As a Man Stealeth: Follow up and Rebuttal


This article contains the follow up and rebuttal to Meier/FIGU’s responses to our exposé of Meier plagiarizing virtually the entire book of – As a Man Thinketh – originally published by the British author James Allen in 1903. As soon as our article was published on February 3, 2016 (Meier’s 79th birthday), Michael Horn, on the next day, has posted a comment (see below) under one of his blog posts including the response of a FIGU core group member, Mariann Uehlinger, who, Meier says, has been voluntarily helping him and his mission for thousands of years, to be precise from around 13,500 years ago. According to Meier’s ET sources, the name of her incarnation when the mission started is ‘XANDAALA, which means “The Conscientious One.”’

Billy always gets the information from the storage banks. He cannot have everything in his head. In the spiritual teaching there is a lexicon about the meaning of the dreams. Each word he wrote is from the storage banks. His brain is like the processor that can access data bases… everything we think, do, handle, dream, write – just everything – is stored in the so called storage banks, without name of course, just under an individual frequency! Each one who is able to allocate these frequencies, that is to say storage banks, via his/her brain can retrieve impulses from it. In this sense it is ‹anonymous›. If Billy now reads these storage banks and finds something he can use, he then retrieves it and makes it better or changes it to the right. It’s the same as if you see somewhere an article that tells something which is interesting, but not fully correct and not relatively complete, you take what is right and make your own article. How often do other people copy Billy’s words – and no one ever says where the idea comes from? The storage banks however are not named, it’s just the information. And perhaps – if we go further into the past – the fundamental knowledge even comes from a former personality of Billy.

For reasons unknown, this comment was deleted and later replaced with that of another core group member and SSSC facility director, Christian Frehner’s comment:

Since the spiritual teaching, i.e. the Teaching of the Prophets, does exist in the universe for milliard/billion of years and has been taught to millions and millions of people on many worlds, especially to the 52 million or so people of the mission here on Earth, whose spirit-forms are of an extraterrestrial origin, it is possible that at least a few of those personalities with a more advanced spirit-form can unconsciously draw impulses from their storage banks, i.e. knowledge stored in that energy block. There are other possibilities, like tapping into the universal storage banks, etc., because all human beings, all life-forms and everything else, down to each atom and below, is connected with each other and is constantly exchanging information on a sub-atomar level.

Regarding an explanation concerning James Allen: Any detailed information by Billy or Ptaah would be no proof for people like Mahesh, etc., because to them this would be an unprovable claim etc. etc. Just as they would not accept the word of Billy (‘I never heard of James Allen before nor did I read his book’) to be true as from a man of honour, they would not accept Ptaah’s explanation.

Well, perhaps Billy will talk with Ptaah. Anyway, we’ll see.


Even though the storage/memory banks aka Akashic records hypothesis put forth by the above FIGU core group members has not yet been publicly, explicitly endorsed by Meier, the deafening silence from him for these 3 months has led us to believe that he must have concurred with his group members hypothesis. Whether that is the case or not, for the time being we shall review it. Before we do it, first let us look into Meier and Michael Horn’s responses.

Meier Responds

In the above quote by Christian, Meier in response to our exposé has reportedly stated: I never heard of James Allen before nor did I read his book.’ Furthermore, Christian apparently claims that ‘any detailed information’ provided by Billy or Ptaah in response to hoax allegations should be considered as a self-evident truth, thereby proving Meier’s authenticity. He further adds that the above Meier’s (lame) response should resolve all suspicion among us since Meier is ‘a man of honour’ and so is the Plejaren extraterrestrial Ptaah. This response by Christian reflects a common trait shared among Meier’s followers, which is the unwavering and abiding faith in their Universal Prophet (Meier) and his claims.

And towards the end of his quote, we are told that Meier may talk with Ptaah and get detailed explanations regarding this issue. It has been precisely 3 months, still no response from Meier.

Rebuttal to Michael Horn

Michael Horn’s suggestion to Meier

Included in the above Michael Horn’s comment (not presented above) is also his own instruction on how Meier/FIGU should have handled their publications. Michael Horn writes:

I think that Billy and FIGU should have definitely provided that information with any of the texts, books, etc., to which it applies. Perhaps something like this would have helped:

“Sourced by Billy Meier from the storage banks and may also contain content expressed by various individuals throughout history with changes, corrections, additions, etc., by Billy Meier.”

Of course this also may not satisfy people, understandably since the entire Meier case itself is actually well outside of our conventional paradigm. And each person must decide for themselves what rings true for them, pertaining to every element of the Meier case, its evidence and information. That is consistent with the core principle of self-responsibility in the spiritual teaching, which certainly has nothing in common with our religions, belief systems, cultic mindsets and their twin sister, i.e. politics.

