Ex-FIGU Members

Hans-Georg, Philia Stauber, Wolfgang Stauber, Stephan Rickauer & Günter Neugebauer

Even though all of these five ex-FIGU members still believe in Meier’s Universal prophethood, his ET contacts and the “undiluted”, “true” spiritual teachings, they have recently (2015-2016) left FIGU because of one general reason that has been troubling them for quite a number of years – its inner functioning under the guidance of Meier. All of them, who at first thought it was unnecessary, were later forced to defend themselves from the character assassinations and misinformation – as disseminated by the Meier and FIGU after their resignations – that according to the five ex-FIGU members have put them in the false light. As a result, they have setup a new website – www.kgaustritt.info – where they have documented their experiences and reasons for leaving FIGU, as a moral obligation to the interested readers.

Since the website is in German, we have directly translated all the pertinent articles and offered summaries for others.
(Thanks to S. Jan Sumavsky for German-English translation and Phil Langdon with proofreading.)

Following 7 bullet points, derived from the above former members information, exposes the – immoral behaviour, dogmatism and the authoritarian climate – that is apparently predominant inside the Meier’s organization which compelled the above mentioned 5 Core Group (CG) members, having decades of membership, to quit FIGU permanently:

  1. Contradictory and absurd rules of conduct, regulations and decisions
  2. Constant pressure to work beyond capacity leading to mental stress, fatigue and sickness
  3. Monocratic leadership with individual members of the group unquestioningly following the word of the leader and strongly discouraging any disagreement with the consensus (Groupthink phenomenon)
  4. Consequently, some members of the group remain silent because of the fear of isolation, neglect or exclusion from the group if they voice their alternative opinion or express dissent (Spiral of Silence phenomenon)
  5. Mistrust and lack of – freedom, basic moral values and self-criticism
  6. Narrow-mindedness, bad-mouthing, issuing veiled threats and hostility
  7. Advocating – public insults, degrading condemnation, defamation and stigmatization in the contact reports towards the members who left the FIGU organization (including all the above five persons) – in the name of “The Truth” delivered by Meier or Plejaren ETs

Because of these reported disturbing persecution and intimidation tactics, Hans-Georg has threatened FIGU of legal consequences. In his article – Statement – he writes:

In my opinion, the dust should have been simply settled on this thing and silence prevailed. Instead, the exasperating matter of my resignation from the core group, was several times unnecessarily dragged into the new contact reports by FIGU with some very defamatory statements against me. In case of a later publication in book form, these reputation damaging statements against me could have indeed legal consequences and result in a defamation law suit against FIGU.

In the same article, he also further pointed out the dwindling FIGU membership as a natural consequence in response to their actions:

The active core of the 49 aggressively dwindled since my foray in 2014. At least six long time senior members have left the core group in the past two years.

Freddy Kropf and Silvano Lehmann

Freddy Kropf and Silvano Lehmann

Daniel Gloor

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