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Pleiadian/Plejaren and their Federation Contact Persons

The first contacts Meier had with extraterrestrials were held with Sfath from Erra (Pleiades/Plejaren), from 1942 until 1953. After that he had contact from 1953 to 1964 with the female Asket from the DAL Universe. Until Sunday, August 4, 2013, there have been 1186 and 1229 personal telepathic contacts with Pleiadian-Plejaren extraterrestrials and their federation members since 1975, and these contacts are still ongoing. Of them 570 contacts exist as contact reports.

Pleiadian/Plejaren and their Federation contact persons
Name Origin Contact Period
Sfath (Srut) Erra (Plejares System) 1942-1953
Asket (Ischrisch) Timar (DAL Universe) 1953-1964;3/2/2004
Semjase (Srut) Erra (Plejares System) 28/1/1975-3/2/1984; 3/2/2004
Quetzal (Srut) Erra (Plejares System) 27/6/1975 – today
Ptaah (Srut) Erra (Plejares System) 17/7/1975 – today
Nera Timar (DAL Universe) 17/7/1975
Pleija Erra (Plejares System) 28/6/1976 – 12/4/2002
Andron Erra (Plejares System) 18/7/1975
Danel Erra (Plejares System) 18/7/1975 & 14/9/2008
Menara Deron (Vega System) 29/7/1976 – 12/4/2002; 2/7/2005
Rala Erra (Plejares System) 28/9/1976; 3/8/2002
Alena Sater (Lyra System) 06/7/1977; 12/4/2002; 2/7/2005
Asina Deneb (Cygnus System) 26/11/1977 & 26/9/2000
Isados Erra (Plejares System) 21/12/1977 & 3/8/2002
Elektra Erra (Plejares System) 10/1/1982 & 3/8/2002
Sana Druan (Nol System) 1983 & 3/8/2002
Ektol Druan (Nol System) 1983 & 3/8/2002
Lumia Druan (Nol System) 1983 & 12/4/2002; 2/7/2005
Ters Druan (Nol System) 1983 & 3/8/2002
Solar Deron (Vega System) 5/3/1983 & 12/4/2002;2/7/2005
Taljda Njsan (Lyra System) 25/3/1983 – 12/4/2002; 2/7/2005
Zeltan Druan (Nol System) 11/05/85
Florena Erra (Plejares System) 1/11/1995 – today
Tauron Erra (Plejares System) 29/5/1999 – today
Zafenatpaneach Erra (Plejares System) 29/5/1999 – today
Samjang Njsan (Lyra System) 17/9/1999 – today
Enjana Erra (Plejares System) 25/3/2000 – today
Sudor Askal (Plejares System) 5/6/2001 – today
Fetanika Erra (Plejares System) 25/6/2001 – today
Taneta Erra (Plejares System) 25/6/2001 – today
Tanissa Erra (Plejares System) 25/6/2001 – today
Nefratisa Luseta (Plejares System) 25/6/2001 – today
Gaudon Erra (Plejares System) 2/7/2001 – today
Queda Erra (Plejares System) 2/7/2001 – today
Inobea Erra (Plejares System) 26/8/2001 – today
Melchora (spirit guide) Erra (Plejares System) 3/8/2002
Urlana (spirit guide) Erra (Plejares System) 3/8/2002; 28/4/2005
Jaspan (spirit guide) Erra (Plejares System) 3/8/2002
Najdesha Erra (Plejares System) 28/4/2005
Cladena-Aikarina Erra (Plejares System) 2/7/2005
Susanka Erra (Plejares System) 7/1/2006
Sugam Bardan (Coma Galaxy) 30/7/2006
Xeruela Erra (Plejares System) 4/8/2007
Xeruel Erra (Plejares System) 4/8/2007
Xeruala Erra (Plejares System) 4/8/2007
Safarina Erra (Plejares System) 1/9/2008
Xawaadon Erra (Plejares System) 1/10/2012

Source: Kontakt-Statistik

Three Editions of German Contact Rotes

Since 1977 there have been 3 editions of German contact reports published in book form:

  1. Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 1st edition, Volume 1-19, 100 pages each, 1977-1981
  2. Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 2nd edition, Volume 1-28, 200 pages each, 1987-2014
  3. Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block, Volume 1-13, ~500 pages each, 2002-2015

1. Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 1st edition, Volume 1-19, 1977-1981

SKB, 1st ed. Vol.
CR Range Publication Date
1  1-8 1977
2  8-16 1977
3  16-26 1977
4  27-31 1977
5  31 + Asket Reports 1978
6  31-34 1978
7  34-36 1978
8  36-39 1978
9  39-44 1978
10  44-53 1978
11  53-59 1978
12  59-62 1979
13  62-68 1979
14  68-76 1979
15  76-86 1979
16  86-98 1980
17  98-106 1980
18  107-115 1980
19  115-? 1981

2. Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 2nd edition, Volume 1-28, 1987-2014

SKB, 2nd ed.
CR Range Publication Date
1  1-23 1987
2  23-31 1987 & 1994
3  32-39 1987
4  39-55 1987
5  55-66 1987
6  66-88 1988
7  88-115 1988
8  115-124 November 3, 1990
9  124-136 1991
10  136-144 1993
11  144-158 1994
12  159-232* 1995
13  233-239 1996
14  239-250 1998
15  250-260 2000
16  260-292 2001
17  292-320 2004
18  320-352 2004
19  353-372 2005
20  373-401 2006
21  402-433 2007
22  434-452 2008
23  453-471 2009
24  472-491 2010
25  492-517 2012
26  518-540 2013
27 541-557 February 2014
28 558-578 August 2014

* Contact Reports 197-231 are omitted in SKB 12, only first published in PPKB 5 & 6

3. Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Volume 1-13, 2002-2015

CR Range Publication Date
1  1-38 2002
2  39-81 May 2003
3  82-132 2004
4  133-181 2004
5  182-229 November 2004
6  230-239 2005
7  240-260 2005
8  261-340 2005
9  341-383 2007
10  384-433 2009
11  434-475 2010
12 476-541 2014
13 542-596 2015

FIGU Price List for year 2013 – part 2
FIGU Price List for year 2014
Stimme der Wassermannzeit

Two Editions of English Translated Contact Notes

In 1979 American UFO researcher Wendelle Stevens (WS) acquired 1,800 pages of the first edition German contact notes (Semjase Kontakt Berichte 1st ed.) from Meier in the form of 18 volumes of 100 pages each. Four different translators provided Stevens with translations:

  1. A born-again christian multilingual journalist
  2. Ilse Von Jacobi, multilingual journalist and Theosophy student
  3. A German University Scholar
  4. A bilingual young German college student

Three of the translations were rejected for not being accurate. The translations by the young bilingual German student were approved and selected by Stevens for official publication in the ‘Message from the Pleiades’ volumes.