What Michael Horn, the authorized media representative of Billy Meier case, doesn’t seem to know (very unlikely) or deliberately omitted is that Meier since the beginning indeed has been notifying his readers not only about the “original” authorship of his published material but also about the method on how he acquires it – experience, telepathy, storage banks, etc. Let me give you just a couple examples to demonstrate it.

Example 1: OM

Regarding the book OM (1987/2011), Meier has mentioned in the same book itself that some of the information (in unadulterated form) contained in it originally comes from the prophet Henok/Enoch (Book of Enoch) and also from the King Solomon (Book of Proverbs). In addition to that, he explicitly stated that while some other information originated from Semjase, the majority is from Meier himself.

In the 2011 ed. of the book OM, the following has been written on ‘Erklärungen I’ (Explanations I) page:

From 10th of May 1983 to 1st of May 1984, and from 21st of May 1984 to 9th of October 1984, Billy wrote the book of books, his greatest work, the book OM. Completed, it comprises of 77 canons with a total of 10’136 verses. Up to 1st of May 1984 it was 42 canons with a total of 7616 verses. The verses of each individual canon are in their total number divisible by the number 7. Parts of the book OM originated in joint work with JHWH Ptaah from beyond the Pleiades, by means of telepathy. Ptaah communicated to Billy, by the means of telepathy, all those sections of the book OM which are still identical to the original OM, which for the first time was written by Henok.

With the exception the two canons which Billy wrote down according to the words of Semjase and those canons in which Billy again delivered the ancient and oldest words of wisdom in their original and correct form, all other teaching, sayings of wisdom, explanations and interpretations, etc. originate from himself.

The following explanatory notes is written by a FIGU member, Vivienne Legg, based on what is written on ‘Erklärungen IX’ (Explanations IX) page1:

OM’s introduction explains that the vast number of proverbs of wisdom contained in OM have been produced in their original and correct form through Billy’s own efforts. (Presumably these were also originally relayed by Henok). According to the introduction, these proverbs were known in Lyrian as the Salomonische Weisheit (wisdom proverbs of peace), and were drawn from directly by King Solomon, who was wrongly given credit for them, and who, to a large extent, greatly falsified them.

Example 2: Goblet of the Truth

While the tonne of information in Goblet of the Truth (680 pgs., 2008), apart from Meier is attributed to several biblical prophets – all being the earlier prophet-incarnations of Meier’s spirit-form. The following excerpts are from the ‘Introduction IX’ page from the bilingual German-English edition book – Goblet of the Truth (2008):

By the power of his consciousness-related ability, his extraordinary skills and his in-depth knowledge, BEAM called up the first 14 chapters from terrestrial storage banks, where they have been stored for millennia in the form of a symbolic picture language. What this amounts to is the original teaching of Nokodemion, billions of years old, that has been taught on this planet Earth and disseminated by his six subsequent proclaimers from Henoch to Mohammed6 in various genuine explanations and in accordance with the understanding of their particular epoch.

..On the one hand, the purpose and intention of this book, ‹Goblet of Truth›, are based on unifying the aforementioned prophetic traditions and explanations of past epochs as a lasting overall work in one book for the first time. On the other hand, there had been provision for ages that the spiritual teaching of chapters 15 to 28 should be put into words by the last and seventh prophet, the prophet of the new time, in a new and understandable form adapted to the current time, although the content of the chapters referred to is only present in the storage banks as headwords and thematic indications. For this reason, with this text, BEAM is once again fulfilling one of his old determinations and voluntarily discharging his duty to expand the teaching of Nokodemion with his own addition, in which case it was also necessary to write chapters 15 to 28 in an old written language.

For more additional examples, read the summary provided for each of the Meier’s publication, as presented in the introduction section of OM, 1987. For each of those publications, Meier explicitly states the original source for the information he publishes, as well as the process of receiving it. Consider the following few examples:

Die Psyche
1975. This writing is the first self-authored teaching text from Billy. (..)

Tuesday, 14. October 1975, 08.46 o’clock – Monday, 17. November 1975, 23.10 o’clock, this written work is the first of several texts which was transmitted from a still higher spirit level, the plane of Petale, by means of spirit telepathy and was received and written down by Billy. (..)

Wednesday, 17. December 1975, 00.41 o’clock – Tuesday, 25. May 1976. Also this work is a spirit telepathic transmission from the Petale plane,..

