlier about the pictures. For example, in CR 68, November 12, 1976 (See Messages from the Pleiades, 1st ed. Vol 3, pg. 222, 1993), Meier says to Semjase that the pictures of the Universal Barrier which Meier allegedly shot during his July 17 Great Space Journey were shown on TV on Nov 8, 1976. He also says that the pictures of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, the Great Spacer etc. were shown on TV in a different program, a few months before. Also the Pteranodon picture which Quetzal identified as a fake and destroyed it was an illustration made by Zdenek Burian, published in 1972 in the book Life Before Man, written by Zdenek V. Spinar and first published in Prague. Also the cave men pictures are very similar to a 1965 illustration made by artist Rudolph Zallinger. This clearly shows there are many different sources of the falsified pictures which were allegedly inserted by MIB to discredit Meier: several TV programs broadcasted in a period of several months and paintings of different artists.

When asked about the name and release year of this future film on the English FIGU forum, Meier replied in July 2014 that he didn’t know.

The same question was already asked in March 2010 on the German FIGU forum, to which Meier’s son Atlantis Meier responded:

Hallo Moby,
leider muss ich dir auf diese deine Anfrage negativen Bescheid erteilen. Auf Anordnung von Ptaah hin wurde das an einer unserer Sitzungen vor einigen Jahren so beschlossen. Die Begründung liegt darin, dass alle diese Dinge, auch im Bezug auf Billy`s grosse Reise, schon mehrere Jahrzehnte zurückliegt und dass diesbezüglich alles notwendige schon mehrmals dargelegt wurde. Damit soll verhindert werden, dass diese alten und abgeschlossenen Dinge nicht wieder aufgewärmt und neuerlich verblendete und irregeleitete FIGU- Gegner auf den Plan gerufen werden.

Hello Moby,
Unfortunately, I have to decline an answer to your question. By order of Ptaah this was decided on one of our meetings a few years ago. The reason is that all these things, also regarding Billy’s great journey, are already several decades ago and everything about it has already been said several times. This is to prevent that these old and closed issues are revisited again and again attracts blinded and misguided FIGU opponents.

1991 – Und sie fliegen doch! (1st German ed.)

The late Guido Moosbrugger, core group member of FIGU, publishes a book – Und sie fliegen doch! – in which on pages 269-270 he responds to the criticism on the Universal Barrier photo written by Col. Colman S. von Keviczky in his analysis and also by Kal Korff in his 1981 booklet. Later this book was published in English in 2001 and 2004 and an extended German version was also published in 2012. In all versions the rebuttal of Guido regarding the Universal Barrier photo remains the same. Below is the page from the 2004 English edition. For photos #68 and #69 mentioned in the page of the 2004 book below, see the photos #70 and #71 of the 1991 book (different photo numbers in different editions) under 1980-1981 – Analysis of Major Ret. Colman S. VonKeviczky, ICUFON.

And still they fly!, pg 173

And still they fly!, pg. 173

October 17, 1993 – UFOmagazin article

Following is the scan of a page from a Slovakian article published in UFOmagazin, where Universal Barrier picture was published. The entire article is on pages 233-238 in the FIGU book Ausschnitte aus Zeitungen und Journalen (2011).

AZJ - pg 236

AZJ – pg. 236

June-September 1994 – Article in Magazin 2000, Nr. 100

The article – Botschaft von den Plejaden (Message from the Pleiades) – by Michael Hesemann was published in his Magazin 2000. On pg. 261, the universal barrier picture is shown, next to the O’Neill painting. The entire article is on pages 251-264 in the FIGU book Ausschnitte aus Zeitungen und Journalen über Billy Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) und seine Kontakte mit den Plejaren (2011). Following is an excerpt from pg. 260 of the article:

“Another time the Plejadian woman flew through space and time with Meier, and on the viewing screen of the beamship a tunnel-like structure appeared, a “dimension tunnel”, as she explained to Meier. When he published the picture, his opponents cried out again. It looked like a blurred reproduction of a drawing plan of the interior of a space colony, which was published by NASA-physicist Dr. Gerard O’Neill  seven months later in the  “Smithsonian Magazine”. The explanation Semjase later gave for this “faux pas” was that the Pleiadians telepathically inspired scientists and Dr. O’Neill had received and misunderstood a vision of the dimension portal in a dream.”

