Did Billy Meier plagiarize his Prophecies and Predictions?


Billy Meier claims that he has published hundreds of prophecies and predictions since the 1950’s regarding global political, military, cultural and historical events, scientific facts, discoveries and inventions that range from the historical past, the present and very far into the future. And specifically, the Billy Meier case representative Michael Horn and FIGU claim that Meier has published nearly 200 of these prophecies and predictions ‘well before “official discovery”, often by years and even decades,’ thus making him the ‘single most prolific source of prophetically accurate information in human history.’

We, at BMUFOR, have looked into most of these so-called corroborations and found that there is not only zero evidence of a single genuine corroboration but overwhelming evidence indicating fraud. Apparently these prophecies and predictions have either been backdated i.e. published by Meier (deceptively with an older publication date on it) only after the facts have been made known in the media or have been fabricated by Meier in order to correspond with the current popular theories and facts at the time of Meier’s publications.


Then one may wonder what is new with this article! And why does the title say – Did Billy Meier plagiarize his Prophecies and Predictions?

Actually, the title and the content of this article has been inspired by the work of the anonymous ex-Meier/FIGU supporter who has revealed to us how Meier plagiarized the entire book of ‘As A Man Thinketh,’ published by the British author James Allen in 1903, and then transformed this fabricated content into his “own” book – Macht der Gedanken or Might of the Thoughts (1998/2012). If this is how Meier works – by plagiarizing other people’s works – then there must be more examples of such, about which I (Mahesh Karumudi) began to investigate for further evidence of gross misappropriations. And my investigation didn’t disappoint me at all.

Meier published several prophecies and predictions under the following titles, which he claims have been either “channeled” by him alone or conveyed to him by the Plejaren ETs or by the pure spirits or spirit-forms.

  1. Petale Prophecies (1981)
  2. Henoch Prophecies for the Third Millennium (1987)
  3. Prophecies and Predictions for years 1995-3999 (1995)

Click on each of the above links for side by side comparison of the prophecies/predictions of several European prophets versus the prophecies and predictions that have been published by Meier himself. Then one would clearly notice that these prophecies and predictions are amazingly similar, if not virtually identical, to the purported prophecies/predictions of several European prophets either published by themselves or by their interpreters, several decades or years before Meier published them first.

More Criticism

Petale vs Henoch Prophecies

Both Petale and Henoch prophecies foretells the events the would come in the future, especially the prophecized World War III and the events surrounding it. While Petale prophecies are supposedly foretold for 1980’s, Henoch prophecies are foretold to happen in the third millennium.

How do we know that World War III events mentioned in Petale prophecies (from 1981) are foretold for 1980’s?

These Petale prophecies allegedly received by Meier in 1981 talks about the events surrounding the World War III, which Meier in 1982 in an interview with ‘Swiss Radio International‘ journalist Bob Zanotti, maintained that it would occur absolutely (listen from 48:35 minutes), i.e. with 100% certainty. This was again confirmed by the Swiss investigative journalist Balz Theus (Meier. Prophet – oder Die Sehnsucht nach einer besseren Welt, pg. 200, 1987). And the final piece of the puzzle comes from Meier himself who stated that the World War III prophecized for 1980’s has been halted as a result of peace meditation.

Following is an excerpt from Prophetien und Voraussagen, pg. 218, 1996:

Due to the establishing of the peace meditation, which was set up according to the initiative of the Plejadians/Plejarians, and since 1981 is carried out jointly by them and the member of F.I.G.U., several of the aforementioned prophecies from the PETALE-plane could be averted. (..) Another example is the prevention of the Third World War – for the time being which, according to the earlier prophecies would have broken out by the middle of the nineteen-eighties, if it had not been halted by the peace meditation and by additional impulses of the Plejadians/Plejarians stimulating common-sense in Earth humanity.

