Are Billy Meier’s Spiritual Teachings Homophobic? – Part 1/2

The original teachings from 1970’s, 80’s and early 90’s


Billy Meier is the self-proclaimed Universal-Prophet, the alleged 7th and final prophet in a lineage of prophets that were assigned to the mission on Earth. His supporters claim Meier has provided Earth humanity with the renewed and uncorrupted Universal spiritual teachings that would ensure our future survival from the negative effects of erroneous sects, cults, religions and philosophies, that have been degenerated and/or falsified over millennia. As a part of his Earth mission, Meier has published numerous books and booklets on the Creational/Universal Natural laws and Recommendations which regulate ‘the entire life of every single life form, from the fauna and flora up to the human.’1

Here, we look at the topic of homosexuality from Meier’s Universal spiritual teachings perspective, particularly male homosexuality.


The following excerpts on the topic of homosexuality have been taken from the respective Meier publications. For complete original German verses and/or their English translations, click on this References page or see below.


Allegedly, several millenia ago Genesis was transmitted to earth humans through prophet(s) from the PETALE-plane, the highest existing Spirit-form plane of the Creation-Universe. However, the content was never written down, and its message was corrupted over time. Thus, PETALE newly transmitted Genesis to Meier between December, 1975 and May, 1976 so it could finally be written down for posterity. The book is said to contain the teaching of the Creation as well as the origin of the Creational-law based evolution of the Universe, the stars, the flora and fauna and the human forms of life, and the resulting evolutionary guidelines for human beings.2 Genesis, published in German, has copyright dates of 1975/2012. The first edition was published as two volumes, probably one in 1975 and the second in 1976. Since 1985, Genesis was published in a single volume, however it is not sure whether any changes were made to it or not.3 The official second edition was published in 2012.

During the transmission on January 13, 1976, PETALE-plane on pg. 87 of the first edition stated that Genesis was for the first time given in written form through our “Prophet” Meier in a language that is simple and understandable for us earthlings:

2. Thus to prevent another time the distortion and denial of the values of the Genesis, it’s now for the first time given in written form through us and your Prophet in its whole values and according to your comprehensible language and to your understanding, explanatorily phrased through your Prophet in great wisdom and the knowledge of wisdom and in the sevenfold love and concern for you, human of the Earth, without a jot of desire for worldly honors or rewards within him, only done in truth and honesty in deep veneration before the sevenfold omnipotence of the Creation.

Meier, on pg. 91 of the same edition, reiterated the same as follows:

4. In my mission the task entrusted to me, dear human being, is to expositorily explain the transmitted teachings, which follows manifold as principle-tenets, in a form that is adapted to your understanding and your language.

Regarding the topic of homosexuality, in pgs. 184-185 of the same first edition, PETALE-plane imparted the following to Meier:

The Seven Commandments4 of Sexual Life

3) Homosexuality

11. Designated as homosexuality is the physical joining of two beings of the same species and gender, also called male and male or female and female.
12. Among all male life forms it is an aberration against nature; among all female life forms it is a natural arrangement.
13. Therefore, the sexual joining between two males is an aberration against nature because insemination and insemination come together in a wrong act of procreation.
14. This is a form of aberration generated by male life forms with degenerate sensory perceptions and self-generated, unnatural perverse forms of desire.
15. This type of sexual activity can only come about among male, human life forms with inherent homophile selfishness who, as life forms, are misled and degenerated through factors of false teachings, uncontrolled perverse desires and unlawful lusts.
16. As a rule, so this degenerate action is only associated with the human male form of life, already trained to manic forms.
17. No other form of life has gone astray in this degenerate sexual relationship form, except the human male.
This is a malicious violation of all laws and recommendations, because insemination and insemination comes down to a wrong act of procreation, so delusive, incapable-of-conception lifeforms treacherously copulate with each other.
19. It is in a different form, the homosexuality between women and women, since it is in their form determined naturally and lawfully.

In later verses 20-26, Meier explains why homosexuality is acceptable amongst women as already indicated in the earlier verses 12 and 19. He claims that in some extremely rare occurrences (where either the male life forms in large-scale become infertile or extinct) women can conceive through a certain psychic-wish structure, or physical union with other female life forms, and thus female homosexuality is not against Creational law.  (This form of reproduction could be called parthenogenesis, whose possibility of occurrence in humans, according to current knowledge, is virtually zero.) Meier then concludes this chapter on homosexuality by stating the following on pg. 186:

Interpretative declaration

These statements of this commandment by PETALE are fully sufficient and understandable, so any further written interpretations and explanations may not be needed.