Research Professor Emeritus James Deardorff (Oregon State University) has donated us a copy of the 1,800 pages of unapproved (by Stevens) English translations (author unidentified) provided to Stevens by one of the early translators. We will refer to these translations as ‘UET-WS’ (Unapproved English Translations of Wendelle Stevens). Presumably these 4 versions of English translations were made during the period from 1979 to the early 1980s. Deardorff told us that he got these translations somewhere around 1985-1986 from a person named Roberta Brooks who at that time worked at the ‘American Office of FIGU’ situated in Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA.  Wendelle has published two editions of the translations of the 1,800 pages. The first edition contained 4 volumes published between 1988 and 1995 and the second edition which contained 2 volumes was published in e-book format only in 2004 & 2005. The second edition contains information that has been expurgated and censored in the first edition because it was considered to be libelous under US law.

Message from the Pleiades, 1st Edition

Volume 1, pages 401, Contact Reports 1-35 (January 28, 1975 – September 16, 1975), 1979-1988
Volume 2, pages 388, Contact Reports 36-55 (October 20, 1975 – June 14, 1976) & 115 (October 19, 1978), 1990
Volume 3, pages 334, Contact Reports 56-76* (June 19, 1976 – May 23, 1977), 1993
Volume 4, pages 405, Contact Reports 76-106 (May 23, 1977 – April 10, 1978), 1995

1 Contact reports 56-60 are incorrectly numbered as 55-61, contact report 60 is not omitted as stated; contact 76 is incomplete but given in full in Volume 4

Message from the Pleiades, 2nd Edition

Volume 1, pages 460, Contact Reports 1-31 (part 1)2 (January 28, 1975 – July 17, 1975), 1979-1988/2004
Vol 2, pages 434, Contact Reports 31a-34 (part 1) (July 17, 1975 – September 14, 1975) & 53 (part 2)-573 (May 27, 1976 – June 23, 1976), 1990/2005

2 Contact Report 31 is incomplete
3 Contact Report 34 (part 2) through Contact Report 53 (part 1) are omitted because it had gone missing from Stevens’ collection; Contact Report 31 also includes the ‘Asket Reports’ found in Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1

Method of Transmission & Nature of the Contact Reports

The following excerpts (Note: headings changed by us) are taken from the book, And Still They Fly, pg. 77-80, 2004.

Language of the Contact Conversations

The contact conversations between Billy and his extraterrestrial friends are held, without exception, in the German language and are, in fact, completely independent of whether the person conversing masters the German language or not. No problems arise with regard to this, for if a Pleiadian does not master our German mother tongue, they immediately make use of a translator. This translating device enables faultless communication in the German language or any other language, provided the appropriate terms are stored in the device and are available for use. Such a language translator is about the size of a pack of cigarettes and is worn on the user’s belt. In any case, the device functions so well that every user can communicate perfectly, even if he does not have the vaguest notion about the German language.

Method of Transmission of the Contact Conversations

A great part of the personal and telepathic contact conversations that Billy has had with various Pleiadians and a few other intelligences (from January 28,1975 until today) are recorded word for word in the “contact reports.” (Exceptionally few reports have dealt with purely private or internal group matters and were not meant for the general public.) The contact reports have been in print since 1978 and can be obtained by anyone.

The way in which these contact reports come about is quite remarkable and unparalleled on earth. Actually, one would assume that a verbal exchange of thoughts would be recorded on the spot with a type of tape recorder, or possibly even in written form. But nothing of the sort occurs. To guarantee an absolutely true account, to which the Pleiadians attach very special importance, they first make use of a “symbol transmitter.” It extracts the exact content of a contact conversation from the subconscious mind (in which absolutely everything is stored) of the extraterrestrial who conversed with Billy. This “symbol transmitter” then transmits to Billy telepathically. This apparatus could relay the telepathic impulses to Billy only if the extraterrestrials had time to make themselves available to Billy. The disadvantage of this was the fact that Billy always had to conform to their time schedule.

At a later time, Quetzal developed a much better transmitting device that made it possible to relay the contact conversations fully independent of the party with whom Billy had spoken. This innovation was clearly an immense advantage for Billy, since he was now able to recall the record stored there, as from a computer, any time he desired, regardless of whether or not the extraterrestrial had time at that moment.

Billy first receives the telepathically conveyed impulses in a picture-like language of symbols, translates it instantly into our language (German), and types everything down with a typewriter.

In the beginning, Billy used a simple mechanical typewriter. When an electronic typewriter was later placed at his disposal, Quetzal not only improved the transmitter again but also the typewriter. From then on, the speed of the telepathic transmission could be increased or decreased as desired. Billy also achieved a 100 percent increase in performance from one day to the next. In my opinion, it would be appropriate to record his highest typewriting speed in the Guinness Book of World Records, since Billy typed a maximum of about 1,200 strokes per minute (20 strokes per second) with only one hand and without the 10-key system! Of course, this again may sound like bragging to the third power, but all the same, this statement expresses the purest truth. This enormous tempo is only possible when Billy’s electric typewriter is equipped with Quetzal’s magical attachment. We could not type the way Billy does on that typewriter because our electric typewriters do not function in this manner, and because there is another method at the bottom of it. The fact is, Billy predominantly uses his subconscious mind when working, which, by nature, reacts much faster than the conscious mind. When typing, his material subconscious primarily controls the movement of his fingers. Unfortunately, this hyper-fast transmitting and typing process also has disadvantages that are most significant. According to Quetzal, one single minute of telepathic transmitting and typing of this kind is no less demanding than 23 minutes of strenuous manual work. Therefore, one hour is equivalent to 23 hours of hard manual labor and can only be termed as severe labor to the highest degree. The fact that a human being is capable of withstanding this stress is solely based on Billy possessing the rare ability to regenerate his depleted energy reserves relatively fast and effectively.

This heavy labor not only gnaws away at ones nerves but also one’s physical and psychic energy, so that Billy’s efforts take a visible toll on him each time. Debilitation, fatigue and world-weariness become evident, as well as visible changes of his complexion, which sometimes cause his skin to become so pallid and translucent that his face appears to be fully crumpled. When transmitting and typing lengthier pieces of work, for example, two or more hours, Billy often endures very severe states of exhaustion.

Quite a few witnesses can attest to this, primarily members of Billy’s family. Taking Billy’s faltering health into account, the transmission of the contact conversations had to be discontinued on October 31, 1984 after Quetzal had ascertained that Billy was physically far too overtaxed by the energy-demanding activity, which could no longer be justified. Consequently, he did not write the contact reports again until November 17,1989. His health had improved enough by then to the point where the transmission of a contact could once again be expected. Unlike the normal 11-year period, which ended on January 28,1986, the contacts officially resumed on November 17,1989 in their usual manner.

Much to our pleasure, Billy has been permitted to transcribe the contact reports again since November 1989, but with one restriction: the typewriter is now without the supplementary attachment. Billy can no longer type at the speed of an express train but rather, at a normal typing speed, in order to protect his health as much as possible.