Despite this huge difference in the prophecized time period (mid-1980’s vs 3rd millennium), it is very interesting to note that most of the prophecies foretold for the third millennium by the prophet Henoch (9304 BC to 8942 BC) are very similar if not identical to the events (surrounding World War III) prophecized for mid-1980’s by Petale more than 10,000 years later in 1981. Despite a few anomalies, the war events and the countries involved remained the same.

First let us look into these anomalies before we address the similarity issue.

Sansculottes vs Islamic Immigrants

In the Petale prophecies for 1980’s Meier has published that it would be the inhabitants of Paris that would cause its destruction:

Monday, November 23, 13:42 PM

Italy and France will be shaken, due to Sansculottes, who murderously and by arson destroy every order: Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down. The inhabitants themselves are those, who lay Paris into rubble and ashes via murder, arson and revolution,…

The meaning of Sansculottes, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is ‘a radical or violent extremist in politics.’ By this definition, one would naturally expect that by Sanculottes, Meier meant the political revolutionaries. But more than two decades later in the Henoch prophecies (published for the first time in 2002), the identity of these radical or violent extremists in politics has been replaced with ‘many foreigners of a different religion living in France at that time, and specifically Islam.. .’

Does the growing inflow of Islamic immigrants into Europe and elsewhere, which has been seen as the root of the terrorist threats and attacks since the 1980’s and 90’s made Meier to alter this verse in the Henoch prophecies?

Bolshevists vs Russia

Petale prophecies also talks about Bolshevists playing a major role behind the Russia/Russian armed forces invading Europe when the World War III erupts:

Friday, November 20, 1981, 14:16 P.M.

The Balkan states will fall into evil uproar and war, driven into it by the Bolshevists, who still will carry on their bloody work, after which the power has mistakenly been denied them.

Friday, November 20, 1981, 18:38 P.M.

France, at that point in time, will fall into the hands of the red storm flood, whereafter Bolshevism will rule there for a longer period of time, in order to wage war from there against England, Spain and Scandinavia.

The Bolshevists are members of a wing of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party, which, led by Lenin, seized control of the government in Russia (October 1917) and became the dominant political power since then. They changed their name to Russian Communist Party (of Bolsheviks) in March 1918; to All-Union Communist Party (of Bolsheviks) in December 1925; and to Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) in October 1952 and remained so until its dissolution on August 29, 1991 after a failed coup d’état.

But later in the Henoch prophecies, the text about the invading forces from the east, neither Bolshevists or Bolshevism was ever mentioned, but just Russia/Russian armed forces.

Did Meier deliberately avoid the term ‘Bolshevists’ – also loosely referred to as Communists – in his Henoch prophecies only after the fact that CPSU has been dissolved in 1991?

DDR vs Germany

Petale prophecies also talk about the civil war between East Germany (DDR=Deutsche Demokratische Republik/German Democratic Republic) and West Germany:

Friday, November 20, 1981, 18:38 P.M.

Germany suffers an attack from the East – from the DDR, whereby a fraternal war breaks out, in which Germans fight against Germans. However, Germany will be freed again, as well as Poland and other nations.

Just like mentioned earlier, here too in the Henoch prophecies references to DDR (East Germany), reflecting the time period of 1980’s, was removed totally.

Did Meier made this change deliberately after the fact that both East and West Germany has been reunited officially in 1990?


Coming back to the similarity issue, as discussed above, the prophecies allegedly penned by the prophet Henoch circa 9,000 BC are very similar to the Petale prophecies (allegedly “channeled” to Meier in 1981 and published in ’82) in their treatment of World War 3 (WW III). But there are important differences. Namely, again, Henoch prophecized WW III as occurring in the third millennium, while Petale appeared to place WW III in the 1980’s. This discrepancy is rather suspicious: How was Henoch, who prophesized roughly 10,000 years ago, able to foresee WW III would not break out in the 1980’s but only after the turn of the century, while in 1981 Petale—the wisest entity in the Universe and benefiting from around 11,000 years of history and cognizance of the contemporary (1981) geopolitical climate failed to recognize WW III would not break out in the 1980’s?