The following are the key points regarding male homosexuality from this doctrine:

Talmud Jmmanuel

Talmud Jmmanuel (TJ) purportedly contains the German translation of ancient Aramaic scrolls discovered in 1963 in a tomb just south of the Old City of Jerusalem by Meier and Isa Rashid. These scrolls, comprising the “uncorrupted” original teachings and life events of the man named Jmmanuel, aka Jesus Christ, are alleged to be the original source from which the rest of the Gospels are based. TJ was first published in German in 1978, and in English in 1984. Later two further editions of German TJ were published in 1991 and 2011. The German-English bilingual editions were also published in 1992, 1996, 2001 and 2007.

The following excerpts are taken from pgs. 34-35 of the 1984 ed. whose translation is based on the first German ed. from 1978:

Chapter 12
Regarding Marriage and Cohabitation

6. But, if two men cohabit with each other, they should be punished also, for the fallible are not worthy of life and its laws, therefore they should be castrated5 and expelled and banned before the people.
7. But if two women cohabit with each other, they should not be punished, for they do not go against life and its laws, since they are not inseminating, but bearing.
8. When inseminator and inseminator get together, life is desecrated and killed, but if conception and conception get together, there is no desecration, no killing, nor creating.
9. Verily I say to you, there is no animal under the sky, which like man would go against the laws of The Creation and of nature. But are you not more than the animal?
10. There is no animal under the sky with two males cohabiting together, but females are found together with females6; for male and female follow the laws of nature.

17. Verily, verily, I say to you: These laws were given by The Creation and Nature, and they should be followed or men bring death upon themselves and all mankind.7

Verses 11-16, talks about punishing – castrating, sterilizing, banishing, or executing – people who indulge in fornication, cohabiting with a child, incest, bestiality, marrying a divorced guilty-man or -woman and begetting a child from out of wedlock. Now, back to the topic of homosexuality.

During Meier’s 23rd contact (June 3, 1975), Semjase (one of Meier’s alleged Plejaren contact persons) affirms Meier that these laws are valid throughout the universe, up to this day. But, Semjase states that the only difference being that the old punishments as found in TJ – castration, sterilization, banishment, or outright execution – have now been replaced among the Plejaren as a result of their spiritual development with lifelong exile to different planets or islands, according to gender, so that opposite sex would not be sent to the same planet/island where they will be able to procreate descendents. If this punishment is also valid for gay “culprits,” wouldn’t it be self-defeating to send them to an isolated island or a planet?

The following are the key points regarding male homosexuality from TJ and Contact Report 23:

Gesetz der Liebe

The book Gesetz der Liebe or ‘Law of Love’, published by Meier in German in 1979 and again in 1995, talks about love as the basis of all existence. It contains the principles of love, their definition and importance in human life. Billy, who wrote this book himself, presented it to the Plejaren ET Quetzal for checking on the 19th of October 1978, whereupon he had to interpose some points which had been developed by the High Council for people on Earth. This then led him to amend and extend the entire work, which amounted to a new start, so that the Law of Love could only be published on the 13th of January 1979.8 Plejaren ETs – Quetzal, Semjase and her sister Pleija – were so impressed with this book’s contents that they have requested Meier for copies for their personal study.9

On a side note, Plejaren ET Ptaah has instructed Meier to conduct a test, towards the end of 1980’s, among the FIGU core group members so as to evaluate their knowledge on the Law of Love.10 Ptaah warned that those core group members who would fail this test (and also another test on meditation) must be excluded from Meier’s group without any possibility of return.11

Even though there are no explicit remarks on the topic of homosexuality, following two excerpts from the 1979 ed. (remained the same in the 1995 ed. as well) of ‘Law of Love’ (page 17 ff.) do indeed implicitly address the relationships among homosexuals:

“The love-alliance is given in accordance with the fulfillment of duty of the offspring procreation and helpful of evolution. This means that an alliance love is given by the true love, as it is called the Law of Love:

Love is the absolute certainty that one lives with and coexists with everything, thus, in everything which exists: In fauna and flora, in the fellow humans, in every material life-form, no matter which kind, and in the existence of the entire universe and beyond.