List of Typewriters

Contact reports are always typed down on a typewriter & never were ever written by hand. Also it is only Meier who types down the report and nobody else. Only the books – DEKALOG & GENESIS – came by hand, at least up to November, 19961. Wendelle Stevens on pages 6-7 of ‘Message from the Pleiades Vol 1’ book wrote that in the beginning Meier wrote down by hand and only later did he used a typewriter. He also mentioned that after a while somebody gave Meier an IBM Selectronic electric typewriter. However the facts are different according to Meier/FIGU. The following are the typewriters which Meier used for his typing2:

  1. 1975 – 1976 (mid summer) – Remington SR 101 Typewriter; gifted to Meier by Olga Walder & Margaret Flamer
  2. 1976 (mid summer) – Aug 24, 1978 – Remington SR 101 Typewriter; Meier bought himself  a new one
  3. Oct 1978 – May 20023 – Adler Electric Typewriter
  4. May 2002 – Present (2014) – Macintosh Personal Computer

1 Personal correspondence between James Deardorff & FIGU CG member Brunhilde Koye, dated November 19, 1996
2 Personal correspondence between James Deardorff & FIGU CG member Brunhilde Koye, dated Feb/Mar 1997
3 Note by alleged ET – Florena on Jan 23, 2003


Why are telepathically transmitted texts similar to Meier’s writing style ?

Following is from the book, And Still They Fly, pgs. 79-80, 2004.

The best thing here is to let Quetzal answer this frequently asked question himself:


The contact conversations that are transmitted and written down by Billy are translated by him from a graphic-symbol language into the German language, so that the exact wording of a sentence is not precisely quoted. Here, the rule is that Billy transforms a sentence or a conversation transmitted through graphic symbols into his own linguistic usage; therefore, it is inevitable that various words used in the sentences or conversations are not the original word or sentence used.

For example, if an extraterrestrial person says, “it was this an occurrence that a long time ago took place,” then the wording of this sentence would be transformed by Billy with the later transmission of graphic symbols into such a linguistic form that the transmitted (symbols) would then read as follows: “This was an occurrence that took place long ago.” Since the graphic symbols in the transmissions have to be transformed through Billy into his linguistic form and then again into an understandable German language, it should be understandable that the original spoken sentence cannot be repeated verbatim, but undergoes a change of order into its correct form. It is done without falsifying the meaning of the sentence, which, unfortunately, is a common error with translations on earth (from one language into another). Each person has a different sense of understanding and always explains and translates a sentence in accordance with his own understanding. The correct translations are never produced, not even by the very best of interpreters. It is different with Billy, who has always been proven accurate with translations into other languages. Translating a word or sentence from one language into another means that a logical transformation must take place, so that there is an absolutely analogous conversion/translation/conversion. Such a process can only be conducted if an absolutely logical mind is present, one that only recognizes and acknowledges truthful facts. In this way only, is the true sense of a translation guaranteed. Consequently, the transformations and translations of the graphically transmitted symbols through Billy have always been absolutely correct and analogous, since he lives in this logic. Each and every word and sentence has always, unerringly, rendered the original value & meaning in its entirety – without as much as a breath of a change. Billy understands a range of spiritual symbols encompassing 50.2 million units.

Why are FIGU members written texts similar to Meier’s writing style ?

Contact Report 68, Friday, November 12, 1976

(…) Yesterday we talked about your and my language, as we already did in an earlier time. Won’t one then braid me again a cord for hanging from that, that you have accommodated yourself into my kind of speaking, and in consequence all is sounding like my speech? Yesterday you gave the explanation, that our true to word talkings are just because of that expressed in my language and kind of speaking, because I have to clothe them by words from out of their transmission in symbol pictures? Many people will not understand that and will affirm, that by it, the talkings will no more be transmitted true to their spoken words.

57/But they are, in spite of that.
58/But the one who is not able to conceive it, to him I can not give advice.
59/And that I am speaking by your kind of expression, they will understand still less, though as well in your group different persons have accommodated themselves into your language, and several times it can no longer be differentiated, which one has written what thing.
60/Undertake an examination of this fact, then you will recognize it.
61/But is it so difficult to understand, that humans overtake the speech and nearly the true-to-the-word kind of expression of another one?

Certainly not, at least not for me. Look, some days ago, Englebert Wachter came to me and offered an essay for our monthly paper. It’s an article by the title “minutes of a Study” (Protokoll saner Studie), which will be published in the December edition. From this essay it can very clearly be seen, that Englebert Wachter, too, is writing in my kind of expression, and already differently, one told me from another side, that the article could be my work, for it was written in my language. Like this, my language and expressions are influencing other ones. They simply overtake it, which then gets expressed later in written matters, as though everything was written from my pen.

Source: Message from the Pleiades, Vol 3, pages 224-225, 1993

Censorship & Selective Distribution of Contact Notes by Meier/FIGU

The alleged Pleiadian/Plejaren have identified 3 different groups for the distribution or publication of contact notes, to whom they insist that everything intended(varies with group) for each particular group should not be censored & thus be published. Below are some of the excerpts from contact reports.

Contact Report 28, Friday June 27, 1975
55/A further point must be made in respect to the contact notes: As we have seen, you finally trouble yourselves for the finishing of the contact notes for publication.
56/Here a factor comes to our attention which is not our intention, as we have formerly discussed this respect very thoroughly.
57/According to the view of some of your members, the reports should be elaborated and spread only in part, leaving all personal concerns, etc., out (of the finished version).
58/With that we cannot agree from our side.
59/Our decision continues, in consequence, that the reports shall thus be published according to the fixed words, letter by letter, exactly as it is at hand.
60/By that are as well included all personal affairs, which in consequence then are not to be left out.
61/The reports are only worthy and complete when they are repeated and revealed word by word, and contain all the facts.
62/This is an objective based on very thorough deliberations and logic.
63/All personal and other matters, which are not mentioned in the reports, are not admitted and should not be published, as these since the beginning were spared from the reports.
64/All the present contact notes contain exactly the matters to be offered and explained to Earth mankind.
65/We can not accept any deletion of any facts, explanations, information, or other parts of the conversations.
66/In this respect, all must be included, even if certain matters are undelightful for some members.
67/But this not only concerns some of your members, but as well ourselves, because we still do make unrecognized mistakes.
68/These are the decisive matters which I have to mention today.
69/We expect now, a recognition of the mentioned mistakes and their removal.
70/It is not very delightful for us if we have to constantly trouble ourselves in this respect.
71/once we give on explanation or an order, then that should be enough.
72/It should never happen that matters have to be repeated several times and discussed again.
73/In this respect we also have ordered Semjase to omit, in the future, any kinds of repetitions of a once explained factor.
74/For what has once been explained and discussed needs no further explanations. 75/This is not only time consuming, but illogical and superfluous.