That is, how can Henoch—a mere mortal (with an ET spirit-form) writing 10,000 years ago—be more accurate and detailed than the wisest being in the Universe prophecizing in 1981? It makes absolutely no sense.

One possible explanation for this “discrepancy” comes to mind: After realizing in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s that “Petale” got it wrong about the imminent outbreak of WW III and the events surrounding it, Meier then published in 2002 the allegedly ancient prophecies of “Henoch” (by rehashing the same old Petale prophecies) which was both more detailed and pushed WW III into the 3rd millennium, to once again maintain the guise that Meier is indeed privy to extraordinary information. Again, it makes no sense that Henoch, writing 11,000 years ago, should be more accurate than Petale writing in the 1980’s. A critical comparison of these two texts in conjunction with the plagiarized sources documented earlier, reveals strong indication that Meier most certainly fabricated both the Petale and Henoch prophecies.

Henoch Prophecies for the Third Millennium

Paris terrorist attacks prediction

Michael Horn has been claiming that Meier was the first person to warn us about the raising threat of islamic terrorism and fundamentalism, and also their attacks on France, especially Paris. For a thorough debunking of this claim, read my article published on my blog.

Saint Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes

When Meier was asked, in 2005, about the reason behind the similarity behind his and Saint Malachy’s prophecies on the last pope, Meier responded back by suggesting that either Saint Malachy or the prophet Henoch may have copied it from the other. Saint Malachy lived between 1095 AD to 1148 AD, whereas the prophet Henoch lived between 9304 BC to 8942 BC. It seems, Meier was suggesting that Saint Malachy who was born about 10,000 years after the period of Henoch probably copied it from him.

But what does the Church officials and scholars actually think about the Saint Malachy’s alleged prophecies of the Popes?

A forgery that may have been created in an attempt to suggest that Cardinal Girolamo Simoncelli‘s bid for the papacy in the second conclave of 1590 was divinely ordained, which of course didn’t even sway the conclave at that time who then elected Gregory XIV as their Pope. For more information on this, read these articles from – The Huffington Post and Catholic Online.

Prophecies and Predictions for years 1995-3999

Baba Vanga vs Billy Meier

Having read the amazing similarities between Baba Vanga’s prophecies and Meier’s prophecies and predictions, one must wonder whether Meier has commented or acknowledged anything about Baba Vanga anytime before. Meier in response to a question posted in December 2005 on English FIGU forum has simply stated that he had never heard of Baba Vanga before.

Nostradamus/Manfred Dimde vs Billy Meier

By now, you must have seen how extraordinarily similar or identical are the supposedly intended prophecies of the 16th century seer Nostradamus, as exclusively interpreted by the German Nostradamus-researcher Manfred Dimde and published by him for the first time in 1991, i.e. 4 years before Meier published his prophecies and predictions in the year 1995.

Some hardcore Meier supporters might claim that the reason behind the similarity or identicalness of Manfred Dimde’s interpreted (Nostradamus) prophecies to that of Meier’s could be due to the possibility that Dimde must have finally succeeded in decoding the cryptic prophecies of Nostradamus which no other person was able to do so?

But then there is this information, published by none other than Meier himself, that outright contradicts the above hypothesis. Meier, in Contact Report 250, Wednesday, October 26, 1994, 4:23 P.M. (PPKB 7, pgs. 318-320, 2005) states that:

  1. Nostradamus was a physician, healer, astrologer and alchemist
  2. Has strong Christian faith and several of his warnings and prophecies are biased against Jewish and Arab people
  3. He intended his writings to be monumental because he wanted to remain in the memories of the people
  4. Many of Nostradamus prophecies were not really prophecies but were just preventative warnings
  5. Since only 14% of his prophecies have come true, we should be extremely cautious in calling him a ‘Seer’
  6. Only the coming period will prove the prophylactic statements of Nostradamus
  7. To date there is no person among all those who claimed to have found the key to Nostradamus’s cryptic statements
  8. The actual major events in the Nostradamus’s prophecies are scheduled to arrive only after March 1, 2055, which is also same time when the key to his cryptic statements will be found and explored
  9. Irrespective of all the above, some degree of seer and prophethood can’t be denied to Nostradamus