The fulfillment of this law is a prerequisite for love-alliance, which further states here that between people therefore an alliance will be entered in a loving form, whose purpose and meaning must be anchored in the offspring procreation and evolutionary aid. This makes it clear that the true love alone and as part of the neighbourly love and Universal love is transcended in this regard in the form, that other forms of love appear here, namely, the love of the fulfillment of duty of offspring procreation with the partner with whom the alliance is closed, then the love for his body, which is important for the offspring procreation, and also his psyche, which is capable of forming a balance through the total love of partners in evolution.”

“… It is now given that positive (male) and negative (female) complement each other in the entire universe, with a single positive able to absorb several negative and in their union even be constructive, creative and evolving, whereas the coming together of two positives would destroy each other, cause an explosion and sow destruction. So it is also now given in the alliance between man and woman, and thus in the love-alliance. … “

Following are the key points on the topic of homosexuality from the Law of Love:


Meier purportedly has written down his greatest work’, ‘The Book of Books,’ OM from the 10th of May 1983 to 1st of May 1984, and from 21st of May 1984 to 9th of October 1984. The description of the book from the FIGU online shop reads:

This book allegedly contains the most important Creational laws and recommendations, ordering rules and guidelines; goal and mission of man in the material and spiritual life, interpreted and explained by the JHWH Ptaah and His prophet Billy.

This retransmitted, unfalsified, universal spiritual teachings was published in German for the first time in 1987, and a second edition was later published in 2011. The content of the OM comes from four different sources. One source is the original re-transmission of the ancient-OM supposedly written down by the prophet Henok 389,000 years ago (telepathically delivered to Meier by Ptaah). The second source is the reproduction of over 2,500 proverbs of wisdom in their “original and correct form,” that have been wrongly credited to King Solomon who actually got it from much more ancient teachings and falsified them to a large extent. The third source is the spiritual teachings delivered by Semjase, daughter of Ptaah. And the fourth and the final source is all the remaining teachings, proverbs, explanations and clarifications from Meier.

The teaching contained in the OM, has been hailed by Meier and Plejaren ET Ptaah, as immutable, unambiguous and understandable:

3. This is the book of the laws and directives of Creation, laid out and explained with understandable words. (Canon 3, verse 3, pg. 2)

102. And this truthfully is the book of the word of truth, which is revealed through the JHWH and the Prophet, and which is unchangeable and not in need of reform for all times. (Canon 20, verse 102, pg. 38)

The following excerpts are from the OM 1987 ed. on the topic of homosexuality purportedly conveying the ancient, timeless teachings:

Canon 24, pg. 69

136. And the man may have wives in several numbers, because he is the impregnating and procreating one, who can pair with and impregnate several wives.
137. And as the man is the part of the whole impregnation and pairing of the woman, and of himself he can not be birth-giving, so is given to him as sexual partner to sleep with only the woman as the only lifeform.
138. For as a man cannot give birth, so a sexual contact from man to man or between man and man can’t exist, which would be a trespass against the guidance of Creation and against Its laws and commandments and against the sevenfold order.
139. But if the man trespasseth against the guidance of Creation in this matter, if therefore he as man gets together in wanton manner of sexual contact with another man, he becomes guilty for life for a measure-fulfillment-place, and the same measure shall prevail, if man or woman put themselves together with other lifeforms which are called animals.

Canon 32, pgs. 190-191, 235 and 239:

296. As a eunuch has no wives and cannot procreate children, as a wolf does not create offspring with a sow, and as a gift, which one gives an unrighteous one, is squandered, so it is wrongly squandered energy and swinish action, if men and men sexually lie together.
297. If two men engage in sexual love, this compares to two burrowing boars which try to mate in a stinking puddle.

298. Two women united in sexual love are a lovely blended unit, like husband and wife, like the sun ray which conceals light and warmth within.

1574. Women are all sisters, for uniformly they have a shame for the same purpose, but men are not all brothers, although they have a shame, yet many degenerations exist among them for homosexuality.