Source: Message from the Pleiades, Vol 1, pages 263-264, 1979-1988

Contact Report 29, Monday, July 7, 1975

147/Concerning the contact reports, I also explained to you, that these should be published within internal circles, as they already exist.
148/Only for external circles should they be censored of all personal concerns, etc.
149/But if any external circles appear who want to get unshortened reports, then they should also be handed them in complete form.
150/The censored form of the reports is valid alone for broad publicity.

Source: Message from the Pleiades, Vol 1, page 274, 1979-1988

Message from the Pleiades, Vol 2, page 151, 1990

In 1979, we investigators were told by Meier that for security reasons and for protection of sensitive data, there were three different levels or versions of contact notes as follows: (Note: We have just assigned numbering for clarity which however is not present in MFP)

  1. One set(the original) was for Meier and 5 members of the inner group.
  2. Another set(an abstracted version) was for the rest of Meier’s group.
  3. A third set(the edited version) was for eventual public release.

These messages (Messages from the Pleiades, Volumes 1-4) have all been taken from the edited version – Publisher

Source: MFTP Vol. 2

Censorship of ‘Message from the Pleiades’ by Wendelle Stevens

Not only was the information in contact reports been edited out & distributed or published according to respective groups, even the Meier case main investigator Wendelle Stevens has suppressed parts of the contact reports due to various reasons such as suppressed material being anti-religious, anti-political, damaging to certain personalities & libellous under US laws.

Message from the Pleiades, Vol I, pg. 265

The group members around Meier had sensibly decided to edit and leave out sensitive comments and all direct references to personalities mentioned in the notes before any release outside the group. Quetzal’s position is that they, the Pleiadians, have already purged what they think should be left out, before the contact notes were transmitted back to Meier, and that they do not need purging again.
Some of those comments are damaging to certain personalities, and even libellous under our laws and so we have taken exception to Quetzel’s demand and have edited and deleted as we considered appropriate. Those deletions are the gaps in the sentence numbering sequence for each of the Pleiadian speakers shown here in our version of the contact message from the Pleiades. Another reason for some of the larger gaps in the numbering sequence, is our deletion of unkind references to our various religions and beliefs, and to our political systems, petty as they may seem to the extraterrestrials. These systems are ours, and we live here, –and in our free right to choose, me make the choices which may seem expedient to us.

Background on Wendelle Stevens Translation of German Contact Notes

Message from the Pleiades, Vol 1, pages 5-7, 1979-1988

After eleven years of investigation into this extensive UFO contact case taking place in Switzerland, and years of testing of the physical evidence produced, such as UFO photographs, recorded sounds of the spacecraft, metal residue and ship’s landing tracks; I have decided to publish more of the elaborate contact notes for your study and evaluation. These notes were never intended for public release, and they have much information of a very personal nature to certain of the individuals involved. Also they are very voluminous and could not possibly be squeezed into one book. Thus we have purged out parts of a personal nature, dialogue of lesser interest, and conversation not of general concern to all.

The Contact Notes have actually been translated several times by bi-lingual scholars with different backgrounds, but there have always been problems with the translation — accuracy being critical. There are two basic steps to translating written information from one language to another. The first is transliteration; changing the words. The second is interpretation or rephrasing of the converted words to most accurately express the original idea in proper form in the new language. Since there frequently are several choices for substitution of words, some conveying different emphasis and some conveying modification of the meaning, it is important that the translator have a considerable knowledge of the original ideas being expressed when he is making his choice of words. The second step is more troublesome because here the transliterated words must be rephrased in the new language to most accurately convey the desired idea. There are always several ways to re-phrase them, and so a good understanding of the basic idea is also critical.

One Christian translator chose words and re-phrased in the interpretation step according to her understanding in good Christian terms. The student of Theosophy interpreted is terms of her own metaphysical concepts, and the phrasing came out quite differently. The University scholar tried to interpret in terms of modern scientific thought, and that was different too, because the communications were imparted to the witness in concepts well understood by him, who was neither Christian nor Theosophist, nor scholar, but a fame’ with a limited education and much practical experience is the school of life, always experienced at a very rudest income level. His concepts are framed in the understanding he has developed based on these experiences. We have tried for years to agree on one or another of the translations, and finally came to accept this present version as the more accurate conversion into English. Of course, for real accuracy, the Contact Notes should be read in their original German. This translation was made by a young German college student who spent a great deal of time at the Meier home, living with them and observing the various witnesses in their daily lives, and seeking very careful explanations. His translations were then checked and approved, as he proceeded, by both the others at the hare and by Eduard Meier himself. This may be about as accurate as we can get at this time.

We have other problems in publishing these notes however such as the restrictions on release of information by both the extraterrestrials and also by other witnesses and friends involved. Our purging of these notes of personal and other sensitive information mentioned in the original notes necessarily results in some discontinuity of thought, but we have sought to preserve as much of the information as it is possible to release publicly at this time. We have carried forward the original paragraph numbering within each of the contact notes in order to facilitate all future research. It also provided a limited measure of the amount of sensitive information in those notes that cannot yet be released. When the notes first started, after the first contact with this extraterrestrial team on 28 January 1975, Eduard (Billy) Meier sat down to write what he could remember about the contact, and then discovered that it was coming through to him rapidly, including the whole dialogue, word for word, just as though he had recorded it. Later he found that the dialogue was in fact recorded by the extraterrestrials and was being mechanically/telepathically played back to him from a computer-like device on the spacecraft, and he was receiving it in a form of automatic writing. When Meier was loaned a typewriter, the Pleiadians asked to borrow it for examination, and Billy took it to them on the next contact. They gave it back to him a few days later saying it was a primitive machine, and then Meier found that when he sat down to hunt-and-peck same notes, a contact message came through almost as rapidly as the writing, on the typewriter, working it with only one finger on his single hand, in a kind of automatic typing — again transmitted from the computer aboard the ship. Still later, somebody gave Meier an IBM Selectronic electric typewriter, and then the notes transmission was shifted to it in the same way. At that point he was typing nearly 60 words per minute, with one finger, under mechano/telepathic control from the ship. We have recordings of this automatic typing. As the level of imparted information improved, the extraterrestrials began informing Meier of some things he could not reveal to other people, things that he needed to know for his own understanding only.

Then he discovered that same of the dialogue was being left out of the text on the automatic re-transmission. The Pleiadians told him that they were withholding some of the sensitive information for his own good. What he did not remember could not be compromised. He had one of his first serious arguments with them over this and obtained a concession on their part. The contacts were not all simple dialogue. There were real arguments, discussions, humor, agreements, and even some outright threats, and we have been able to preserve examples of all of these for you. The format for this presentation is chronological in the order that the contacts occurred. The notes were usually written up within hours of the contact and another person would read them and witness and date the report. The initial screening of these contact notes was done in Switzerland by the witnesses there. If you feel that not enough information is given, or that proofs are being withheld, remember that those people involved there have their own proofs and need no other assurance of any kind. They are not impelled, nor do they see any need, to prove anything to anybody else. They have enough threats, harassment, and intimidation now, and do not seek to add to their own burden. We have persuaded them to share this much with you for your own information, to accept or disbelieve as you choose. They are not the least bit concerned about your choice, nor are we. After all, you classify your own self in these matters. Nobody else does..