[Note: In Contact Report 275, Tuesday, August 10, 1999, 10:27 PM (PPKB 8, pgs. 84-85, 2005), Ptaah in response to Meier’s question states that Nostradamus came up with his prophecies through astrological and astronomical calculations, visions and also because of his clairvoyant abilities. Ptaah further stated that all of these different methods have been intermingled because of Nostradamus’s “consciousness-expansion process” due to his addiction to drugs and dependence on opium.]

The Meier’s German verses pertaining to the above points 7 and 8, on pg. 318, reads as follows:

Mit dieser Erkenntnis habe ich auch festgestellt, dass bisher tatsächlich noch keine aller jener Personen den Schlüssel zu den Nostradamus Aussagen gefunden hat, die das eben von sich behaupten. (..) Mit einer Rückschau in Nostradamus Arbeitsweise habe ich auch herausgefunden, dass erst nach dem 1. März 2055 die eigentlichen grossen Geschehen eintreffen sollen, wobei auch das erst der Zeitpunkt sein soll, ab dem der Schlüssel für seine Aussagen eventuell gefunden und ergründet werden soll.

So, according to points 7 and 8, no person on Earth, at least by the time of this contact (CR 250) in 1994, had been able to successfully decipher Nostradamus’s cryptic quatrains. Moreover, Meier states that this would only happen after March 1, 2055. But apparently Manfred Dimde, in or before 1991, seems to have way too early and too accurately “deciphered” the Nostradamus’s intended prophecies which strongly corresponds with more than 90% of Meier’s prophecies and predictions for the years 1995 to 3999 spanning 23 pages and published for the first time only 4 years later in 1995.

In 2012, when Meier was generally asked for his opinion on Manfred Dimde’s book on Nostradamus prophecies, he responded as follows:

Und was diesen Autoren Manfred Dimde betrifft, der aus Nostradamus-Büchern Prophezeiungen aufführt, wie Sie erwähnen, so sind mir sowohl dieser Mann wie auch sein Buch unbekannt.

And about the author Manfred Dimde who presented the prophecies from Nostradamus’s book as you mentioned, both the man and his book are unknown to me.


Just think of all the things or events a genuine prophet/seer (if existed in the first place) could prophecize about. But here we have Meier, a self-proclaimed prophet for the entire Universe – a Universal prophet – who just so happens to prophecize many if not most of the events that have already been written down by other earlier prophets/seers years or decades before Meier did.

Are we to really believe that this is just another instance of a weird cosmic coincidence, one among the many (ex: space pictures, “Wedding cake” UFO, Might of the Thoughts, etc.) in the Meier case? In addition to this oddity, that is very characteristic of the Meier case, we have extensively documented evidence that conclusively proves that most if not all of Meier’s so-called fulfilled prophecies and predictions to be either backdated or content fabricated.

All of the above evidence, forces us to draw the inescapable conclusion that Meier simply plagiarized the purported prophecies and predictions belonging not only to the several European prophets – Saint Malachy (1095-1148), Alois Irlmaier (1894-1959), Anton Johansson (1858-1929) and Baba Vanga (1911-1996), but also the supposedly deciphered cryptic prophecies of Nostradamus published by the Nostradamus-researcher, Manfred Dimde (1941- ). This, of course, fits very well into Meier’s modus operandi, which includes plagiarizing famous illustrations, space images from documentaries and movies, philosophies, latest popular scientific theories, etc.

We will appreciate it if any of you readers would contact us when you find any more similarities of Meier’s prophecies and predictions with those of other prophets or seers, that we may have missed. A good place to start is here – Prophecy : A History of the Future.


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