Freddy Kropf and Silvano Lehmann

The 28th FIGU’s Annual Passive-Group General Assembly was held in the town of Wila (Switzerland) on May 27, 2017, where all the FIGU Passive members from all over the world are supposed to convene. A record of the proceedings was later sent to all members of the FIGU group through snail mail.

On page 2 of the minutes it was mentioned that the long-standing Core-Group member Alfred (Freddy) Kropf (in addition to the ones mentioned much earlier), who joined FIGU since 1981, had also resigned from it towards the end of December, 2016. For reasons understood, Freddy didn’t make it public unlike the others who vented their rather negative experiences with Meier/FIGU through their now defunct website, as was already reported by us in another article.

Alfred Korpf - OM (2011) - pg 484

Alfred Kropf; left: 15/08/1987, right: 5/09/2010.
Source: OM, pg. 484, 2011.


Name – Alfred Kropf
Born – November 17, 1959
Resident – Teuffenthal BE
Occupation – Cook
Joined FIGU – November 7, 1981
Left FIGU – December 2016
Membership duration – 35 years in Core Group

Source: OM, pg. 484, 2011

What follows below is a correspondence between two FIGU Passive Members and Freddy concerning his silent exit from FIGU. The names of these Passive Members as per their wish, have been withheld.

Passive Member-1:

Hallo Freddy,

Wie geht’s? Ich bin XXXXXXX, Passiv Mitglied, wir haben einander mehrmals getroffen bei SSSC. In dem Protokoll der Passivgruppe Generalversammlung habe ich gelesen das du aus der Kerngruppe ausgetreten bist. Auch habe ich die Website von Stephan, Wolfgang, Philia und Hans Georg gelesen. Darf ich fragen was die Gründe für deine Austritt waren, weil das nirgendwo erwähnt wird?

Freundliche Grüsse,

[Google Translation]

Hi Freddy,

How are you? I am XYZ, passive member, we have met each other several times at SSSC. In the protocol of the passive group general assembly I read that you have left the core group. I also read the website of Stephan, Wolfgang, Philia and Hans Georg. May I ask what were the reasons for your resignation because this is not mentioned anywhere?

With kind regards,


Hallo XYZ

Möchte dir nur sagen, dass die Gründe weshalb ich gegangen bin, sehr ähnlich sind wie die von denen die vor mir ausgetreten sind. Wäre Silvano nicht gestorben, wäre er noch vor mir ausgetreten, das hat er mir noch ein paar Wochen vor seinem Ableben gesagt.
Mehr möchte ich nicht sagen, denn ich muss mich nicht rechtfertigen. Ich gehe einfach meinen eigenen Weg. Jeder muss für sich selber entscheiden, was richtig oder falsch ist.
Es ist nicht alles Gold was as glänzt! Papier nimmt alles an, ob richtig oder falsch. Man muss einfach immer alles hinterfragen, egal wo oder mit wem man es zu tun hat!
Ich versuche einfach auf meine Weise mit der Natur in Einklang zu leben!

Liebe Grüsse

[Google Translation]

Hello XYZ

Just want to tell you that the reasons why I left are very similar to those of those who left before me. If Silvano had not died, he would have left before me, which he told me a few weeks before his death.
I do not want to say more because I do not have to justify myself. I’m just going my own way. Everyone has to decide for themselves what is right or wrong.
It is not all gold that shines! Paper takes everything, right or wrong. You always have to question everything, no matter where or with whom you are dealing!
I just try to live in harmony with nature in my own way!

Kind regards

Passive Member-2:

Hallo Freddy,

Ich bin ein passives Mitglied. Darf ich wissen, warum Sie die Kerngruppe verlassen haben? Sind die Gründe die gleichen wie die anderen neuen KG-Mitglieder, die FIGU verlassen haben?

Sehr Danken

Hello Freddy,

I am a passive member. May I know why you left the core group? Are the reasons the same as the other new CG members who left FIGU?

Very thankful


Hallo XXX,

Weiss jetzt nicht ob wir uns mal begegnet sind und ich weiss auch nicht woher du kommst. Habe hier ja auch kein Bild von dir gesehen! Auf jeden Fall kann ich dir sagen, dass die Gründe, warum ich gegangen bin, sehr ähnlich sind, wie von denen die kurz vor mir gegangen sind. Muss halt leider sagen: Es ist nicht alles Gold was glänzt! Aber jeder muss es für sich selbst entscheiden, was richtig oder falsch ist. Man muss einfach alles immer hinterfragen, egal wo man ist oder hingeht.