Note: Refer to the List of Typewriters for more accurate information on the recording of the contact reports and the typewriters Meier used.


Prophecies & Predictions

Why & how does Plejaren disclose information that gets confirmed in news only days or weeks or months later

Contact Report 38, Thursday, November 13, 1975, 9:36 AM (PPKB 4, pgs. 494-495)

(…) But now I would like to address the second question to you. It refers to several of you and your fathers information. I received of you regarding the comet, the ozone layer and many other things. Some weeks or months later after that always articles were published in the newspapers which referred to this information and practically confirmed it. Can you…

63. …say why?
64. This question does not come from you from you, because I know exactly that it is concocted by Hans Jacob from Wetzikon.
65. This question already has been lurking in him for long, and as usual springs from his unwarranted suspicion and from his obsession for critique.
66. Only a little while ago I explained to him that he has to put effort in all things in more intensive form, then be a logical way of thinking he would basically understand things himself.
67. Nevertheless, I will endeavour to take away the obvious difficult thinking from him, and answer the question:
68. All this information given to you comes from our own analysis or experiences etc.
69. Often these also coincide with discoveries that were or are made by the earth human beings at the same time.
70. This is the time related adjustment on your world.
71. However on the other hand, several earth people are continuously being directed at any insights during their research, which they then automatically must achieve.
72. These influences take place from outside and fulfill their specific purposes.
73. When a single earth human being or even a small group come this far, that they acquire the given insights, then they spread it to the public.
74. This however only at the appropriate time namely, when the findings can be spread without causing damage.
75. However they are not able to control that, which is why partial control is being exercised over them.
76. From our side we are better able to judge these things, therefore we can provide certain information at the appropriate time, before they are being posted by earth people.
77. These times vary only slightly, which is why we only mention certain things a few days, weeks or months before the publications of the earth people.

Why Plejaren ETs do not look into their future ?

Contact Report 17, Friday, May 9, 1975

English German
Semjase: Semjase:
8. Surely, but only then, if they really are of very importance. 8. Sicher, doch nur dann, wenn sie wirklich sehr von Wichtigkeit sind.
9. For these matters but we just have to give free course and to let the future work, from what it would be useless for us, to look the future. 9. Diese Dingen aber müssen wir einfach ihren Lauf lassen und die Zeit arbeiten lassen, so es für uns sinnlos wäre, die Zukunft zu erschauen.
10. Here it concerns, that different persons direct their modes of thinking into the right trails and find by themselves explored cognitions the effective truth. 10. Es geht ja hier darum, dass verschiedene Personen ihre Denkformen in die richtigen Bahnen lenken und durch eigens gefundene Erkenntnisse die effektive Wahrheit finden.
11. We yet must neither by coercion nor by revelation of facts of the future influence this, from what the foreseeing of the future becomes unreal in the respect, as the knowing of the future brings no use for us, because we are not allowed to use these cognitions. 11. Dies dürfen wir aber weder durch Zwang noch durch die Preisgabe von Fakten der Zukunft beeinflussen, wodurch ein Schauen der Zukunft irreal wird in der Hinsicht, dass uns das Kennen der Zukunft keinen Nutzen bringt, weil wir die Kenntnis nicht ausnützen dürfen.
12. The future should first then become fore-experienced, if the recognition from this can find useful and successful exercise. 12. Die Zukunft soll erst dann erschaut werden, wenn die Kenntnis des Erschauten nützliche und erfolgreiche Anwendung finden kann.
13. The fore-living of personal matters and developing facts of any forms of life in the future ought not get excercised in the cause, as each form of life has to go her way of the normal development and not is allowed to become influenced through knowings of futural kind in a way, that she just could overleap development stages without having experienced the necessary wisdom of this stage. 13. Das Erschauen persönlicher Dinge und entwicklungsmässiger Fakten irgendwelcher Lebensformen in der Zukunft soll nicht betrieben werden darum, weil jede Lebensform ihren weg der normalen Entwicklung gehen muss und nicht durch Kenntnisse zukünftiger Form in der Art beeinflusst werden darf dass sie Entwicklungsgrade einfach überspringen kann, ohne die notwendige Erfahrung dieses Grades zu durchleben und zu erfahren.

Contact Report 241, Monday, February 3, 1992

One more question regarding the incidents around the year 2000, when extraterrestrials are said to be approaching people on Earth. Is this certain already, and if yes, how will it take place?

…The inconsistency of Earth’s population simply is so great that not much can be predicted for a more distant future. To predict such future events more accurately we would have to look into the future. But this we would rather not do, and you know the reasons for that. If it can be avoided, we refrain from this type of probing into the future.

Contact Report 250, Wednesday, October 26, 1994

Und da unsere Voraussagen für die verschiedensten Geschehen auf der Erde trotz deiner Veröffentlichungsbemühungen usw. keine Erfolge erzielten, beschlossen wir, keine weiteren Vorausschauungen mehr zu tätigen.

Aber für euch selbst?

Wir taten solches nur für dich und für die Erdenmenschen. Für uns sind solche Vorausschauungen nicht von Interesse und nicht von Wert, weil wir nicht nach Voraussagen, Prophezeiungen und Vorausschauungen leben, sondern zweckgerichtet nach den schöpferisch-natürlichen Gesetzen und Geboten, folgedessen wir auch nicht irgendwelche Dinge der Zukunft befürchten müssten, die uns Schaden bringen könnten durch unser eigenes Fehlverhalten.

Prächtig, so sollte es auch auf der Erde sein.

Why Chernobyl disaster was not mentioned in any of the Prophecies and Predictions ?

FIGU Bulletin 33, June 2001

Weitere Fragen

Warum wurde in den Prophetien und Voraussagen Tschernobyl nicht erwähnt, da es sich doch um ein wichtiges Ereignis handelte?

Frederic Lienhard/Frankreich


Diese Frage möchte ich mit einen kleinen Gesprächsauszug zwischen Ptaah und mir beantworten. 296ster Kontakt, Samstag, 10. März 2001/00.18h:

(…) warum ihr mir keine Voraussagen in bezug auf das Tschernobyl-Desaster gemacht habt…?

Wir haben dir das Geschehen um Tschernobyl vorausgesagt, doch vermagst du dich nicht mehr daran zu erinnern. Unsere Voraussagen fielen in jene Zeit ab 1984, als du nicht mehr in der Lage warst, die Kontaktgespräche niederzuschreiben, weil du gesundheitlich derart übel standest, dass wir nicht wussten, ob du sterben oder leben würdest, weil du über Jahre hinweg am Rande des Todes standest….