Gesetz der Liebe
October 1978. Billy wrote Gesetz der Liebe himself, but on the 19th of October 1978 he presented it to Quetzal for checking whereupon he had to interpose some points which had been developed by the High council for people on Earth..

6360 interplanetare Namen in ihrer Urform und deren Bedeutung
May 1982. The name book (due to technical reasons published in 3 volumes) was written by Billy in cooperation with Semjase and Elektra. (..)

All the above evidence clearly debunks Michael Horn’s assumption, revealing either his woeful ignorance or his blatant deception by suppressing or distorting facts.

Source of Meier’s plagiarism

Michael Horn, through the comments made on his blog on Feb. 4 and Feb. 6, has pointed out a so-called “logical problem” to our conclusion arrived in the article – As a Man Stealeth: Billy Meier and his Stolen Spiritual Teachings. On Feb. 4, he states:

One logical problem with Meier having plagiarized directly form other books is that he’d have to have come across these books – in English – decide to plagiarize them but first get someone to translate them into English German so that they can then be translated back into German English…with of course the greater amount of material being added by him.

I still don’t understand why Michael thinks that it is impossible for Meier to come across James Allen’s book – either in English or German – for his plagiarism. Meier is seen speaking decent English in the documentaries (See Contact, The Meier Chronicles and Beamship: The Movie Footage) that were shot during late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Keep in mind that conversing in foreign language is a lot more difficult than simply slowly reading it. If anyone still thinks that the language spoken in the above documentaries is not enough for a person like Meier to plagiarize a English book, let me remind you that Meier has nearly two decades time to better his English since he published his Macht der Gedanken/Might of the Thoughts German edition for the first time only in 1998. This book was again translated into English by his FIGU followers in 2012.

On the other hand, James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh is a best selling inspirational classic with millions of copies sold and read around the world. And it is entirely possible for Meier in late 1990’s to obtain either an official or unofficial German translation of Allen’s 1903 book that has already been in public domain for decades. Perhaps Meier has simply caught hold of this Allen’s German edition – Heile Deine Gedanken – published in 1995 i.e. 3 years before Meier published his Macht der Gedanken/Might of the Thoughts.

Rebuttal to FIGU’s Storage-Banks Hypothesis

The two FIGU core group members – Mariann Uehlinger and Christian Frehner – in essence are positing the STORAGE BANKS (aka Akashic Records) as the sole reason behind the the striking similarity between James Allen and Meier’s material. They, especially Christian Frehner seems to be claiming that the James Allen’s spirit/spirit-form must be of extraterrestrial origin (just like for the other 52 million people on Earth), and must have unconsciously tapped/retrieved the billions-of-years-old spiritual teaching from either his own personal planetary storage bank (after imbibing it on Earth or on an alien planet millions or billions of years ago) or from the others (probably from Meier’s earlier prophet-incarnations) in the cosmic or universal storage banks. And this teaching, that has been taught throughout the Universe to ‘millions and millions of people on many worlds’ by the earlier prophet-incarnations of one-and-only-one Universal prophet, Billy Meier, as it so happens now, has once again been simply published as a part of his universe-wide prophetic mission – which resulted in this current controversy.

To put it simply, they seem to be espousing that:

  1. James Allen must have tapped and retrieved the contents of his book As a Man Thinketh from storage banks of Meier’s earlier prophet-incarnations or others.
  2. James Allen must have accessed his own storage banks that already holds the contents of his book As a Man Thinketh, which originally must have been absorbed by Allen from one or more of Meier’s earlier prophet-incarnations or others.

I will let you take a moment for that to sink in! Once again, for the umpteenth time, we are treated with a mind-boggling, preposterous story that is only provided after incriminating evidence against Meier has been published first. Even if we put aside this “cosmic coincidence” (one among the many) for a moment, there are two reasons why this storage banks hypothesis doesn’t seem to be plausible at all. And the evidence, once again, comes from none other than Meier himself.

Reason #1

In our rebuttal to Michael Horn, we have demonstrated Meier promptly informing his readers about the “original” source for most, if not all, of his published material. This fact begs us to ask the million-dollar question, which is: What exactly did Meier say about the contents and authorship of his book – Macht der Gedanken/Might of the Thoughts (1998/2012), if he did publish it at all?

Naturally, like with all the other books Meier published, he indeed furnished such information for this book too. On page 2 of the Might of the Thoughts (2012 ed.), Meier writes the following regarding his inspiration behind the book:

All of the following words are the result of the thoughts from a long, turbulent and full life. But they are also the result of well-maintained meditation, as well as the result of perception, cognition, cognisance, knowledge, practical experience and living experience and wisdom. (..) The words are much more to be understood as the values of the practical experience and lived experience of a human being who made the effort all his life to examine his thoughts and steer them along neutral-positive lines, in the knowledge that all of the human being’s might is anchored in his/her thoughts.