Schöne Grüsse

Hello XXX,

Do not know if we met and I do not know where you come from. Have not seen a picture of you here!
In any case, I can tell you that the reasons why I left are very similar to those of those who have gone before me.
Must say unfortunately: It is not all gold that glitters!
But everyone has to decide for themselves what is right or wrong. You always have to question everything, no matter where you are or go.

Best regards


There are two very interesting points that can be gleaned from the above correspondence.

Point 1 being that Freddy explicitly states that the reasons for leaving FIGU are ‘VERY SIMILAR‘ as the ones cited by those other long-standing Core-Group members such as Hans-George Lanzendorfer, Philia Stauber, Wolfgang Stauber, Stephan Rickauer and Günter Neugebauer. Let us look at those outlined reasons (see below) reproduced from the original article:

    1. Following 7 bullet points, derived from the above former members information, exposes the – immoral behaviour, dogmatism and the authoritarian climate – that is apparently predominant inside the Meier’s organization which compelled the above mentioned 5 Core Group (CG) members, having decades of membership, to quit FIGU permanently:
      1. Contradictory and absurd rules of conduct, regulations and decisions
      2. Constant pressure to work beyond capacity leading to mental stress, fatigue and sickness
      3. Monocratic leadership with individual members of the group unquestioningly following the word of the leader and strongly discouraging any disagreement with the consensus (Groupthink phenomenon)
      4. Consequently, some members of the group remain silent because of the fear of isolation, neglect or exclusion from the group if they voice their alternative opinion or express dissent (Spiral of Silence phenomenon)
      5. Mistrust and lack of – freedom, basic moral values and self-criticism
      6. Narrow-mindedness, bad-mouthing, issuing veiled threats and hostility
      7. Advocating – public insults, degrading condemnation, defamation and stigmatization in the contact reports towards the members who left the FIGU organization (including all the above five persons) – in the name of “The Truth” delivered by Meier or Plejaren ETs

And Point 2 being that Freddy names another long-standing Core-Group member Silvano Lehmann who was planning on leaving FIGU in the beginning of the year 2016, much earlier than Freddy himself but unfortunately couldn’t because of his sudden death on February 8, 2016.

Silvano Lehmann; left: 15/08/1987, right: 5/09/2010. Source: OM, pg. 484, 2011.


Name – Silvano Lehmann
Born – January 7, 1961
Resident – Trub BE
Occupation – Waiter
Joined FIGU – October 5, 1981
Membership duration until his death – ~35 years in Core Group

Source: OM, pg. 484, 2011

It is very ironic when you read FIGU’s obituary article (rough translation see below) on Silvano referring to him as someone who is ‘faithful’ and who ‘always held true to the mission and Billy and the Core Group’ when considering the fact that he was reportedly fed up with the “cult” mentality of Meier/FIGU and planned to permanently renounce his FIGU membership.

Quite unexpectedly and suddenly has this morning shortly after 5:00
Our Core Group-49 Member
Silvano Lehmann
left at the age of only 55 years, one month and one day.

With him, we have a dear, good friend and comrade, friendly, helpful and warm, approachable person lost.

Silvano, you have always held true to the mission and Billy and the Core Group and bravely stood with us through the ups and downs. With your friendly, humorous, helpful and open-minded, open manner, you have won many people and have been for us Core Group members and for many Passive members, neighbors and acquaintances a good and lovable and faithful friend.

We are very sad that you have left us so unexpectedly and quickly, and we are letting you leave only very unwillingly. In our thoughts, we will always treasure you as  a loving and honorable memory and you belong forever in our midst.


It appears that many of the long-standing Core Group members who joined Meier’s group FIGU since its inception, in 1970’s and 80’s are abandoning it. And they all cite the same reasons – “Cult” mentality within FIGU with Meier as its charismatic and inerrant leader. After quitting, their silence and outright refusal to share their revised beliefs on the authenticity of the Meier case and their so-called “UFO/paranormal” experiences around Meier, left us wondering that perhaps they are beginning to open their eyes, albeit only after decades, and started to suspect their earlier convictions on Meier and his tales.

In 28th FIGU’s Annual Passive-Group General Assembly, it was reported that FIGU’s Core Group-49 has currently 30 members (against its originally intended 49) and 339 Passive Members from around the world. Considering that Meier’s so-called “worldwide mission” started more than four decades back since 1975, the total number of members in FIGU group looks rather extremely sparse at best.

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