1575. Homosexual men are degenerates who blaspheme life and Creation.

1743. The dung heap stinks less than whores, male-whores and homosexuals.

The following are the key points regarding male homosexuality from OM:

Stimme der Wassermannzeit

Stimme der Wassermannzeit (SWZ) or Voice of the Aquarian Age, is a periodical newsletter that is being published by Meier/FIGU since August 1975. In the beginning, Meier alone wrote, edited, and printed this as a monthly publication. Later, articles by the members of his group, FIGU and others were allowed to be published. Since 1985, the editorial work has been officially passed over to FIGU, who work under the guidance of their chief editor, Meier. Since then this monthly publication became a quarterly publication12

On the topic of homosexuality, FIGU core group member, Ms. Bernadette Brand has published an article – Homosexualität: Betrachtet nach Aspekten des ‘OM’ und des ‘Gesetz der Liebe’ / Homosexuality: Considered according to the aspects of theOM‘ and ‘Law of Love’ – in pgs. 6-20 of SWZ Nr. 64, Jahrgang 12,  in September 1987. As the title of the article suggests, Brand cites excerpts from Meier’s books OM and Law of Love, and expounds on the origins of homosexuality, reasons why it is not in accordance with Creation and measures that should be taken against homosexuality based on the Creational Laws and Recommendations.

Before we present the gist of this particular article, first we would like to furnish you with more background information on how articles generally gets published in SWZs. This information comes from the article – Artikelgestaltung für die “Stimme der Wassermannzeit” / Composition of articles for “Voice of the Aquarian Age” – written von Bernadette Brand in Zusammenarbeit mit Billy / by Bernadette Brand in collaboration with Billy and published in SWZ, Nr. 71, Jahrgang 13, June 1989. Following is a brief summary of that article published on pgs. 26-30:

  1. All members in the editorial meetings will discuss the pros and cons of each article and decide whether it should be published or not.
  2. In most cases, after an article is approved, stylistic, orthographical and technical or factual corrections are still made, culminating in a complete redaction and revision.
  3. Checking of articles dealing with topics like spiritual matters, Creational Laws and Commandments, as well as guidelines and teachings of any kind is incomparably more tight and rigorous.
  4. Articles published by FIGU members and others are ‘checked very thoroughly and precisely by Billy and as a rule are criticized and corrected until the content and statements correspond exactly with the facts and the truth.’ In many cases, an article has to be rewritten, corrected or revised, upto and even more than 4 times, which often takes weeks or months since the SWZ articles are exclusively written in the leisure time of the core group members.
  5. So, those articles that were recently (around 1989) published, with the assistance of Meier bears the sign ‘in Zusammenarbeit mit Billy / in collaboration with Billy’ or in the case of such similar earlier articles, either it was signed as ‘nach Erklärungen von Billy / based on explanations from Billy’ or simply none at all.

What is so special about the above article is that Ms. Brand, towards the end of her Nr. 71 article, listed a few (11) examples of SWZ articles that were published according to the strict procedure mentioned above. And one among them is – ‘Nr. 64 “Homosexualität betrachtet nach Aspekten des OM und des Gesetz der Liebe” von Bernadette Brand’.13

Having thus provided the purported greater level of truthfulness and accuracy the Nr. 64 article contains, we now shift our attention to its contents that were laboriously put down by Ms. Brand herself with the help of Meier. Following is a brief summary of the Nr. 64 article, that starts with the following preamble:

Ms. Brand then posed the following three questions and extensively answered them one by one:

For the first question – Why is homosexuality not in accordance with Creation? – Brand quotes the Meier’s spiritual teachings texts from OM (Canon 24, verses 136-138) and Gesetz der Leibe (pg. 17 ff.) and concluded the following:

For the second question – What causes homosexuality? – Brand answered:

And finally for the third question – What measures should be taken based on the Creational Laws and Recommendations? – Brand answered:

Following are the key points in regards to male homosexuality from this entire SWZ, Nr. 64 article:

Randolph Winter’s interview

Following is a transcript from Meier’s ex-representative Randolph Winter’s (RW) interview with Billy Meier (BM) himself, recorded inside Meier’s own property in 1989. The topic of the discussion is homosexuality, starting at 26:13 min. into the video and ending at 30:18 min.