As you can see, there is nothing pertaining to telepathic communication with ET(s) or spirit planes or storage banks or any other fancy stuff. Instead, Meier himself apparently clearly states that this entire book is resulted simply from his experiences in this life time. (Not to mention the fact that this background information provided by Meier has also been plagiarized by Meier from the Foreword section of James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh.)

The above Meier’s own explanation outright contradicts the storage banks-hypothesis put forth by a couple of core group members and taken on faith by the rest of Meier followers.

Reason #2

Even though the above Reason #1 suffices in refuting the storage-bank hypothesis, nevertheless we shall look deep into this bizarre hypothesis and explore its plausibility as well. This time the source of the rebuttal again comes from the information published by Meier himself on how storage banks works and also how the information is retrieved from them by him.

According to Meier:

  1. “The storage bank of each person’s spirit form has its own wave length/frequency, and the knowledge etc. that is stored within that electromagnetic/spirit-energetic frequency can only be reached/contacted by that specific spirit form. However it is possible to get some „random“ information from other frequencies if there is some „harmony“ between the two frequencies. It can be compared with an old radio where you find the clean sound by turning a knob. Before you reach the clean sound you just hear a buzzing sound or some fragments of the broadcast. In the same way it is possible to draw some fractions of information from another spirit form’s storage bank”.2
  2. Even Meier himself has no direct access to other people’s storage banks, but only the pure spirit levels – Arahat Athersata and Petale – does.3
  3. Even the Plejaren ETs don’t have access to the storage banks of Meier’s earlier prophet-incarnations.4
  4. Meier taps and retrieves the information from storage banks by consciously “calling” the vibrations/impulses from the storage banks, and through the use of his sub-consciousness and consciousness the impulses are directed into his/her arm, hand and fingers.5

If it is impossible for even Meier, the one-and-only-one Universal Prophet, to tap into other people’s storage banks and retrieve substantial amount of information other than from his own, how could James Allen, a mere mortal (even having an ET spirit is inconsequential here), do it by tapping and retrieving vast amounts of information that got published into a ~50 page book As a Man Thinketh (1903)?

If the above Meier’s statements are true, then of course, it isn’t possible for James Allen to do it at all. Also, not to mention is the glaring fact that Meier’s 1998 book follows the exact same pattern as James Allen’s 1903 book. In the words of the anonymous ex-Meier supporter, author of As a Man Stealeth article:

Paragraph after paragraph, page after page. The same order, the same concepts. The same analogies, the same examples. Often the exact same language, always the exact same meaning. (..) Meier did not even shy away from appropriating Allen’s foreword.

However one possibility still exists, which is that James Allen must have simply tapped into his own storage banks. But there seems to be one problem. According to Meier’s information on how he retrieves information from storage banks, he explained that he does it consciously whereby the impulses are then directed into his arm, hand and fingers in order to get the incoming flood of information to be written or typed down. In the case of James Allen, no such mechanism was ever mentioned by him. In fact he provided a down-to-earth explanation which is exactly the same as what Meier has provided for his book Might of the Thoughts. This is totally unsurprising because, as mentioned earlier, Meier has plagiarized the entire book of James Allen, including the Foreword section that talks about the source of Allen’s inspiration behind writing his book. In the Foreword section of As a Man Thinketh, Allen writes:

This little volume (the result of meditation and experience) is not intended as an exhaustive treatise on the much-written upon subject of the power of thought. It is suggestive rather than explanatory, its object being to stimulate men and women to the discovery and perception of  the truth…


Did Meier and his followers run out of any arguments/excuses?

Based on the information published by Meier, that appears to be the case. But who knows, in the future having realized their storage banks hypothesis has backfired, they might throw in – time travelling unicorns, interdimensional leprechaun-yeti hybrids, Nephelim controlled nanobots or simply the Meier’s most oldest worn out excuse: MIB, CIA or malevolent ETs – as the perpetrators behind plagiarism. No tale is too fantastic for Meier followers to swallow. I can’t help but remind the pro-Meier/FIGU camp of the old adage: ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice….’

I would like to end this conclusion section by referencing you to the Mariann’s, Christian’s, and Michael’s statements made in the beginning of this article.

Mariann states:

It’s the same as if you see somewhere an article that tells something which is interesting, but not fully correct and not relatively complete, you take what is right and make your own article.