Effect of Peace Meditation on the fulfillment of negative Prophecies

Contact Report 136, Tuesday, October 14, 1980

I know, and that’s probably how it’ll stay because the people on Earth are not likely to alter their ways so quickly and accept the truth that changes could still be invoked, for the better, I mean.

While you are not permitted to speak about it at this point so as to endanger the success, it is still advisable that great efforts be made to change various future incidents for the positive, although they seem to be inevitable now. Toward the latter part of 1983 or spring of 1984, we are planning to introduce an effective peace meditation to benefit Earth, its inhabitants, and events that will occur there. Included in this effort will be everyone on Erra and many members from our federation, whose total will comprise more than 3.5 billion humans. This will produce an extremely powerful energy force through which the terrestrials and their actions, hence their occurrences, should be influenced and political confusion resolved. These efforts will also lead to freeing Russia and other countries from their current dictatorship status. The procedures have been instituted and mandated by the High Council, who have found a permissible method to intervene using a particular cosmic clause that could be used to influence terrestrial affairs. As part of the result brought about by these peace efforts, the inhumane wall will fall, which currently divides Germany into two separate countries, thus the two sectors will be reunited into one. Every group member is asked to help, for the strength and initiative of each and every last one is imperative, as is the assistance of other humans on Earth who will voluntarily join you in this effort. In this regard you are only permitted to speak about the peace meditation and its purpose in the peace effort. You may not mention the issues I previously told you about and which I specifically named just now. Should you not adhere to these instructions and speak about these items, you will not only jeopardize all efforts in this direction but the anticipated successes commencing in 1987 will not occur either; they may even transform into something negative.

What a thought. Of course, I’ll sit on my mouth. —But—do you actually think that the dictatorships on Earth will come to an end in the next decade, and that the wall in the DDR [German Democratic Republic] will come down?

This is as good as certain, although World War III will still be a threat, in addition to many other forms of tragedies. Success will follow as long as we conscientiously and systematically perform the peace meditation. Beginning with 1987, many other things will change, for the positive that is. However, the first tangible and substantial successes will only become evident in 1988, and within a very brief time afterward they will begin to solidify to the point where the first major uprisings will begin in 1989 and terrestrials will experience their temporary apex in 1990. But I must state once again that you must remain silent on these matters for now.

I will do that. There is no way I am going to endanger all of these future efforts.

Only time will tell the success rate these efforts will bring.

Slowly some hope is rising within me—and I will put all of this into the drawer of my lost memories so I don’t endanger anything.

You will be permitted to speak about everything when the events become more apparent.

By then I’ll have forgotten it all. —So it looks like as the end of the 1980s approaches, we soon can expect some rays of hope in regard to a worldwide improvement of freedom and peace. Then the world will look a bit better.

Yes, so it will. But now I must leave. Moreover, you are tired. Good-bye.

Good, and many thanks, girl . . .

Contact Report 232, Friday, November 17, 1989

Unfortunately, our contacts before January 29, 1986, did not bring about the complete success we had envisioned, and we departed from all of you with great regret. We hoped, however, that with the passing of time everything would change for the better. On one hand within the group, and on the other in worldwide events as well, since you have the support of 511 million people of our own population on Erra and another 3.02 billion individuals galaxy wide from those peoples in our federation when your group performs the Peace Meditation. And in actuality, success did come about and it has now begun to bear fruit—for instance in Russia, Poland, East Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Korea. These will be followed by other countries. Everything has transpired according to the prophecies, which state that peace will emanate from Russia. All of these immeasurably monumental successes were triggered solely by your group and all of the loyal people on Earth, along with us on Erra and our federation friends. At this moment you have 3,406 peace meditation participants on Earth. And all of you included in this number may be proud of performing the one and only correct peace mediation, which will prompt those peace impulses within terrestrial people that slowly permit peace on Earth to become a reality-just as they have been stored in their storage record locations, from where they impact humans. Thereupon humans understand these impulses and are able to bring them to fruition. It is a fact that all other current efforts for peace on Earth, be they of a political, religious, fanatical or purportedly esoteric nature, have been just as ineffective as the attempts of those who purport to be mediums or other alleged contactees for spirits, saints or extraterrestrials and the like. Their efforts have been totally meaningless and futile, for each of them lacks the knowledge and the true potential to implement what must be done to awaken the necessary impulses within humans, and for them to utilize and make them effective. Furthermore, they lack the knowledge when the peace meditation must be conscientiously performed to turn this voluntary collaboration of our 3.5 billion co-assistants into an immense vibratory force. The honor of knowing this information, and the capability of doing so, was granted exclusively to your group and to all of those loyal people who are at your side. Through the truthful teaching they have become increasingly more knowledgeable and capable of learning how to think and act in a Creational manner. On Earth the honor and success for the current peace efforts by the various government officials and numerous humans goes singularly and exclusively to the members of your group and to all those 3,381 loyal individuals who remain and work shoulder-to-shoulder with you in all honesty, truth, and in cognizance of the peace efforts—openly or discreetly. Unfortunately, I must mention the fact that in spite of all the successes in the peace and freedom efforts, which are also widespread, the bitter side of the situation has not been eliminated, and setbacks are already looming. One of the reasons for this is that in countries where populations now feel free from previously suffocating laws, the people are currently acting very unreasonable, and governments will soon be forced into resorting to strong, restrictive measures again. And this, in turn, will lead to renewed bloodshed. Much of the blame for this matter must be shouldered by the western, the so-called free countries of the world which, through murderous, underground-type wars, incite hatred against the eastern countries and the southern nations of Africa and America. The biggest shouters and those bringing the greatest harm are the Americans and the Germans, in addition to various other, mostly western nations, who believe they must place rules and remonstrations on the eastern nations. Likewise, certain western powers sneakily undermine and defame the eastern nations’ governments by using intrigants to incite the people against their governments, and by nurturing conflict in every conceivable form. Unfortunately, this means that everything will change and one day evil, bloody wars will again result from this situation . . .

Contact Report 246, Saturday, June 19, 1993

Then I have another question regarding the third worldwide inferno, the third world war. For a long time mention was always made of the threat of a third worldwide inferno, and that it was as good as inevitable. However, towards the mid 1980s you increasingly stated that the danger of a third world war had diminished due, in part, to the Peace Meditation we perform in conjunction with the many billions of people from your federation, and also because, through impulses, you and your people influenced certain terrestrials into instigating a more rational thinking mode. What is the current status regarding the threat of a third world war?

Currently no factors point in the direction that such an event is looming, and if all related guidelines for terrestrial governments and the population in general remain within the prevailing framework and continue to evolve, then the threat of a third worldwide inferno will probably be contained. However, terrestrials are incredibly volatile, domineering, arrogant and unsettled, and for this reason it cannot be confirmed with absolute certainty that another worldwide inferno will not be triggered at a later date. It is, therefore, imperative that multinational fighting troops be organized according to the Henoch [Enoch] system and deployed immediately to intervene in every country, to create peace and order when wars or revolutions loom or break out. The same applies also to countries where despots, dictators and the like perpetrate their inhumane deeds. Multinational troops would also be responsible for fighting crime and the organized crime system, and they would play a dominant role in enforcing measures to combat overpopulation. We have already discussed this topic in another setting.