RW: One thing I know people are curious about is – why we are born either a man or a woman? And do we go back and forth? And if you are a woman, you stay a woman for a long time or does it go back and forth?
BM: No. You can change this from life time to life time. If you stay in this life you are a man, now you like to be a woman in the next life time, next reincarnation or next incarnation, then you have to program your self, your mind, your…consciousness…to get the free line to be at next time a woman.
RW: So we have control over that?
BM: You have control over it. But if you are not clear working, you don’t know really you want to be a man or a woman, then it will be…a little bit wrong at the next life time because then you will be a homosexual man. If you not know what you will be really, if a woman or if a man.
RW: So you must make a decision with clear thinking.
BM: Yes.
RW: And if you leave this life without clear thinking and you are confused as to be a man or a woman, may be you will come back a homosexual.
BM: Yeah.
RW: Ahh. Do you make the decision on the other side to be a man or the woman or it must be first in the material life?
BM: This you ready up in your mind in the material life. You will set in the material life the directly line to be that or that in the next life. But you will have to be careful about homosexuality. There is other kind of homosexuality. The second one is made out of a disease..
RW: Disease?
BM: Yeah.
RW: Like a sickness?
BM: Yeah. But both, you can change through teaching, if you are teaching such people who is homosexual, you can help them may be by..(what you say)..psychologie?
RW: Ohh, psychology?
BM: Psychology!
RW: Help them with their thinking?
BM: Yeah.
RW: So if someone is homosexual in this lifetime, then you can help them get their thinking clear, and in the next time they will not be homosexual.
BM: Yeah, yeah. Or may be its possible to change it in this life. That they come to really good thinkings and feelings, and they can change in this life. It’s absolutely possible.

Winters, on pgs. 145-146 of his The Pleiadian Mission: A Time of Awareness published in 1994, summarizes the above discussion as follows:

We have the ability to have an effect on our next life in some ways. We can make conscious decisions about our choice of gender, for instance. If you have lived a life as a woman and wish to return as a man, this is possible through generating the will to do so in your spiritual self. Subconsciously we make the decision on gender based on lessons that we are trying to learn or experiences we are trying to have. If, during our material life, we have become confused about our gender through emotional trauma or other experiences that make us unstable about our sexuality, we may leave the material world in a confused state. If this happens, we will continue to be confused on the other side, for the programming or decision- making needs to be made in the material life. When we return to the material world, the state of confusion will lead us to be born as a homosexual. This confusion of spirit will also play a hand in the development of the body and certain areas of the brain that affect sexual attraction. Since this is a form of illogical thinking and confusion on the part of the spirit, it can be dealt with during the material life through a slow process of logical thinking and experience allowing the individual to discover his sexuality and reprogram himself. For a person experiencing sexual confusion, it is important to program your spirit as to your sexual preference while still alive, as this will control how you will return in the next life and end the confusion.

Following are the key points regarding homosexuality14 from the above information:


The only conclusion that can be drawn on the topic of male homosexuality – as preached and condoned by PETALE/High-Council/Plejaren ETs/Jmmanuel/Meier – is that they unambiguously espouse a vicious, reprehensible and pseduoscientific homophobic doctrine. This doctrine, including the dreadful punishments for their transgression such as castration, sterilization, expulsion, or banishment, was predicated upon three main core arguments:

  1. Male-to-male sexual activity doesn’t procreate life
  2. Human Male homosexuality is a self-generated mental-illness that can be cured
  3. There is absolutely no male homosexuality in animal kingdom

Before we address each of these three points, note that Meier always speak benignly about female homosexuality. This is based on the females alleged ability to “self-fertilize”  (parthenogenesis) which is supposedly possible in extremely rare circumstances, as described in the above verses from Genesis. This latent ability, according to Meier, makes female homosexuality acceptable. Even if this is truly a latent ability in women, the same criticism that applied to male homosexuality in Brand’s Meier-approved article, i.e., that gay male relationships are inevitably unsuccessful for lack of a masculine-feminine polarity, should also equally apply to female homosexuality. In any case, there is of course no known examples of such asexual reproduction in humans – or in any mammalian species – in the entire historical record.

1. Male-to-male sexual activity doesn’t procreate life

While it is a fact that no fertilization occurs in male-male sexual activity, cutting-edge science suggests a male egg and a female sperm could very well be created in the near future. When this becomes a reality, then both gay and lesbian couples15 could have their own babies that have genetic material from both parents. Until that time, current available options for homosexual couples wanting to have a (direct) genetic relationship with their babies include donor insemination (In Vivo or In Vitro fertilization), co-parenting, and surrogacy. Other options include adopting or fostering a child.16

Often religious fundamentalists, homophobes, conservatives, etc., oppose homosexual marriage and procreation/adoption of kids by homosexuals, especially conservative Christians, who cite biblical verses condemning homosexuality as a sin or abomination. One of their main arguments is that homosexuality goes against God’s creational design, that it is “unnatural” and goes against the God-ordained family unit of husband, wife, and child(ren).

