Outer Space Pictures – Horsehead Nebula – Timeline

July 17, 1975 – Contact Report 31

Contact Date: Thursday, July 17, 1975, 10:14 AM
Verifiable Publications: Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 1st ed. Block 4, 1977
UET-WS Vol 4, pg. 366, 1979-1980’s
Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 2nd ed. Block 2, pg. 271, 1987
Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte Block 1, pg. 256, 2002
Messages from the Pleiades, 2nd ed. Vol 2, pg. 366, 2005

CR 31 is a very lengthy report, some of which is available online, which describes Meier Great Journey through space. The following excerpt is from Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte Block 1 which describes Meier’s visit to the Horsehead Nebula:

121. In a few seconds we will start the next leap.

(Billy: I only half hear his words, because my thoughts are elsewhere. Automatically I put my focus on myself and wonder about the fact that I suddenly can’t see my body. Once again this takes only seconds, which I can verify by looking at my watch. And now I wonder about Ptaah’s words. He has captured my thoughts, and he knows exactly what I think. Apparently, I just let them run free and uncontrolled. But with my watch it’s also strange; when close to Semjase’s beamship, the watch always went too fast or too slow. For some time now that is no longer the case, and it works perfectly. But I haven’t yet…)

122. We have reached our next goal, which is 1810 light years away from Earth.
123. You call the strange looking formation there, far out in space and 200 light years away, the Horsehead Nebula.

July-September 1975 – Development and fate of outer space photos

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Mid-1970’s – Removal of outer space pictures from photo albums

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January 1976 – Stimme der Wassermannzeit Nr. 6 – Letter from K. Locher and Meier’s Response

In Stimme der Wassermannzeit Nr. 6, January 1976 the following letter (original version here) was published on page 2 which Meier received from K. Locher, physicist from the Schweizerische Astronomische Gesellschaft (Swiss Astronomical Society) or SAG:

Dear Mr. Meier,

As a long time board member of our society, I feel obliged to promote the scientific interest for astronomy in Switzerland. While I explicitly respect the ethical objectives of your community, I would politely like to advise you to look for a more honest compromise between ethics and scientific integrity which becomes apparent from some of the photomontages that you have privately brought into circulation.

For the purpose of psychological protection of affected third parties, I would like to refrain from telling you the way we came to see those images for the time being. Until further notice, I promise you my own confidentiality, as I haven’t informed anyone but the 3 below mentioned recipients with copies and asked those 3 also to remain confidential. Astronomically it is easy to prove for at least 2 of your images (Pleiades and Horsehead Nebula) that the accompanying caption is not true when it says that they were taken close or relatively close by UFOnauts. You particularly forgot to retouch the foreground stars, which according to your version should have been on the side or behind the photographing UFOnauts.

Also consider legally, that with your private montages you infringe a copyright, if this as I suspected belongs to our society. – About all this, I am only willing to have a possible telephonic conversation, if you first respond in writing.

Best regards
K. Locher

Copies to
Dr.h.c.H.Rohr, Bilderdienst SAG
Dr.P.Wild, Astronomisches Institut Bern
R.Germann, Sektion Zürcher Oberland SAG

In the same Stimme der Wassermannzeit, Meier’s response was also published in pages 3-6 as follows:

Open letter

Dear Mr. Locher,

Your letter from November 22, ‘75 has delighted us much, even if the content showed more stupid, audacious and childish aspects as would be expected from a physics doctorate. As a person dedicated to reality, by the profession of a physicist, you should have considered, when you would think logically in this regard, that every matter should be examined and clarified unprejudiced, before untruthful allegations and even massive accusations are pronounced. Because false assertions and accusations are exactly what you have raised with your writing, without checking the facts at all, what one would actually have expected from a doctorate physicist in the first place. Therefore again think about it, that allegations and accusations are easily expressed and quickly lead to lies and slander, but that they are very difficult to correct again. With your professional position you should have figured that out yourself, what unfortunately hasn’t been the case.

If you feel too exalted to get familiar with the matter about which you want to express accusations and assertions in a honest and correct way, then it is not our fault that we have to answer in this way.  We are also very sorry that because of that the Swiss Astronomical Society is perhaps exposed in the sense that they have at least one member in their ranks who with regard to certain matters thinks and acts very unscientifically and incorrect. This brings us all the more sorrow, because otherwise the SAG very friendly and politely requested material from us to correctly get familiar with our case. This rejoices us even more, because it proves that at the SAG generally has members who boast great correctness and real scientific interests and efforts, and that in you are really only an isolated case who reacts in this way. This is really a great joy for us, because we adhere SAG, and we appreciate their work very highly. Therefore it’s the more regrettable that you apparently as an outsider joined this commendable society.