Thank you. . . .

Making exceptions in giving Predictions

In Contact Report 250 (1994), FIGU Special Bulletins 51 (January 2010)61 (May 2011) and elsewhere,  it was being said that since the announcements of predictions by Meier since 1950’s did not achieve any success despite being published & forwarded to world governments, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations, various organizations and many private persons worldwide, Plejaren decided to stop give predictions. But from the below articles, it is clear that they do make some exceptions in giving predictions.

FIGU Special Bulletin 64, November 2011

Contact Report 527, Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dann möchte ich dich fragen, ob du irgendwelche Kenntnis darüber hast, wieviele Tote das Seebeben, der Tsunami und die Reaktorzerstörung in Fukushima gefordert hat? Durch die Medien ist nichts zu erfahren, was sich diesbezüglich wirklich ergeben hat. Da ihr ja auch keine Voraussagen mehr macht, bekommen wir bezüglich solcher Dinge auch keine Informationen mehr, die der Wahrheit entsprechen. Vielleicht aber habt ihr ja doch Aufzeichnungen resp. Abklärungen von der Fukushima-Katastrophe gemacht?
Das haben wir tatsächlich, weil uns das Geschehen von Fukushima schon durch Vorausschauungen vor mehr als 80 Jahren bekannt war. In bezug auf solche von uns gemachten frühzeitlichen Vorausschauungen betreiben wir unsere Beobachtungen, Abklärungen, Aufzeichnungen und Vorausschauungen weiterhin. Es waren rund 22000 Tote.

Und ich dachte, dass das nicht mehr getan wird, denn du hast mir ja gesagt, dass ihr solche Vorausschauen nicht mehr macht.

Das ist absolut richtig, doch bezieht sich das ausschliesslich auf solche, die wir nur für dich durchführten, um mittelnd über dich einerseits die Erdenmenschen zu warnen, und andererseits um interessante Dinge kundzutun, ehe sie eintrafen und die auch in unser Interesse gefallen sind. Diese Vorausschauungen tun wir nicht mehr, sondern wir begrenzen uns nur noch darauf, anfallende Geschehen usw. abzuklären, die wir bereits vor mehr als sieben Jahrzehnten vorausschauungsmässig ergründet haben.

Es ist aber doch schade, dass ihr keine Voraussagen mehr gebt, denn es gab immer Menschen, die dafür interessiert waren und sich auch bemühten, andere zu warnen oder bestimmte Dinge und Reisen nicht zu tun.

Das ist mir bekannt, doch es ändert nichts an unserem Beschluss, denn die irdischen Regierungen, Wissenschaftler und das Gros der Erdenmenschen kümmern sich nicht um deine und unsere Warnungen. Du selbst hast dich seit den 1950er Jahren immer und immer wieder sehr bemüht, die irdischen Regierungen, die Wissenschaftler und die Erdenmenschen zu warnen. Du hast sie auf das ungeheure zerstörerische Übel der Überbevölkerung aufmerksam gemacht und auch die schweren Naturkatstrophen der heutigen und noch kommenden Zeit vorausgesagt, wie auch die Völkerflucht, den Terrorismus usw. usf., doch blieb alles erfolglos. Du wurdest nur mitleidig als Spinner und Weltverbesserer verlacht, wie auch verleumdet und als Lügner, Betrüger, Fälscher, Schwindler und Scharlatan beschimpft. Doch alles hat sich so zugetragen, wie du vorausgesagt und bekanntgegeben hast, und also werden sich deine Voraussagen auch weiterhin erfüllen, wie auch die unseren. Du und wir, wir haben uns umsonst Mühe gegeben, denn es wurde nicht auf uns gehört, weshalb die Erdenmenschen nun die Folgen ihres Fehlhandelns hinsichtlich der Überbevölkerung und der daraus resultierenden Zerstörung der Natur und der nachteiligen Klimabeeinflussung, der Übernutzung der Erdressourcen und alle immer mehr auftretenden Ausartungen tragen müssen.

Contact Report 544, Saturday, September 1, 2012

Then, in relation to many predictions you have made, I still want to explain that many of them have very often struck me hard, especially also because I had to be silent and was not permitted to announce any warnings. Actually, I am now quite happy that you do not make any predictions any more, because they were always uncommonly burdensome for me because I could not do anything to keep the event from becoming reality. Indeed, you have allowed me to undertake an attempt to get in touch with the US government via L., who was previously employed by the CIA, but then the US government, via the CIA, made unfulfillable demands, which were unfulfillable according to your will, which is the reason that no positive connection came about. I then received the unfulfillable demands in writing. But you also predicted that, therefore, after the fruitless attempt to contact the US government, I then did not continue to make further efforts in regard to the matter and would not make such efforts again. Moreover you have also said yourself that the attempt which was carried out was the first and the last, and consequently, in this respect, you will allow nothing further. Therefore, I hold myself to that. But in relation to predictions: if something of the future particularly interests me, as before, will you give me more facts, if I do not publish them? And what will happen if the United States collapses?

We will continue to give you information if you want it or if you think it could be necessary to make a prediction publicly, whereby it must then be, however, a question of your own, and only about something very special that no longer falls into the old scope of the predictions.

FIGU Special Bulletin 73, September 2013

Hallo, vielleicht bin ich nicht der erste mit dieser Frage, aber kann FIGU/Billy vielleicht im nächsten (Sonder-)Bulletin etwas sagen bezüglich des neuen Papstes, auch im Zusammenhang mit dem Nichteintreffen der Henoch/Malachy Prophezeiung? Wodurch ist die Prophezeiung nicht eingetroffen, hat sich etwas verändert/gebessert? Und was ist von diesem neuen Papst zu denken, kann er etwas Positives bewirken? Was ist zu sagen bezüglich der Zukunft des Vatikans, der katholischen Kirche und der christlichen Religion im allgemeinen?
Mit freundlichem Gruss und Salome,
Simon Goudswaard, Niederlande

Zu dieser mehrteiligen Frage ist nicht viel zu sagen, denn es wurde nur wenig darüber gesprochen. So soll folgend nur das diesbezügliche Kurzgespräch zwischen Ptaah und mir wiedergegeben werden:

Auszug dem offiziellen 556. Kontaktgespräch vom 2. März 2013

Es geht dabei um Ratzinger, der sich Papst Benedikt der XVI. nennt. Der zynische, fanatische und scheinheilige Kerl dankt ja nun ab, folglich dann eine neue Papstwahl ansteht. Dazu die Frage, wann diese und was das Resultat sein wird? Weisst du bereits etwas darüber?