It is interesting to notice the similarity between the views of religious fundamentalists and Meier on (male) homosexuality, who both hold that it is ‘unnatural’ and transgresses divine or Creational law. Not surprisingly, both the ancient religious scriptures and the ones that were preached and/or condoned by PETALE/High-Council/Plejaren ETs/Jmmanuel/Meier failed to either foresee or take into consideration the (modern concept of) surrogacy that started in mid-1970s. Through surrogacy, each male parent in a homosexual couple can have children of their own, where each child is biologically related to only one parent but not both. It is quite revealing that PETALE/High-Council/Plejaren ETs/Jmmanuel/Meier would sanction female homosexuality citing an hypothetical end-of-the-fertile-male-world scenario that virtually never happens, but would condone barbaric punishments for male homosexuality, glaringly ignoring the above discussed medical technologies and methods that easily enables male homosexuals to have children of their own. Also on the other hand, people since ancient times, who were either impotent or sterile, have chosen adoption as a method for becoming parents. Why this possibility was totally ignored in the Creational laws and commandments? And what is wrong with this adoption method? Meier, as far as we know, never addressed these issues (initially for nearly three decades).

Another interesting point to note here is that these so-called Creational laws and commandments speak against the inability to procreate among male homosexuals as a sin that needs to be punished very grievously. Then what about all the countless non-procreative sexual activities among heterosexual couples where ejaculation happens but with no possibility of conception (ex: using contraceptives, non-vaginal ejaculation, infertile or sterilized males and females, etc.)? And what about masturbation? Also, what about those heterosexual couples who simply decided to be childfree for life?  

As far as we know, there are no answers from Creation on these pertinent questions in Meier literature. Apparently Creation, just like the traditional GOD of the religions seems to work in mysterious ways by making things ambiguous, fragmentary and self-contradictory.

2. Human Male homosexuality is a self-generated mental-illness that can be cured

Public’s knowledge and attitudes towards homosexuality, throughout the ages, have largely been influenced by their religion and culture. Throughout the majority of Christian history, most theologians and Christian denominations have viewed homosexual behavior as immoral or sinful, and has been severely punished by law (even death penalty). This general Christian attitude was based on the Catholic’s understanding of the natural law and traditional interpretations of certain passages in the Bible. Most theories proposed by “experts” studying homosexuality scientifically in the 19th century, regarded it as a disease (hereditary degeneration, inborn abnormality, etc.), which had a great influence on how it was viewed culturally. Prior to and throughout most of the 20th century, common standard psychology viewed homosexuality as a mental illness that is acquired through environmental influences and personal choices, and that it could be cured through therapy and freedom of self. But at the same time, cumulative empirical evidence for the genetic and hormonal theory on the origin of homosexuality kept building up.

Prior to 1973, homosexuality appeared in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the official reference book used by the American Psychiatric Association for diagnosing mental disorders in America and throughout much of the rest of the world. In 1973, the weight of empirical data, coupled with changing social norms, led the American Psychiatric Association remove their classification of homosexuality as a mental disorder from their DSM manual. The American Psychological Association Council of Representatives followed suit in 1975. Thereafter other major mental health organizations followed, including the World Health Organization in 1990. Over the years, homosexuals along with other sexual orientations (LGBT) have formed various organizations to further their efforts for equal and fair treatment. This movement along with the growing body of scientific research into sexual orientations and gender identities have largely influenced the public opinion in favor of homosexuality as a normal and natural variation in human sexuality.

The various  theories and techniques behind the homosexual/bisexual to heterosexual conversion therapy, especially the one that is propounded by Meier (psychological counselling), are founded on the assumption that homosexuality is a mental disorder that can be cured. Techniques used in conversion therapy prior to 1981 in the United States and Western Europe included ice-pick lobotomies and chemical castration with hormonal treatment, aversive treatments, such as the application of electric shock to the hands and/or genitals, and nausea-inducing drugs administered simultaneously with the presentation of homoerotic stimuli, and masturbatory reconditioning. More recent clinical techniques used in the United States have been limited to counseling, visualization, social skills training, psychoanalytic therapy, and spiritual interventions such as prayer and group support and pressure. While the earlier set of techniques appear barbaric and brutal, they won’t even come close to Jmmanuel/Jesus’s proclamation of laws of Creation and Nature that condones the castration i.e. removal of testicles of “fallible” homosexuals performing sexual acts, who would then also be banished from their communities. But the truth of the matter is that there is no valid scientific evidence that sexual orientation can be changed. And moreover almost all the mainstream medical bodies state that conversion therapy can be harmful because it may exploit guilt and anxiety, thereby damaging self-esteem and leading to depression and even suicide. There is also concern in the mental health community that the advancement of conversion therapy can cause social harm by disseminating inaccurate views about sexual orientation and the ability of homosexual and bisexual people to lead happy, healthy lives.17

