More references – Outer space pictures

Special apparatus through which Meier can take better pictures

In order for Meier to make better pictures during his Great Journey, the Plejaren have constructed a special apparatus.

Contact Report 30 Tuesday, July 15, 1975, 9:46 AM:

7. For this purpose we have constructed a special apparatus, by which you will be able to take better pictures with your camera – at least that’s what we hope for.

Contact Report 31 Thursday July 17, 1975 10:14 AM:

(The flight to Venus doesn’t take very long, so I have just enough time to examine in more detail the equipment for making the photos: the viewing screen looks to me like clear glass, through which everything outside can be observed. I only notice that this whole viewing screen has a very fine resolution, similar to a photographic print. The size of the screen is about 50 x 50 cm (~20″) while the color-radiation device is installed on the side of it and recessed, so I could not examine its inner workings.)


(Ptaah and Semjase turn to the instruments at the horseshoe-shaped console. Small light-bodies light up, and dark picture screens come alive. Shapes that are completely strange to me appear on them, and for the first time I hear a tone now, a very faint and somewhat soothing singing like metal. I look up at the transparent dome and see that stars of all sizes go by very quickly, and now suddenly merge into a milkish white veil. This only takes a few seconds, and now they are already recognizable as bright stars again, passing by at tremendous speed. But that only lasts a few seconds as well, until they go along slowly like before. During this whole time I feel somewhat weird, but I feel a very profound peace in me. Then I hear the voice of Semjase. This surprises me since Ptaah had asked for silence. I wonder if something had to be delayed with the transmission?)


187. If you want, you can take some photographs here, but whether they will succeed I cannot judge.
188. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether Earth cameras can take pictures through the dome.
189. But we will know this after you have developed your film.
190. If you want, we can have the equipment brought from my beamship.
I would be thankful for the photographic gear, Semjase, because it certainly should work..

Importance of space photos

Contact Report 35, Tuesday, September 16, 1975, 9:14 AM (Message from the Pleaides Vol 1, pg. 394, 1988)

1084. Now I have something to say.
1085. My daughter has now advised you several times to trouble yourself in a  lesson-like manner for the spreading of the given to you concerns.
1086. You have prepared a lecture all right, but then not used it efficiently.
1087. We have allowed you for this purpose to get very good photographs of Semjase’s ship, and we gave this chance for photographing while with us on this trip (BMUFOR note: Great Journey).
1088. But until now you have not troubled yourself for any publicity with your lectures in fulfillment of your mission.
1089. This is very much unserviceable for our  concerns, and this is irresponsible of you.
1090. As you do not trouble for that, you give bad service for our  mission.
1091. With the new pictures from this trip (BMUFOR note: Great Journey), you are in possession of very much photo material, which now you must evaluate.
1092. It is un-useful for the whole matter when you now lock all the material away somewhere and leave it fallow.
1093. Your mission is to put this all together and to make it known to the interested public by giving explanations.
1094. It is no more suited anyhow, that you keep silence about these things, because the whole mission is of great importance.
1095. Only by such coming to publicity can you spread this knowledge and accomplish your mission for which  you have been impressed in the form of a prophet, and you had undertaken this mission to yourself quite consciously and willingly.
1096.The time urges and you have to reach out to the public.

Development and fate of outer space photos

During the time period of July-September 1975, funds were raised to develop the hundreds of photographs which Meier allegedly shot during his 5-day trip through the universe and even into a the parallel DAL universe. After his return, several rolls of film were given to the now-deceased photographer Schmid for development. On pages 338-339 of Messages from the Pleiades (1st ed.) Vol 1 and in FIGU Special Bulletin 20 (July 2005) the following is said about these received photos:

MFTP 1 - pg 338   MFTP 1 - pg 339

Baavi ETs inspirational impulses…

…or the “reason” for the controversial outer space pictures that are identical to the already known ones from earlier sci-fi movies, TV shows, magazines..etc

According to Meier, he made more than 1,378 pictures during his Great Journey , of which 1,336 were falsified. And only the remaining 42 are either genuine or only slightly falsified, which are published in the Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte and Guido’s book ‘Und sie fliegen doch’ (And still they fly). But there are more complications; on page 170-171 of And still they fly‘ (2004) Guido writes the following:

Moreover, it happened that Billy’s photos of outer space were shown on television without naming their origin. Several pictures in circulation were used to make deceptively similar, though somewhat altered, reproductions in order to represent future earth technology Worst of all was the fact that some of the motives had already been known for years in trick or science fiction movies, before Billy traveled through outer space and had made public the photos relating thereto. In Billy’s case, whoever knew nothing of the facts undoubtedly must have assumed there was something fishy going on. But nothing “fishy” was taking place. First, some facts were not known until later — not even to Billy — and second, the skeptics did not know soon enough, or not at all.