I previously stated it was for unknown reasons why Michael Horn within a few hours took Mariann’s entire quote down from his blog. But perhaps it was because of the above particular statement where Mariann unwittingly revealed how Meier (under the cover of storage banks, ETs, etc.) routinely plagiarizes.

As for Christian, he states:

Any detailed information by Billy or Ptaah would be no proof for people like Mahesh, etc., because to them this would be an unprovable claim etc. etc.

He seems to suggest that to people not like Mahesh (me), such statements would constitute some kind of rational, reasonable explanation. To this, I’ll simply challenge any FIGU proponent to find absolutely any person (who is not already FIGU-affiliated) who would accept such an explanation. It does not take a skeptic to find fault here. It simply takes some minimal shred of rationality.

Finally, Michael suggests:

Of course this also may not satisfy people, understandably since the entire Meier case itself is actually well outside of our conventional paradigm. And each person must decide for themselves what rings true for them, pertaining to every element of the Meier case, its evidence and information. That is consistent with the core principle of self-responsibility in the spiritual teaching, which certainly has nothing in common with our religions, belief systems, cultic mindsets and their twin sister, i.e. politics.

This seems a far cry from the scientific reasoning Horn and Meier often encourage, and much rather exactly like a religious dogma which Horn paradoxically, in no less certain words towards the end of the sentence, claims the Meier case is wholly distinct from.

But all this is to beat a dead horse. As has been shown, the explanation given for this gross, clear-cut, instance of plagiarism is not only implausible, it is impossible. Christian/Mariann/Horn’s magical faith-based apologetics isn’t even possible according to Meier’s own explanations of how the storage banks work. This can only be viewed as (yet another) post hoc, ad hoc, excuse for a blatant smoking gun.


1 ‘Erklärungen I’ (Explanations I) section in the 2011 ed. of the OM states:

Im weiteren sind die im OM erscheinenden Weisheitssprüche zu erwähnen, die ebenfalls bereits 389 000 Jahre vor der heutigen Zeit im Original-OM niedergeschrieben waren unter den salomonischen Sprüchen. Wie in der Bibel nun fälschlich behauptet wird, haben die Weisheitssprüche ihren Ursprung bei König Salomo. Dies stimmt aber gerade nicht, denn König Salomo hat seine gesamten Weisheitssprüche aus dem Ur-OM entnommen und teilweise sogar in stark verfälschter Form wiedergegeben. Der Ursprung der Weisheitssprüche geht wahrheitlich ebenfalls auf die Lyraner zurück, in deren Sprache die Weisheitssprüche als SALOMONISCHE WEISHEITEN benannt sind, was in die deutsche Sprache übersetzt soviel bedeutet wie WEISHEITSSPRÜCHE DES FRIEDENS, wobei mehrere Übersetzungsformen Verwendung finden können, die aber grundlegend immer dasselbe aussagen. Also haben die Sprüche des Königs Salomo nichts mit ihm zu tun, ausser dass er sie aus dem Ur-OM entlehnt und teilweise krass verfälscht wiedergegeben hat. Gleiches aber ist auch geschehen mit anderen Sprüchen der Weisheit und mit Zitaten, die nicht durch König Salomo bekannt wurden, die aber auch ein Bestandteil des Ur-OM waren. Oft bis zur Unkenntlichkeit verstümmelt, sind sehr viele von ihnen bis in die heutige Zeit erhalten geblieben und fälschlicherweise Menschen zugesprochen worden, die sie jedoch nur benutzt und verfälscht haben. Diese Weisheiten und Zitate nun sind auch im letztmalig und jetzt gegebenen OM selbstverständlich wieder enthalten, jedoch in ihrer wahrheitlichen Urform, neuerlich niedergeschrieben durch Billy, im Auftrage seiner selbst und des JHWH der Erde: JSCHWJSCH PTAAH vom Planeten Erra, im Sternbild der Plejaren.

2 See Q/A with Billy Meier, Nobody, October 2009
3 See Q/A with Billy Meier, Stephen Moore, October 25, 2010
4 See Q/A with Billy Meier, Solar, Friday, December 23, 2005
5 See Q/A with Billy Meier, Thomas, September 30, 2007
6 The caption of the Goblet of the Truth includes all the six earlier prophet-incarnations of Meier, which reads:

The book of the entire Teaching of the Prophets
Teaching of truth, teaching of spirit, teaching of life
Henoch (Enoch), Elia (Elijah), Jesaja (Isaiah), Jeremia (Jeremiah), Jmmanuel (Immanuel), Muhammad (Mohammed) and Billy (BEAM)

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