Scientists still do not know the exact cause of sexual orientation, but they believe that it is caused by a complex interplay of genetic, hormonal, and environmental influences, and do not view it as a choice. They favor biologically-based theories, which point to genetic factors, the early uterine environment, both, or the inclusion of genetic and social factors.18

Ms. Brand/Meier argues that homosexuality, in many cases, is acquired during childhood and adolescence from “special experiences and impressions,” in other words from sexual abuse, parenting, etc. But so far there are no scientifically sound studies definitively establishing the link between parenting or early childhood experiences, and later sexual orientation or identity. For the debunking of this claim, check Myth #3 here. Neither is there any evidence of homosexuals suffering from a fragmented and lopsided evolution, as a result of which they act erratically and imbalancedly in their relationships. Another myth that is strongly promoted by Mr. Brand/Meier is that the partnerships among gay men won’t last long or life-long as the heterosexual couples. For the debunking of this claim, see Myth #4 here. Another silly myth equally promoted by them is that the gay men, with their fictitious “inherent perverse vibrations” affecting their surrounding environment, can’t maintain true friendships with straight men. These “vibrations” have also been blamed for gay men being confronted with problems in his environment, where he is treated with hostility. Perhaps we should ask ourselves whether some of the problems in the environments of homosexuals actually stem from the “vibrations” of the homosexuals themselves, or from the hateful homophobic “vibrations” of those around them which are largely fueled by the religious or cultic teachings, such as Meier’s.

One wonders whether Meier’s teaching on homosexuality really represents the Creational laws and commandments, or simply represents the immoral, archaic, and pseudoscientific theories prevalent in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It is perhaps worth noting here that Meier’s parents happened to be devout Protestant Christians.

In contrast to mental-illness argument, Meier also argued that homosexuality arises from the current lack of determination (in this life time) for the aspired gender in the next life. Another nonsensical argument! There are millions and millions of people worldwide, religious or otherwise, who doesn’t believe in reincarnation or doesn’t believe that they would be reincarnated back in a human or other forms. Also there are millions who just believe in eternal oblivion like atheists, whose numbers are very high in European countries particularly the Scandinavian region. One also can’t help but wonder what could be the real percentage of people who believes in reincarnation in human form and at the same time actively aspires for the type of gender in the next life time. In any case, if what Meier says is true, then the demographics should reveal a very high percentage of homosexuals through out the world and particularly among the Scandinavian nations, which obviously isn’t the case.

3. There is absolutely no male homosexuality in animal kingdom

Obviously this is a pure nonsensical statement that can be refuted easily. The fact of the matter is that homosexual behaviour is seen throughout the animal kingdom. Not only short-lived sexual relationships, but even long-lasting partnerships; partnerships that may last a lifetime. It is inconceivable for a God-like being-PETALE, or half-spiritual and half-material beings-High Council or the advanced Plejaren extraterrestrials to be simply ignorant about the widespread homosexual behaviour in the animal kingdom. Ms. Brand/Meier, in their article also claim that if homosexuality or homosexual behaviour exists in animal kingdom then that species would become extinct. Why this assertion is considered nonsensical, is rather self-explanatory.

Referring to homosexual behaviour in animal kingdom as an ideal exemplar in evaluating the morality of the homosexual behaviour in humans works in both ways. Unlike Meier who frequently invokes the non-existent exclusive male heterosexuality in animal kingdom as support for his homophobic and antigay doctrine, the religious, homophobes and others cite the prevalent homosexual behaviour in animals as one among few other vices that, according to God, distinguishes us humans from them.