The true background is that the Baavi Intelligences (pg. 176 – [Baa-vee] Baavi Intelligence have an association with the Pleiadians and are called on occasion to perform special tasks for them. They live in the same Tayget SOL System and dimensional plane, as do the Pleiadians) had a mission to transmit several very special pictures, identical to Billy’s space photographs, to certain sensitive earth artists in an inspirational manner; for example, to artists who specialize in futuristic illustrations, science fiction authors, and the like. Unfortunately, these inspirations were transmitted before Billy’s space photos were publicized, that means with full intention — if one disregards a mishap in this matter.

According to the opinion of the extraterrestrials, earth people are to be prepared for coming events. This is to be accomplished in a very graphic manner through the publication of such “inspirations” in the form of pictures. However, the criteria used to select the photos is unknown to me.

Billy thus had to swallow the accusations that his photos were not genuine and that he had merely copied them from existing paintings, magazine photos and illustrations of every kind, or were photographed from television programs. For our extraterrestrial friends, the entire misery must have been like a bracing cold shower. Their well-intended efforts produced the exact opposite effect. Certainly, the actions of the Baavi Intelligences can be correctly understood only if we try to put ourselves into their totally different manner of thinking. Lying and cheating are foreign to them. They freed themselves of these vices quite some time ago. They were only reminded of it again after they discovered that lying and cheating on earth is the usual practice. Thus, viewed from their lofty standpoint, no one can blame them for completely misjudging the earth peoples’ behavior. Had they imagined how negative the reaction would be to their plans, they would certainly have refrained from carrying them out and would have left their premature “inspirations” alone.”

ASTF - pg 170   ASTF - pg 171

All outer space pictures come from a Sci-Fi movie

Contact Report 236, Thursday, April 26, 1990, 12:03 AM

Then still the last question: over and over again, I am asked about the space photos of my great journey, namely in reference to whether these were traded around and became falsified.

302. You probably don’t mean the paper images but rather the slides.
303. Yes, those were greatly falsified by the machinations of the fallible ones, and I mean all of them, because out of all those that Quetzal took and examined, there weren’t any that weren’t maliciously manipulated, and they ultimately turned out to be shots that correspond to a future film that was produced by our impulses on the Earth.

And how did it happen, then, that the shots resembled the conditions of reality?

304. Because our transmitted impulses were given to the Earth people in the form of impulse-images that corresponded to true, existent things of foreign worlds.

Planets, suns, humans, apparatuses, dinosaurs, and plants – were all these things included?

305. That corresponds what was done.

Restriction on the publication of the space pictures

Contact Report 239, Friday, December 20, 1991, 12:28 AM

Then another question: in the future, may we use the space photos snapped by me and make them publicly accessible?

36. That should be omitted under all circumstances.
37. I cannot give permission for this.
38. Too many factors speak against the fact that the images should be presented.
39. Already once before, we made the mistake of giving permission for publication, and it brought immense harm.
40. The people and the times have not yet changed sufficiently, that we could allow these pictures to be published, either in small circles or in the large public.
41. We must strictly insist that the remaining pictures are not used for any purposes.
42. Quetzal destroyed all of your own pictures, like also the pictures of San Francisco.
43. Only Guido is, according to our knowledge, still in possession of space pictures.
44. Nevertheless, he may not utilize these under any circumstances; otherwise, we would have to destroy these as well, which would cause us very much sorrow, because for a much later time, they will be of great utility, which Guido won’t experience, however, because this will be long after his time.

