Exposé of Billy Meier’s prophecies and predictions

Following four patterns numbered accordingly reveals Meier’s modus operandi, which he most certainly implemented to fabricate many of his so-called “fulfilled” prophecies and predictions.

Pattern #1

Publish information on events or discoveries that are vague, open ended, recyclable, catch-all, shotgunning, statistically likely or unfalsifiable.

  1. Predictions about Switzerland for year 1975 & few years beyond
  2. 1976 China Earthquake & Probability Calculations for year 1977
  3. Prophecies & Probability Calculations for the year 1977
  4. Predictions for year 1978
  5. Number of Jupiter moons
  6. Prophecies & predictions up to October, 1981
  7. Prophecies and Predictions up to March 1983 and a few after
  8. Predictions for March 1983 and beyond
  9. Economic Collapse and Unemployment up to third millennium
  10. Effects of Global Warming up to the third millennium
  11. Future Financial Boom and Management of Companies and Nations
  12. Diseases and Epidemics of the Future

Pattern #2

Publish information – copied either identical or proximate (to avoid suspicion) to the original material from his huge personal library containing several hundreds of books, popular and science magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers, TV programmes, etc. – only after the occurence of events or discoveries, but misleadingly with an older publication date printed on it, i.e. a date that is older than the described event or discovery. And often either explicitly or implicitly claim to be the first person in the world to announce it.

  1. Atom Bomb, CFCs, Bromine & Ozone Hole
  2. Mount Chimborazo is the Highest Mountain on Earth
  3. Water & Life on Planet Mars
  4. Atlantic Ocean Impact Craters
  5. Planet Mercury is Shrinking
  6. Easter Island Mysteries: Statues & Red hats
  7. Collapse of Mayan Civilization
  8. Mount Vesuvius extends beneath the city of Rome & WW III
  9. Red Meteor or Asteroid Apophis
  10. Vatican Banker Roberto Calvi was murdered
  11. Neptune has a ring
  12. Brightening of Halley’s Comet in 1991
  13. Analysis of Contact Reports 197 – 231 (almost the entire page)
  14. Dangers of Solariums
  15. Neanderthals Interbred with Humans and their Extinction
  16. Hubble Space Telescope
  17. 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami warning for Pacific North-West
  18. Letters and Articles

Pattern #3

Publish copied information that is already or later proven to be baloney or erroneous, or that is considered to be downright pseudoscience or myth obviously reflecting the woeful ignorance and also the inability to distinguish facts from fiction, reliable vs unreliable sources and new vs obsolete scientific findings, probably arising as a result of his poor discerning skills, which for the most part could be due to his lack of formal education which Meier, according to his own words, discontinued after his 6th grade. As a result of this, Meier gets his specific details wrong in EXACTLY same way the scientists and others had it wrong at the time Meier published it.

  1. Violent war between Israel and Arabian countries at the end of the year 1976
  2. Venus’ physical conditions
  3. Connections between Earthquakes & Volcanoes to Mining, Damming of waters, Oil/Gas Extraction, etc
  4. Distance from our solar system to the galactic center
  5. Io’s volcanic plume’s height and velocity
  6. El Asnam Earthquake of 1980
  7. Lunar Impact Event of 1178 A.D.
  8. Atmospheres of all other planets in SOL system are warming up and Earth’s core has a natural nuclear reactor
  9. Asteroid Eros
  10. Near-Earth Asteroids
  11. Discovery and Naming of Hale-Bopp Comet
  12. Franklin’s Lost Expedition (1845-1846)
  13. Stars – Betelgeuse and Alnitak
  14. Sun-ring system and the hidden planet behind the SUN
  15. Sleeping sharks
  16. Black Smokers – Origins of Later forms of Life
  17. Golden Celtic cauldron in Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria
  18. Role of C-14 in Climate change on Earth
  19. Wandering Black Holes in Milky Way Galaxy
  20. Causes of Climate Change on Mars
  21. Centaraus A’ Super-massive Black Hole
  22. Galaxy-Black Hole relationship
  23. Milky Way Galaxy and it’s Super-massive Black Hole
  24. Wandering Black Holes in M87 and Milky Way Galaxy
  25. Diameter of Milky Way Galaxy’ Supermassive Black Hole
  26. Eternal-Light regions on Moon
  27. Andromeda is not a Nebula, but a Galaxy
  28. Shape of the Earth
  29. Father’s tobacco addiction harms his offspring
  30. Exposure and rectification of an error in the Pi-number calculation in the future
  31. World War III
  32. Comet Hale-Bopp Size
  33. Health dangers of Nanotechnology
  34. Melting of Glaciers would speed Earth’s Rotation
  35. Toutatis, Comet Swift Tuttle and others

Pattern #4

Either slip in new specific details or alter the texts, conveniently, in later reprints/editions of his SELF-PUBLISHED books (Wassermannzeit publishing house) in order to make it accord with the latest information or scientific findings that invalidates the earlier published information. And these new and altered editions are published misleadingly with only the first edition publication dates printed on it instead of the latter edition publication dates (along with the former).

  1. Creation of MUFON
  2. Atom Bomb, CFCs, Bromine & Ozone Hole
  3. Amalthea, the closest moon to Jupiter is about 200 kms in length
  4. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts Jupiter
  5. Iran-Iraq War of 1980 and Two USA-Iraq Wars of 1990s & 2003
  6. Divorce and Death of Princess Diana
  7. Saturn has 29 ‘real’ moons
  8. Kuiper Belt, Oort Cloud and Origin of Comets Halley & Arend-Roland
  9. Close approach of asteroid 2003 QQ47 to Earth in 2014
  10. Discovery and history of the 5,105 year old Iceman, Ötzi
  11. Iraq War – March 2003
  12. La Palma Mega-Tsunami Catastrophe
  13. Age and size of the Universe


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