If you believe, Mr. Locher, that you can oblige us with your somewhat megalomaniacal demand: “About all this, I am only willing to have any telephonic conversation, when you first reply in writing”, then you seriously cut yourself in your fingers. Firstly, we did not commit a mistake, but you did. And secondly it is completely inappropriate of you to play the great man, because the title of a doctorate physicist neither means that the person in question is a true human being, nor that he is elevated in consciousness regarding certain matters. We do not appreciate cockiness, also not from you. If you want to talk to us, you have no choice then to get of your ‘high horse’ and behave as a true human being. With us a man is not rated according to his title, but solely by his values as a human being. Therefore, we’re very sorry we could not get around mentioning the SAG as well as Mr. H. Rohr, P. Wild and R. Germann in connection to your stupid, brazen letter, because you have mentioned them in your letter. We are very sorry about that, because exactly the mentioned gentlemen we know as very correct and realistic people.

We do not want to condemn you, Mr. Locher. It’s far from us to insult you. But your provocation made it necessary to answer you in this form. It is clear to us, that one should not simply accept or even believe everything without thought, because everything first requires a clarification. But this clarification should really happen, so no dumb, audacious letters like yours are written. If you want to make an effort, Mr. Locher, to fulfill the decency and correctness of real science, then we aren’t in anyway reluctant to talk to you and show you some material. However, please remember that we do not wish to be addressed as you try in your letter. You can be assured that we never let ourselves in with such megalomaniacal and stupid, brazen compulsory demands. If you want a discussion, it could only happen when you bother about human aspirations and renounce ostentatious demerits. Henceforth, for your stupid, brazen letters like you sent us, you should not use paper bearing the letterhead of SAG anymore, because your incorrectness and unscientific manner regarding the matters you complained about should not be associated with the SAG, because this truly commendable society and its members may be far beyond your personal grossness and degenerate machinations. You should really not defile this society and its correct thinking members by using the SAG paper, when you write such ill-considered letters.

You’re absolutely free to look closely to our photo material and different original films as well as get insight in our extensive written material, of which you really could learn a lot. However, it is not enough that you only take a look to simply fulfill the necessary demand and then continue to make your accusations only to stand by your once expressed view. If you decide to do so, then we expect from you that you renounce your prejudices and superior attitude and really look at everything from a neutral point of view, and only then make a judgement. It would neither serve you or us, if you would bother about the case with prejudice. However we hope that you are so much a man that you are able to rid yourself from prejudices and also with respect to a committed mistake could correct yourself. It would be very good when you could do this, so afterwards you could form a judgement in order to avoid a reproach of the population of Switzerland that you undermine the scientific study of the stellar world, because just by your thoughtless use of SAG letterhead paper this almost irreparable harm could come to your society, what for your sake we try to prevent by all means, which is why we also state our position regarding your letter in this public form. For this reason we like to attend the readers that the Swiss Astronomical Society hasn’t got something to do with the letter of Mr. Locher in any way and he alone is responsible for it. For our part, SAG and it’s other members are entirely beyond the stupid, brazen machinations of Mr. Locher, what should be very clearly understood by any person. The SAG and it’s members are in every respect known to us as very realistic, correct and commendable, so therefore they should not be drawn into a generalization, when the machinations of Mr. Locher are considered. Unfortunately there are always exceptions in any community, but the majority should not be held responsible for that. This should kindly be noted. The more pleasing it would be, when the exceptions would consider an improvement and would fit themselves into their community of their association or society, by which it would really be served.


August 1980 – The MUFON UFO Journal No. 150: ‘New View of Pleiades’ by Richard Hall

The Horsehead Nebula picture is mentioned in an article of Richard Hall in the MUFON UFO Journal. Following are the relevant excerpts from this article, available on the UFO-Prophet blog:

MUFON has received new information from reliable sources in Switzerland who have studied the Billy Meier photographs and other material (now in the book “UFO…Contact From the Pleiades”) since 1976.
Other discrepancies noted by the Swiss investigators:
One of the pictures allegedly shows the Horsehead Nebula in Orion as Meier flew past it in space; “Since it has a diameter of several light years the absurdity of such a claim is obvious. Moreover, the picture coincides exactly, including the foreground stars, with terrestrial photos of that nebula.”

1988 – Message from the Pleiades Vol. 1

Genesis III/Wendelle Stevens publishes Message from the Pleiades Vol. 1 with English translations of the contact notes. On page 338 he mentions that since some of Meier’s pictures of ‘stellar wonders’ were over exposed, out of focus, not reproduceable and contain other distortions, he was forced to collect Earth based observatory pictures to illustrate what he was trying to describe to others. These pictures, according to Stevens, eventually became confused by others as the pictures from the trip.

“The disappointment was crushing, and Meier was forced to resort to collecting other images to illustrate what he was trying to describe to others, including observatory pictures of some of the stellar wonders. Some of these became mounted in the picture albums by his friends, and eventually became confused by others as the pictures from the trip. In fact that was what we were told once by somebody there also, which we knew was not true, because those observatory views are only possible from the point in space occupied by the Earth, and through special hydrogen and other filters not available for small cameras. Eduard Meier has never told us that those pictures were taken on that extended trip.”