Das ist der Fall ja, denn das Ganze interessiert mich persönlich, doch möchte ich darüber keine offizielle Aussage machen. Du weisst, was wir beschlossen haben bezüglich Voraussagen.

Als Ausnahme vielleicht? Viele Ausnahmen wird es ja sowieso nicht mehr geben in Zukunft, wenn überhaupt.

Aus dieser Sicht, gut.

Meier under threat for revealing undiscovered scientific facts

Concerning Mars, I have another question: Even though the entire planet is practically a wild, dry landscape, there is, nevertheless, a rather thick and large layer of ice on the South Pole, which could be compared to the layers of ice of our Arctic and Antarctic. Of course, the conditions aren’t right for this; nevertheless, this South Pole layer of ice is present, as I could see during the flight around Mars when, on the one hand, Semjase first took me there in her beamship, as we flew to the Great Spacer of her father Ptaah, and also after that, as Ptaah circled around Mars again on the return flight to Earth, in order to show me even other things, as this was also the case with all other SOL planets and several of their moons, which I wanted to see. Then, the journey still took us to the nearer and further surroundings of the Sun, where I saw several other remarkable things, as well as on the North Pole of the Earth, which are still unknown to our earthly scientists of astronomy and which are likely to give them some surprise and attract attention even with the earthly population, when one or another is discovered. For example, among other things, I’m referring to the fact that far behind the Sun, there orbits even another planet, but this remains hidden from the Earth, always located behind the star, for it has a solar orbit with such a speed that it can never become visible from the Earth, and moreover, it already drifts out of the SOL system and, thus, slowly removes itself from the system. Moreover, Ptaah showed me that there is also a Sun-ring system, as this is also the case for several of the planets in a different form. At the same time, I also saw that in this ring system, as it was called by Ptaah, a certain number of satellites also romped around, but everything wasn’t comparable to Saturn’s ring system, whose actual moons didn’t circulate in the ring system itself, as this is the case for the satellites of the Sun’s ring system. Now the question: am I now allowed to talk about this, contrary to what Ptaah told me in 1975, that I must maintain silence over these things? I was also allowed to release information about other things, at least for the group members. But how is it now today? Since then, 12 years have lapsed in the country, during which time a lot has changed, and my contacts have also become well-known around the world; therefore, probably no one would be surprised any more if I would now release some information relating to the aforementioned. Even if I am designated as a spinner again, it won’t cause harm any more; I think that I no longer get so upset or angry, and I certainly also know how to prevent this. I’ve already been branded as a spinner and fantasist, and my enemies can’t even do more than practice stupid talk and dumb criticism and slander me, etc., who still won’t be able to remain silent even now, for certain people think nothing of rational thinking or of propriety and tolerance. Some of the very friendly fellows are simply inconvincible because they are megalomaniacal and arrogant.

182. What you say is correct.
183. However, a danger will continue to exist, namely that those certain elements will seek and continue to seek after your life if you talk about the aforementioned facts officially, which these people won’t like.
184. Thus, you must exercise extreme caution in every respect.

That will be the least of my concerns. I can take care of myself quite well, and if it’s necessary, I can also defend myself. I’m actually not as defenseless as some people think I am. In so many respects, I have my defense capabilities, as you should actually know.

185. That is well-known to me, but maybe you’re too carefree.
186. But if you promise that you will exercise sufficient caution and attention in reference to the protection of your life, then I may certainly give you permission to release some more information, at least within the framework that you’ve mentioned.
187. And what I still want to say:
188. One could also say to your comment about the ring system of the Sun that it is a veil ring, or more precisely, a veil ring system, which consists of fine and very fine particles and also small and large chunks of various sizes, or even satellites, as you call them.

Thanks. There is still so much that could be told of my Great Journey, but I think that everything would ultimately become too much.

189. You certainly aren’t wrong about that because everything really would be too much if you wanted to tell or write down all of your observations and experiences of your five-day long journey.

That’s exactly what I mean.

190. Then we are, indeed, of the same opinion.

So I said.

Source: CR 216, 1987

How to calculate future events?

FIGU Bulletin 52, June 2005

Bei den Berechnungen handelt es sich in keiner Weise um ein Geheimnis, denn grundsätzlich fundiert alles auf Logik in bezug auf Wahrscheinlichkeitsberechnungen, die auf dem Gesetz der Kausalität und also auf Ursache und Wirkung beruhen. Also ist aus der Ursache der Werdegang bis zur Wirkung zu berechnen in der Weise, dass der aus einer Ursache zwangsläufig hervorgehende Gang der Dinge laufend folgerichtig nachvollzogen wird, und zwar bis zum Zeitpunkt der in Erscheinung tretenden Wirkung. Aus dem Ganzen können, wenn vom Zeitpunkt der bestehenden Ursache heraus alles berechnend verfolgt wird, in weiterer logischer Folge auch die Zeiträume berechnet werden, zu denen zwangsläufig die Wirkung eintreten muss. Das Berechnen solcher Wahrscheinlichkeiten resp. der Wirkungen aus bestimmten Ursachen, die als zukünftige Ereignisse ihre Bewertung finden, ist keine Hexerei, denn es bedarf nur eines gesunden, logischen Verstandes sowie der erforderlichen Vernunft, um alle Ursachen in ihrem Werdegang in Form ihrer laufend in Erscheinung tretenden Wirkungen in ihren eigentlichen Werten und im gesamten Umfang zu erfassen und zu verstehen, richtig zu koordinieren und in dieser Weise alles bis zur endgültigen Wirkung verfolgen und kombinieren zu können.

Confusion with (Millions vs Billions vs Trillions) & (Light Years vs Kilometers) in Contact Reports

Contact Report 248, Thursday, February 3, 1994, 5:04 PM

I know, but still, I thought that I could tell you something that would be unknown to you. – I have bad luck. I’ve also already had bad luck before. As you know, I have always had difficulties with millions and billions, which I, the Devil knows why, often confused with one another. Now, the same problem has arisen with light years and kilometers. In previous conversations with you and Semjase, with regard to the Great Journey, etc., there was often talk of nonillions and decillions, with respect to distances. With this, kilometers were always meant, but I, I the dope, have then always said and written light years.

71. These data, indeed, did not concern light years but rather kilometers.

Then this would also be clarified.

FIGU Special Bulletin 70, November 2012
Contact Report 542, July 7, 2012

(…) Bedauerlich ist einfach nunmehr noch, dass in allen Kontaktberichten und in diversen Büchern die Fehler mit Millionen, Milliarden, Billionen und Billiarden auftreten, die richtiggestellt werden müssen. Wie du weisst – das habe ich dir ja gesagt –, sind die Symbolzeichen in den Speicherbänken für Millionen und Milliarden unglücklicherweise dermassen täuschend gleichartig, dass ich beim Abrufen von Daten immer Verwechslungen verfallen bin. Demzufolge machte ich aus Millionen Milliarden und aus Milliarden sogar Billionen, leider.

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