AZJ - pg 261

AZJ – pg. 261

1997 – Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums… Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren

FIGU publishes the book Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums…Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren. On page 155 Meier mentions the following regarding the space pictures:

“Today, my entire and still existing photo material which, for the most part, I had photographed myself, is comprised of more than 1,000 pictures, but while only 500 thereof refer directly to beamships, resp. UFOs and the landing tracks etc., as well as to extraterrestrials and their foot- resp. shoe prints. Originally, more than 3,500 photos existed of space ships and landing tracks as also of alien worlds and of the Apollo-Soyuz docking in the Earth orbit but during the course of years, all these were stolen and also manipulated to a great extent, in order to be able to accuse me of swindle and of fraud.”

1998 – Contact Report 260

Contact Date: Tuesday, February 3, 1998, 10:27 PM
Verifiable Publications: Semjase Kontakt Berichte (2nd ed.) Block 15, pg. 2970, 1987
Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte Block 7, pg. 479-482, 2005

In CR 260 Ptaah says the following about the forged space pictures:

86. Among the forgeries and falsifications weren’t just the photos that showed our aircraft but also those images that you made on your Great Journey.
87. This is especially true for the dinosaur images as well as for the Apollo-Soyuz images, but also various other images belong with these.
93. But now, we can no longer investigate what is actually the case, unfortunately, because as you know, Quetzal took all the originals and copies of slides and negatives, etc. from your workroom and eliminated them, so today, we can no longer investigate the concerns in this respect.

2001 – And yet… they fly! (1st English ed.)

An English edition of Guido’s 1991 book ‘Und sie fliegen doch!‘ is published with the title ‘And yet… they fly!, which contains the same photos and response regarding the Universal Barrier on pages 206-208.

2001 – Plejaren Ptaah verifies Meier’s outer space pictures and concludes 42 of them are genuine or only slightly falsified

In FIGU Special Bulletin 20 (original German here) an article was published regarding controversies about Meier’s UFO and outer space photos (especially the Pteranodon photo) and how these were manipulated by third parties (MIB, photographer Schmid etc.). Embedded in this article is an article written by FIGU core group member Hans Georg Lanzendorfer (HGL) about the same topic. Below are some relevant excerpts from this article:

“HGL: After the freshly developed dinosaur pictures were in the hands of “Billy,” these were seen and inspected by Quetzal. During this, dozens of pictures were noted by him, which quite clearly could not have come from the world NEBER and, therefore, had not been taken by “Billy,” about which Quetzal got very angry
This especially concerned that photograph, on which a pterosaur, with an ejecting fish and a white spot on its belly, was portrayed. With the help of this counterfeit, “Billy” should have one day been made a deceiver and contact swindler. Because of the manipulations, the photos were immediately recovered and destroyed by Quetzal in the middle of the 1970s, and indeed, still before they could be brought into circulation by FIGU or by “Billy.”
Before the original photos were removed and destroyed by Quetzal, however, the foundation member of FIGU, Guido Moosbrugger, came into the possession of some copies. However, he had to make the promise to the Plejaren and “Billy,” never to make the copies available to the public or to get rid of these in any way because the falsification from a foreign hand was also among the preserved photos. Should he fail to comply with the instruction, the pictures would have to be immediately confiscated and destroyed by the Plejaren, as this also happened with the originals of “Billy.” To this day, Guido Moosbrugger feels bound to his promise and has always kept the pictures under wraps.