Purchase date of Meier’s Color TV

It has been suggested by skeptics that Meier photographed several of his outer space pictures (ex: Asket-Nera, Apollo-Soyuz, etc.) from TV. According to FIGU Bulletin 16 Meier only purchased his first color TV in July 1976, about a year after his Great Journey from July 17-22, 1975:

“Not until July 1976 did Billy purchase his first color TV unit (brand SABA) from Mr. Baer’s Bauma store. Whereas the photos of Asket and Nera were taken a year earlier, on June 26, 1975*.”

* This date doesn’t at all match with the date of Meier’s space journey i.e., between July 17-22, 1975 during which he allegedly photographed Asket and Nera.

Plejaren order FIGU to no longer respond to any controversies

Contact Report 486 – January 11, 2010

In CR 486 the Plejaren female Florena tells Billy that he and the FIGU members shouldn’t respond anymore to any controversies triggered by ‘malicious ones, by know-it-alls, critics and calumniators’, because they feel enough evidence is provided to prove Meier’s contacts are genuine:

During correction work, you made a remark in regard to Quetzal and Ptaah. You said that you were instructed by them to explain something to me with respect to the beamship photos, our contacts and in accordance with the calumnies which appear again and again.

3. That is right, because Ptaah and Quetzal did not have the necessary time last Saturday for them to have been able to discuss these things with you, whereby they just now instructed me to.
4. This deals with the fact that even today, after more than 30 years of our contacts, malicious know-it-alls, critics and calumniators still cannot come to terms with the facts and with the truth that our contacts are real and also that your photographic material, which we instructed you to create, is genuine.
5. No matter how much evidence is provided regarding our contacts – for instance by witnesses of integrity who have seen our flying devices and have even seen some of us Plejaren ourselves, and have experienced things with you which have pointed clearly to our presence – all these things are maliciously and, as if they know better, criticised, whereby you are also slandered and accused of deception, of swindles and lies.
6. Since the beginning of the existence of our contacts and the release of your evidential materials starting from the year 1975, in this respect, again and again controversy has been triggered by malicious ones, by know-it-alls, critics and calumniators.
7. The truth of the contacts and the genuineness of the photographs and other materials were thereby called into question and malicious calumniators made accusations that they are deceptive and mendacious.
8. Recently, after such a long time, the attempt is now being made again by persons who are hateful and profoundly poor in intellect and rationality, as it is by Korff.
9. In his hatred of you, this man hurts himself, because in all the years of his efforts, with respect to his intrigues and calumnies against you, he was unable to accomplish anything.
10. So again he takes his hatred against you to start a new controversy, because in all the years he could not come to terms with never really being able to find something against you and against our contacts and against your photographic material, through which he would have been able to convict you of deception, of swindle and lies.
11. So, hatefully and in ridiculous ways, he fabricated impossible things, especially with regard to the photographic materials, which he cites as “proof” of his absurd claims and theories.
12. Thereto, according to Ptaah and Quetzal and from all of us who work together with them and discuss all necessary things with them, I now should advise that you and the Core Group members and passive members, as well as Michael Horn and others, in no further way ought to involve yourselves in any controversy in said form.
13. Also, in the correspondence as well as on the FIGU forums and with journalists and visitors, and so forth, the whole thing ought not to be gone into, and thus no questions relevant to controversy or other questions which are directed at calling the truth into question, are to be answered any more.
14. For the longest time, in the same way that evidence of the truth of our collective contacts has already been provided by many witnesses, as has the genuineness of your photos made of our beamships and various materials, which were given by Genesis III in the USA, to renowned scientific experts and institutions for scientific investigation and analysis and which proved that all the material corresponds to genuineness and that no counterfeits whatsoever are presented.
15. Also, the investigations on the sites and locations where the photos, and so forth, were made showed that all your data correspond to the truth and that no deception whatsoever is present.
16. This must finally be accepted. However, after all the evidence provided and after a time of more than 30 years, whoever – in regard to the presentation of evidence – still cannot accept this, is poor and paranoid in regard to intelligence and rationality.
17. Therefore, neither you, nor other members or friends and acquaintances, ought to react to further discriminatory machinations and questions, rather declare that the evidence of the genuineness and truth in regard to the contacts and photos, as well as other materials is sufficiently provided, consequently it is nonsensical to still continue to talk about it.

Ptaah has privately briefly indicated that already, but then he did not speak to me any further about it.

18. It is for that reason that I was instructed to do it.

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