Daniel Gloor

Daniel Gloor



Name – Daniel Gloor
Born – January 28, 1960
Resident – Dietikon ZH
Occupation – Librarian
Joined FIGU – July 2016 (Passive Member)
Left FIGU – March 2017
Membership duration – 8 months as a Passive Member

Comments on ‘BMUFOR interviews Kalliope Zafiriou (2018)

The in-depth study of Billy Meier’s life and work reveals distinctive traits of psychosis, paranoia, narcissism and even psychopathy en masse. To put it mildly, based on these findings, certain conclusions about his personality are inevitable. Nonetheless, I cannot agree with Kalliope’s radical denial of Billy’s claims. In a way, considering the martyrdom of her marriage to Billy, with physical abuse, humiliation and callousness on a largely permanent basis, her attitude is understandable. By and large, her time with Billy is nothing less than the staggering survival story of a courageous and strong-willed woman. However, there still are too many uncertainties in the Billy Meier case which cannot be ignored or dismissed that easily. As long as all these open questions and unsolved issues are not cleared, objectively, the possibility of at least a marginal true core to the case remains. Methusalem Meier, Kalliope’s and Billy’s younger son and a firsthand independent witness too, based on his own experiences and recollections, shares the same opinion. Presumably, the final truth will be taken by Billy to his grave, leaving us with the uneasiness of ignoramus et ignorabimus.

Mainly for reasons of fear and ignorance, the Billy Meier phenomenon resonates conspicuously poorly in the media and the public life generally. Particularly and undeservedly so, it is almost completely ignored in ‘educated’ and academic circles. As questionable and wrong as Billy’s lore may be, his chutzpa deserves at least some recognition. Given the unparalleled hubris, the sheer scope of the case with its multitudinous ramifications and the originality of his teachings as a potential mother ideology, his story in some way haunts me as the alternative, distinctly imposturous ‘Greatest Story Ever Told’, suggesting a comprehensive cognitive revolution or rather, so to speak, an ultimate ‘Copernican Revolution’. Like Billy’s personality, the case is incredibly complex and many-faceted which is one of the reasons, why people shy away from probing the seemingly unfathomable depths of his story’s maze. Ultimately, in view of the sad truth that Billy with his proven intelligence and undeniably beneficial talents decided to use his gifts to the end of the emotional plague, the word of a tragically wasted life is not inappropriate.

Real or imagined, I wouldn’t mind Billy’s extraterrestrial friends if they were as kindhearted, humorous and endearing as James Stewart’s immortal imaginary friend Harvey in the famous 1950 film, but the reality looks to the contrary, as Billy’s and Ptaah’s (aka ‘Harvey’ from the planet Erra) latest ridiculous beyond reason diatribe against one of his critics (see here, page 4 below and page 5) proves anew. This time, his and his close long-eared (pun intended) buddy’s pointed arrows were fired against my humble person – and no doubt will backfire mercilessly. By the way, just recently an anonymous source leaked to me a sensational piece of evidence which beyond any doubt gives proof of Ptaah’s real identity – his clothing feature itself!

Hats off and thank you, Billy/Ptaah, for your kind words! Who knows, perhaps these lines will trigger an eagerly anticipated (probably even forced counter-humouristic) encore to the amusement of the rational world.

Billy’s obvious panic reaction is more than justified because he knows me well enough to gain a good idea about what is to be expected in the foreseeable future from my department. The collaborative effort with Mahesh on Kalliope Meier and these comments are just the overture!

If at all, Billy’s or the FIGU’s response to Kalliope’s statements most certainly will follow the same old trite discrediting routine of vilifying, degrading and pathologizing her, crusading against her unyielding rebellious independent-mindedness. It all goes back to the early time of her marriage to Billy, when she began to resist his tyranny and justifiably grew sceptical about his wild, persistently unexplained behaviour and allegations (“Das geht dich einen Scheissdreck an!”). Above all, don’t forget that Billy has the exceptional talent of putting on the perfect mask of a quasi-saint. (For example, just watch how flawless he mimics the humble and non-demanding UFO contactee in the documentary film Contact.) This proven strategy is and always will be the winning formula of every sex, money and power grabbing self-proclaimed saviour or guru-like figure. All the more, myself included, in the extra sophisticated case of Billy Meier, open-minded people in their willingness to trust, at least for a certain time, shamefully fall prey to the duplicity of his highly developed Janus-head nature. Just read the contact reports: basically, they only echo Billy’s superhuman faculties, his near-infallibility and his impeccable character, for psychological reasons alone inevitably suggesting the inauthenticity of these ‘celestial’ conversations. Still, so far, however small it may be, some authentic part of them cannot be excluded.

Intuitively, beneath the conceptual trap of language, the human soul is lost in hopelessness for which nothing – from naive religious beliefs to highbrow philosophical concepts such as nihilism – can compensate. Essentially, due to language-specific, illusory self-transcendence, Billy’s (partly even commendable) mission is only another failed attempt at coping with the natural, life-defining necessity of death.

In the difficult task of assessing and unravelling the Billy Meier enigma, sticking to true (i. e. philosophical) egoism couldn’t hurt. Ideally, only the genuinely ideology-free de rigueur immunity against any ‘higher’ truth (including the all-pervasive capital-fetish) vouches for an adequate, unprejudiced approach to the world and its phenomena, as strange and outworldly they may look at first sight. In a bitterly funny irony and not surprisingly, though, of course, fiercely denied, the sine qua non of autonomous thinking is sadly lacking on both sides, Billy’s non-differentiating detractors as well as his gullible followers.

These intentionally outspoken and emotionally charged lines openly bear witness to a passionately dedicated mind. Emotional ‘hotness’and rational ‘coolness’ are no opposites by necessity. On the contrary, they are complementing each other harmoniously as long as they both are rooted in the rational, healthy biological core of the profoundly compassionate human nature. In this sense, the utterly fascinating quest for the truth behind one of the great mysteries in our time goes on …

Daniel Gloor (Switzerland)

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