We have thus exposed and debunked all the three core arguments supporting PETALE/High-Council/Plejaren ETs/Jmmanuel/Meier’s doctrine that preaches the immoral, archaic, and pseudoscientific anti-gay and homophobic teachings. This brings us to the following critical question:

How can the most loving and highly spiritually-evolved beings – PETALE, High-Council, Plejaren ETs and Jmmanuel – espouse such a pseudoscientific, homophobic teaching?

The most reasonable explanation that can be deduced from the above investigation is that Meier simply published his own negative attitudes towards homosexuality as Creational Laws and Commandments under the pseudonyms of PETALE, High-Council, Plejaren ETs and Jmmanuel, who most certainly never existed outside Meier’s imagination. And finally the answer to our main question posed in the title of the article – Are Billy Meier’s Spiritual Teachings Homophobic? – is a resounding YES.19

This makes quite a sense because in all earlier publications when the subject matter is about love or marriage between people or parenting, it is almost always about heterosexuals and never about homosexuals and others, unless when it is only condemned. This is not to be expected from the one and only one wise, loving, Universal Prophet, Billy Meier who claims to be delivering universally-valid comprehensive and immutable spiritual teachings in an unambiguous, irreformable, and easily understandable way, which in fact should encompass all sexual orientations and identities but understandably doesn’t.

Even if there are some FIGU members who would disapprove such anti-gay rhetoric, they might have felt compelled to remain silent or change their attitudes because the ET Ptaah/Meier has openly forewarned that only those members who would be able to recite20 the main principles of the teachings from Gesetz der Leibe/Law of Love and pass the test that would evaluate their knowledge in it (and Meditation) would be spared to serve in the Meier’s core group. And those who would fail will not be given another test, rather they will be permanently excluded from the group without any possibility of return.21

Seemingly, it is this autocratic and contemptuous attitude towards male homosexuality that has even led Meier/FIGU to make even more irresponsible and unscientific claims on the origin of AIDS, despite not a shred of evidence supporting it. Meier and ETs claim that the inception and transmission of AIDS was transpired by the ‘degenerate homosexuals’ from Africa who had sexual intercourse with the long-tailed monkeys which naturally carry the AIDS virus without any harm to them. These degenerate homosexuals then transmitted this disease to the entire world – by engaging in sodomistic sexual activities (anal intercourse?) with other homosexual persons, as well as bisexuals who in turn infected heterosexuals.22

However, most scientists accept the ‘natural transfer’ or ‘cut hunter’ theory which states that SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus) jumped species when a hunter, while butchering a monkey, had gotten monkey blood in a cut or, alternatively, virus transfer occurred through a monkey bite or from eating undercooked monkey meat. The ‘sexual intercourse with monkey’ hypothesis which Meier and ETs apparently put forth as the only method of initial transmission of HIV into humans, is considered as highly implausible and been labelled a myth that was largely circulated by people with racist and/or homophobic tendencies. This myth was based on the fact that AIDS was once referred to as a Gay-Related Immune Deficiency (GRID). However, after determining that the origin and transmission of AIDS was not isolated to the gay community, it was realized that the term GRID was misleading and the term AIDS was coined since 1982.

Despite mountains of overwhelming scientific evidence in favor of the natural transfer theory, Meier/FIGU still blames homosexuals practicing sodomy (bestiality and anal intercourse) as “ground zero” for the conception and later transmission of AIDS throughout the world.23

But predictably, as always has been the case with Meier, this is not quite the end of the story. All of the sources mentioned above – Genesis, Talmud Jmmanuel, Law of Love, OM, Voice of Aquarian Age and Randolph Winter’s interview – were published/documented at a time (1970’s and 80’s) when the prevalent view was that homosexuality was a condemnable sin and a self-generated mental illness. This is also the same time when empirical data demonstrating the opposite kept popping up and a sexual revolution was taking a foothold. Probably after being questioned and severely criticized by his readers, skeptics and even by some from among his own followers for his draconian homophobic and antigay teachings, Meier must have felt compelled to come up with an explanation (read excuse) to restore his waning halo and also perhaps to reassure his followers his teachings are not antiquated at all. In order to appease and pander to his readers and followers, Meier since the 1990’s has published numerous “new explanations” and “clarifications” (read flip-flop) regarding his earlier excerpts on male homosexuality, that nevertheless suffer with a lot of anomalies and internal contradictions.

In our next article, we will look at these damning excuses from Meier.

Read Part 2: Deception and coverup from mid-1990’s.


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