1995  – Spaceships of the Pleiades

Karl Korff analyses the Horsehead Nebula picture on page 256-258 in his book Spaceships of the Pleiades. He concludes Meier’s picture is an Earth-based astronomy picture:

SOTP - pg 256   SOTP - pg 257   SOTP - pg 258

April 1996 – UFO-Kurier Nr. 18: ‘The Meier controversy – New accusations’ by Luc Bürgin

Following is an excerpt from and article by Luc Bürgin in UFO-Kurier nr. 18, available on the UFO-Prophet blog:

“The discrepancies become even worse with his alleged space travels. In this case Meier brings forward among others self snapped pictures of Venus as proof for his assertions. Foolishly the visible cloud formations thereon are exactly identical with those visible on photos taken in 1974 by the NASA-orbiter Mariner 10 – by means of a special UV-filter of course! Billy’s story eventually becomes completely ridiculous, when we consider his picture of the Horsehead Nebula, which he supposedly snapped “from a few thousand kilometres distance”. An acquainted natural scientist comments: “The picture is identical to a picture from one of my astronomy books, including all stars in the foreground. Apart from that Meier could never have made any pictures of gas nebulae with his simple camera, since they shine far too faint. Nearby they are far too thin, to be visible anyway. For such pictures to be made from the earth one needs a precise telescope which follows the earth rotation and a long exposure time.”

2001 – Plejaren Ptaah verifies Meier’s outer space pictures and concludes 42 of them are genuine or only slightly falsified

In FIGU Special Bulletin 20 (original German here) an article was published regarding controversies about Meier’s UFO and outer space photos (especially the Pteranodon photo) and how these were manipulated by third parties (MIB, photographer Schmid etc.). Embedded in this article is an article written by FIGU core group member Hans Georg Lanzendorfer (HGL) about the same topic. Below are some relevant excerpts from this article:

“HGL: After the freshly developed dinosaur pictures were in the hands of “Billy,” these were seen and inspected by Quetzal. During this, dozens of pictures were noted by him, which quite clearly could not have come from the world NEBER and, therefore, had not been taken by “Billy,” about which Quetzal got very angry
This especially concerned that photograph, on which a pterosaur, with an ejecting fish and a white spot on its belly, was portrayed. With the help of this counterfeit, “Billy” should have one day been made a deceiver and contact swindler. Because of the manipulations, the photos were immediately recovered and destroyed by Quetzal in the middle of the 1970s, and indeed, still before they could be brought into circulation by FIGU or by “Billy.”
Before the original photos were removed and destroyed by Quetzal, however, the foundation member of FIGU, Guido Moosbrugger, came into the possession of some copies. However, he had to make the promise to the Plejaren and “Billy,” never to make the copies available to the public or to get rid of these in any way because the falsification from a foreign hand was also among the preserved photos. Should he fail to comply with the instruction, the pictures would have to be immediately confiscated and destroyed by the Plejaren, as this also happened with the originals of “Billy.” To this day, Guido Moosbrugger feels bound to his promise and has always kept the pictures under wraps.

In the course of the joint correction work on the Contact Reports by Ptaah, Florena, Enjana, “Billy” and Bernadette Brand, the time for clarifying had also come. In the year 2001, Guido was asked by “Billy” to make some of the photos available for publication in the corrected Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Report Block. Therefore, since the year 2001, several genuine dinosaur pictures and dinosaur slides from the possession of Guido Moosbrugger are to be found with “Billy” again, but these remain strictly under wraps. For the publication in the Contact Report Block, it was strictly ensured, with the help of Ptaah, that it only concerned “Billy’s” genuine pictures or his pictures that were only slightly falsified by Schmid, whereby the aforesaid falsification, for a logical reason, found no use. For this reason, the photo of the pterosaur that was falsified by a foreign hand is not shown in the new, hardback Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports Block No. 1.
Ptaah: Of the more than 1,378 pictures from your Great Journey, only a few remain, namely 42, which really came from you, while the majority of the 1,336 pictures consisted of foisted photocopies of some drawings, etc., which Quetzal discovered very quickly at that time, which is why he destroyed all slides and photos.
Worldwide, none of your dinosaur pictures and space pictures, etc. have been published, other than those that are shown in new Contact Report Block. These, however, are only a few copies of the real 42 shots, to which only very few falsifying and not any major changes were made.

This article implies the pictures published in the Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports are some of the 42 surviving space pictures that were checked very carefully with the help of the Plejaren Ptaah and are genuine or only slightly falsified.

2002 – Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakt Berichte Block 1

Meier/FIGU publishes the first block of the 3rd edition contact notes, Pleiadisch-plejarische Kontakt Berichte Block 1. On page 256 is the picture of the Horsehead Nebula allegedly photographed by Meier:

PPKB 01 - pg 256 - CR 031 (blurred)

January 11, 2010 – Contact Report 486

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