In the course of the joint correction work on the Contact Reports by Ptaah, Florena, Enjana, “Billy” and Bernadette Brand, the time for clarifying had also come. In the year 2001, Guido was asked by “Billy” to make some of the photos available for publication in the corrected Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Report Block. Therefore, since the year 2001, several genuine dinosaur pictures and dinosaur slides from the possession of Guido Moosbrugger are to be found with “Billy” again, but these remain strictly under wraps. For the publication in the Contact Report Block, it was strictly ensured, with the help of Ptaah, that it only concerned “Billy’s” genuine pictures or his pictures that were only slightly falsified by Schmid, whereby the aforesaid falsification, for a logical reason, found no use. For this reason, the photo of the pterosaur that was falsified by a foreign hand is not shown in the new, hardback Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports Block No. 1.
Ptaah: Of the more than 1,378 pictures from your Great Journey, only a few remain, namely 42, which really came from you, while the majority of the 1,336 pictures consisted of foisted photocopies of some drawings, etc., which Quetzal discovered very quickly at that time, which is why he destroyed all slides and photos.
Worldwide, none of your dinosaur pictures and space pictures, etc. have been published, other than those that are shown in new Contact Report Block. These, however, are only a few copies of the real 42 shots, to which only very few falsifying and not any major changes were made.

This article implies the pictures published in the Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports are some of the 42 surviving space pictures that were checked very carefully with the help of the Plejaren Ptaah and are genuine or only slightly falsified.

2002 – Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1

Meier publishes the first block of the 3rd edition of the Contact Reports, Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakt Berichte Block 1. CR 31, which is about the space journey, contains a couple of dozen space pictures. The ‘Universal Barrier’ photo is published on page no. 275.

Note: The text is intentionally blurred due to copyright issues, leaving out only the photographs.

PPKB 01 - pg 275 - CR 031

PPKB 1, pg. 275, 2002

December 2003 – Stimme der Wassermanzeit nr. 129 – Jhrg 29

In an article by Hans Georg Lanzendorfer – Die Grossraumschiffe der Plejaren – the Universal Barrier is briefly mentioned:

“Even a leap in the DAL-Universe, a twin universe of our DERN-Universe, is possible for them. For this a 70 kms wide and 100,000 kms long corridor is generated, through which a transfer to the DAL-Universe can be achieved. Only Great Spacers are capable of this technical masterpiece, because large energy generators and energy converters are required for this”

2004 – And still they fly! (2nd English ed.)

Another English edition of Guido’s 1991 book ‘Und sie fliegen doch!‘ is published with the title ‘And still they fly!, which contains the same photos and response regarding the Universal Barrier on page 173.

January 11, 2010 – Contact Report 486

Refer to More References – Outer space photos.

2012 – Und sie fliegen doch! (2nd German ed.)

Guido publishes an expanded 2nd German edition after his first German edition 1991 book – Und sie fliegen doch! which again contains the same photos and response regarding the ‘Universal Barrier’ photo on pages 346-347. No changes or corrections were made.

March 2015 – Question by Mahesh Karumudi to Billy Meier on FIGU Forum

On March 1, 2015, Mahesh Karumudi (webmaster of BMUFOR; online name: Mahigitam) asked Meier for an explanation for the presence of the spherical bodies in the Universal Barrier picture on the FIGU forum in the topic ‘Your Questions to Billy Meier–Answered’:

Regarding your space journey in July 1975, you mentioned in CR 31 that you were first taken to the edge of the Universe i.e. the 7th displacement belt which is made of fine-matter or pure creational-spirit energy. And here it was stated that a passageway was artificially created to travel from DERN to DAL Universe and vice versa; also a photo of Universal Barrier was photographed by you.
In that photograph, towards the left, we see two complete spherical bodies that seem to be partially photographed. My question is, how come material objects exist in the 7th belt or in-between DERN and DAL Universe when it is said to be made of fine-matter or pure creational-spirit energy?

On March 29, 2015, Meier responded as follows:

Billy doesn’t own an unaltered copy of his original photo anymore which he could examine.
He doesn’t know the meaning of the spherical forms/patterns. However, there were spherical objects around which probably belonged to the ship. He doesn’t remember because everything happened a long time ago.
An of course there were no material objects in the „tunnel“.

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